It’s totally wrong….

How much I enjoy watching the ice skating that is currently flooding our TV schedules at the moment.

I cannot so much as stand on ice skates….and the last few times I have tried I have ended up spending more time on my tush than on my feet. And yet I can watch hours of this stuff, transfixed. I love it, in all its sequinned, triple axled, serpentine stepped glory.

School went back today, and it was nice to catch up with kids and colleagues, but we all seem a little saggy at the moment – it’s a bit of a lacklustre halfterm, by the look of things. Yesterday I was just….dreading…going back to work though, so I’m glad it turned out to be a good day nonetheless.

I have snacked far too much today, always a sure sign of ennui.

Better go plan some science – stay glamourous, y’all.


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