Sunday night blues….

You know that feeling on a Sunday evening? You’re slouched about the house, listening to the top 40 (why do I still do this?) and have that weird, impending doom sense at the back of your mind.

Because tomorrow it’s Monday. Maybe you’ve got a test. Maybe your crush at work had a date over the weekend and you know you’re going to hear ALL about it tomorrow morning. Maybe you’ve got to teach 7 year olds geology. Maybe you simply haven’t got enough clothes ironed. (Go on, which one(s) do you think apply to me?)

Added to that, I have a huuuuge list (you know how I love my lists!) of things I should have done. But instead I am blogging and knocking back lowcal ginger ale (rock and roll, huh? Rather sadly, this can often have the same effect on me as hard licquor – I blame parents who wouldn’t let us have carbonated drinks when we were little!). In other parts of the day since getting back from swimming and the market I have procrastinated by texting, emailing, making veggyscramble, watching The O.C., singing along to my Miss Saigon CDs, ironing, hoovering, doing the dishes, messing around with my hair, reading the Style and Culture sections of the Sunday Times, made myself a yoghurty confection involving lots and lots of blueberries and grapes, updated my other blog, painted my nails and done some FTOTZ-ing. Oooh, and booked Eurostar tickets for next month.

In conclusion, have done loads of stuff….but now have to do the important stuff.

Procrastination, thy name is Claire!


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