Books: Have finished ‘The Learning Game’ and am starting the book Shona got me for Christmas (‘Mao’s Last Dancer’) – it’s good so far and I’m getting into it. And after my trip to the second-hand bookstore yesterday (I am so rock and roll it hurts, right?) I picked up a passel of books, the first of which I am going to attack is ‘High Fidelity’ – it occurred to me the other day that although I have seen the movie a tonne of times I have yet to read the book!
TV: Am watching ‘The O.C.’ as I type – the antics of Seth, Summer et al. can only hold so much of my attention! Other televisual treats have been ‘Celebrity Ice Dancing’ (I am a cliché!) and the double bills of ‘American Idol’ ITV are showing on Sunday mornings. There won’t be much TV this week though, as I’m off to Paris midweek! Yay!
Movies: Have finally watched ‘The Godfather Part II’, and really enjoyed it. And last night I watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, which is always fun. I really like that film, mainly because it reminds me of my first visit to the US, when Amber, Amanda and I saw this my first night there. Such a great trip – I am pining for Carolina once more!
Projects: Try to remember all the French I have ever learnt for Paris! Trying to figure out outfits cute enough for Paris (I always feel pressurised to look good there – it’s one of the few places on earth where I feel duty-bound to wear makeup on a daily basis)! Tidying my wee flat up! Lots of walking and swimming! Doing some pottering bits and bobs around my classroom – I am, as always, a massive geek!

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