Not, in hindsight, our best idea

Oh my. I drank a lot of wine last night. As did Fiona. A quick drink after work soon developed into a hearty chat over 1…2…3…. glasses of white. Oh my. Then Richy P turned up to watch the footie with his father-in-law to watch the footie and bought us another glass. Oh dear…

Then we decided to tramp up to Tom’s, who promptly offered us some more…wine. Anyone else seeing a pattern forming? Fairly good chat (I think…?), but Fi needed to be home after that! Dropped her off chez elle, then decided in my infinite tipsy wisdom, that a romp home (2 and a half miles, at 10pm) was just what I needed.

So I should feel wretched, but am OKish….everything’s just gonna be a little slow today….


PS In vaguely sozzled state, told Fiona about my crush(ish) on cute-coworker-who-must-not-be-named (CCWMNBN, not the easiest abbreviation to work with….). Didn’t tell Tom.
PPS Even though I hit the bevvies last night, I still went swimming this morning – are you proud?
PPPS As it would be hugely inappropriate to mention to my classes – the pants I am wearing today are tres cute! They are pink with bows and Snoopy on, and make me happy in an extremely sad manner….

Man, today is going to be loooong.

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  1. Sian
    25th February 2006 / 11:45 pm

    Awww! Cute pants. I hope you’re well. I’m also tired, though alcohol. Luv ya.

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