Fine, that’s it!

So I was walking back from school this evening, en route to Tescos, and I just thought “screw it!”. Why should Valentine’s have to be such a negative thing for me? So I’m going to plan a really nice Valentine’s night for myself tomorrow. In an ideal world, the guy I like would be joining me, but if not I’ll just have to have fun on my own. No snogging though, boo.

So tomorrow I am going to tidy my flat up so it’s clean and shiny and its very prettiest (and am also going to pack for Paris, otherwise there may be some problems!). Then I’m going to go for a nice long walk, get plenty of fresh air and rosy cheeks before coming home and having a good old preen – long bath, groom central. Then I’m going to cook up a storm before getting changed into a nice outfit (whole hog – skirt, heels, makeup etc.). Then I’m going to have a yummy, yummy meal – crudités and tortilla chips with red pesto salsa to start, grilled steak with a creamy peppercorn sauce accompanied with new potatoes, caramelised red onion, and stir fried mange tout, baby corn and mushrooms. To finish it’s creamy stilton on minature oatcakes and Lindor truffles, and the wine is a very nice Cotes Du Rhone. Then I’m going to put the dishes in to soak while I watch ‘Love, Actually’. Yes, it would all be a lot more fun with someone else, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless!

If the universe is reading this, you know who I’d like to join me… but if that’s impossible I’ll be chilling out to Jamie Cullum by candlelight on my own tomorrow. I think I’d rather be on my own than rush what might be happening with a certain someone, but if he’s into me, that would be great. Dare I ask for a sign? Wow, this entry is managing to be cryptic, quirky and bizarre!

I hope you all have a day full of love, wherever you are.


PS In the interest of being fair – I’ve even bought enough supplies to do a meal for two, should the need arise. Y’all are always telling me not to be pessimistic!


  1. Anonymous
    14th February 2006 / 9:05 am

    that sounds fabulous, can i come? you see, you seem to forget that even when you are in a couple, your other half may not celebrate v-day, so you may just be having an evening in and tidying up the bedroom so your friend can come and stay…Nxx

  2. Claire
    14th February 2006 / 12:41 pm

    Mais oui! The day is going fine so far – the flat smells lovely (you know, that clean as can be, antibacterial-polishy-candle-y nice thing) and I’m about to hoover then get my pack on! Then it’s a manicure in front of ‘Amelie’ (aclimatising myself!), then bath and hairstraightening pre-the uber night in. Granted, would be more fun to share, but on the other hand I have those Lindor and the gooood wine all to myself :-).See you tomorrow!CxxPS Not even a text from you-know-who so far. Dammit. I know he’s busy, but come on 😉

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