Books: I really couldn’t get into Anna… or The Weaker Vessel for some reason, so I put them to one side. I read (or should that be devoured?) Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker, which was kind of awesome! Very deep and requires quite a bit of thought, but excellent writing and a moving, thought-provoking story. Have starting a book in school also (we’ve introduced a system called ERIC – Everyone Reading In the Classroom, so I get to read at work sometimes) – A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. So far, really good, really evokes the time and place beautifully. At home I’ve moved from the sublime (Walker) to the faintly ridiculous – have just started Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. I really liked PS, I Love You, so I’m hoping that this will be another slice of good chicklit.

Movies: I have three DVDs from Amazon waiting for me – Godfather II, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Secretary. I know, I know, a random mix! Will watch whichever one grabs me this evening, after all my work and chores are done.

TV: Am looking forward to the return of House (Hugh Laurie, squee!) and Desperate Housewives – hurrah for the winter TV schedules. On the other side of the coin of quality, I will no doubt be riveted by Celebrity Ice Dancing later today….I am the queen of atrocious reality TV (Ladette to Lady, Strictly Dance Fever, Make Me A Supermodel, Strictly Come Dancing….)

Music: Have been listening to a lot of MSN radio in my classroom – mainly the pop and classical stations… a bit Mozart and Mariah heavy at times, but generally pretty good.

Projects: Still more thank you notes! Swimming (it’s been over two years)! More laundry than I’ve ever seen! Arranging a trip to London! Arranging a trip to Paris! Doing some maths to see if I can afford a holiday at Christmas! Notebashing the alto part for Pucinni’s Messa de Gloria! Worrying so much! Attempting to mug up on geology and physical geography for my classes next week (argh, 7 year old questions!)!

Have a great one.



  1. Sam
    14th January 2006 / 8:57 pm

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  2. Anonymous
    14th January 2006 / 10:30 pm

    you definately ned a christmas holiday! away from those pesky kids 🙂 H

  3. Matthew Cochrane
    15th January 2006 / 2:38 am

    I liked the Secretary but I have friends who alternately love and hate it… I’ve not seen either of the other two though.MSN do radio now? *goes to check if I can play it on an Apple Mac, not too hopefully*

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