100 things…

I’ve seen these on other blogs….and thought I’d join in! 100 things about: me. Hopefully at least some of the information will be new and/or exciting!

1. My middle name is Rachael. If I’d taken another one at confirmation, it would have been Elizabeth.

2. I regularly have the same nightmare. I’m not quite sure how the narrative pieces together, I just know I wake myself up with a scream, or because I’m crying.

3. I like several bad TV shows – current faves are Strictly Dance Fever and American Idol.

4. I hate caviar. Yuck!

5. I want to live in America at least once in my lifetime.

6. I like helping people with their problems, but sometimes I think the sorrow I try to
absorb/deflect from others messes with my head a bit too much.

7. My favourite book is Little Women.

8. I can quote much of the movie Bring It On.

9. And have fallen asleep on three different occasions attempting to watch the whole on Battleship Potemkin.

10. I am terrible at hoovering.

11. I wish I didn’t swear as much as I do.

12. I won awards at high school for drama, French, music, religious ed., modern studies and most deserving (whatever that means). Yay, insignificant subjects!

13. I love making lists. And planning stuff (even imaginary stuff).

14. I am entering the X-factor this year. And I’m terrified.

15. I once got thirty one demerits in a week, while at boarding school.

16. I once shaved my arms. Yes, my actual arms.

17. I was supposed to be called ‘Ben James’. My mum was adamant I was going to be a boy.

18. I once swore at a teacher – unintentionally. And managed not to get into trouble.

19. I only have one, proper, honest to goodness ex-boyfriend.

20. This is the same boy my father described, simply, as “spotty”.

21. I’ve had the same signature since I was 6.

22. I once had a naked man walk into my room at 3 a.m. (he’d pulled my friend who was in the room above me – he’d got lost apres the bathroom) and was self-possessed enough to sit up upon waking and say “Hey sweetheart! I think you mean upstairs.”

23. I don’t get on well with money.

24. In one of my dorms, I felt the presence of a ghost. Temperature dropping, radio switching, water stopping, the whole shebang. Scared the bejaysus out of me.

25. I have thrown potatoes at seagulls before. Long story.

26. My favourite children’s names include: Katherine, James, Jack, Lucas, Eleanor, Mackenzie, Felicity and David. I spent a lot of time when I was younger reading baby names books though, so these could change.

27. I am 5’5” tall….but I spent five years stuck at 5’4 and three-quarters”.

28. I love making mix CDs, and receiving them.

29. I hate long fingernails.

30. I hate dirty long fingernails even more.

31. I have lain on the floor to listen to the person below playing ‘Under The Bridge’.

32. I cannot talk about gross stuff and eat at the same time.

33. I am very good at running away. This is something I’m trying to learn not to do.

34. I love heels and skirts – this is a fairly new development!

35. I have lived in over 20 different houses or flats…so far.

36. I used to have a bad relationship with food. I have comfort eaten for twelve or thirteen years, I’ve been bulimic and I’ve gone through periods of starving myself or crash dieting. I stopped this about eighteen months ago, and I feel so much better. I hope this trend sticks :-).

37. I love reading, and have done for the past 22 and a half years. I’ve always been a voracious reader, a habit which once resulted in me being picked up by the hair by an evil teacher.

38. I’m a ridiculously stereotypical Monkey.

39. I hate public speaking, but most people think I’m really good at it.

40. I fractured my wrist the first time I ever tried rollerskating.

41. I fell in unrequited love with a man I know over three years ago. He is clever and funny and handsome and wonderful, and I’d love to be the one for him, but something tells me I never will be.

42. Despite this, every so often I fall back into it!

43. Sometimes I feel so blue I could sleep for days rather than do anything.

44. I am far too hard on myself (so they say).

45. I don’t think I’m hard enough on myself.

46. One of my ideal jobs would be graveyard shift DJ – just playing music and autowittering…how much fun would that be?

47. I am good at keeping secrets (proper ones).

48. I am also a marvellous gossip.

49. I have never been to a proper music festival.

50. I have weird feet. My right one is super wide from a fall when I was twelve, when I fell 15/20 feet and fractured it in 4 places.

51. I am terrible at jokes – I can never remember them.

52. I think Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie are the most gorgeous women on the planet.

53. I once wrote fanmail to Isaac Hanson.

54. I fall in love too easily.

55. But I don’t think I’ve ever been in love properly.

56. I’ve never seen Return of the King.

57. I love to dance.

58. To quote those cheesey teeshirts: “I love snogging.”

59. I’ve only ever hated two people in my whole life.

60. I’ve forgiven them both now.

61. I wasted far too much time in my teens berating myself for being too fat or too ugly.

62. I still do this sometimes!

63. I’m more controversial than most people would assume.

64. Male genitals make me laugh.

65. I’m scared of needles, but I kind of want a tatoo! I would like a rose on the back of my right hip.

66. I love playing drinking games.

67. I like eating random combinations of food.

68. Napping is the best, as is bedding down with a good book.

69. I adore my friends – I’m always amazed they choose to spend time and energy on me, because they are simply brilliant!

70. When it comes to drinking, I am a lightweight.

71. I like hot baths. Reeeeaaaallly hot.

72. Sometimes I wish my brain could tell my heart what to feel.

73. I like most alcoholic drinks…but cannot stand alcopops.

74. I can spend eight hours online with no problem whatsoever, stopping only for comfort breaks or snacks. This used to worry me.

75. I have a mind like a sponge when it comes to trivia.

76. I cannot burp.

77. I am not very good at IMing.

78. At both FameCons I have attended I have drunk far too much.

79. In my high school yearbook I was voted Weirdest Girl, Most Likely To Win Eurovision, Most Likely to be a Politician, Most Likely to have a Number 1 and Least Likely To Calm Down. I came second in the Brainiest, Most Likely To Win An Oscar and Most Likely to Become Insanely Rich categories. Weird combination, right?

80. I just found my high school year book to find that out for you!

81. I think I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

82. My favourite beach is Primrose Bay, Scotland; but I really like Findhorn too.

83. I used to dream about winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and attending the ceremony with my date, Leonardo DiCaprio (who I don’t fancy in real life…). I had this recurring dream for two years off and on.

84. I would do anything for a good crème brulee.

85. I once got the worst carpet burn of my life doing yoga.

86. I once pulled a guy so another guy could leave the country not thinking I cared about him. Smart, huh?

87. I’ve always said I would like between 3 and 9 children. I’m deadly serious.

88. I follow my horoscopes (both Western and Chinese), and have been known to check out a tarot reading from time to time.

89. I could eat cheese nonstop. It’s one of my favourite things.

90. My teddy bear is one day older than me. He is called Jockey.

91. Kindness is the most beautiful thing in my world.

92. When I was a toddler, I was once so hungry I grabbed a raw cauliflower in the greengrocers and started eating it. Old people in my hometown still remember this.

93. I’d give it all up for a husband and home. Yes, I know that’s incredibly uncool to admit.

94. I know next to nothing about art. I love that some people do.

95. I wrote my Senior Dissertation on Moulin Rouge specifically, and the genre of musical film in general.
6. I love having conversations that incorporate as many lyrics or film titles as possible.

97. I am vaguely OCD – I have little chants for the bath, shower, loo, and a bit of a number fixation. This used to be much worse, with mantras and a equal touch thing running concurrently.

98. I have moshed with Joe Mangel (Mark Little)!

99. Singing is my favourite thing in the world. I could sing forever.

100. I love pub quizzes. And kareoke.

Did you learn something? Hope so!



  1. Netter
    2nd April 2006 / 8:24 pm

    What a fun list, Claire! When I started doing my list, I found that I had a difficult time stopping. It is the top link on my side bar….200 things about me.

  2. Claire
    2nd April 2006 / 8:50 pm

    Hee, I know what you mean…I’ll probably link onto pt. 2 when I need some further inspiration :-).

  3. bee
    3rd April 2006 / 12:44 am

    wow claire! this left me with a lot of questions: specifically, #50? HOW? i love my teddy bear too. his name is edward theodore bear and i regularly say i would go mental if i lost him. this is a great great list!

  4. Claire
    3rd April 2006 / 7:49 am

    Teddy mania! Re: number 50….I helped to build a death slide at a county show, then decided to try it out, took one step off the platform and ‘SPLAT’. Guess who wasn’t holding the harness right?Cxx

  5. Maria Sondule
    29th July 2008 / 9:06 pm

    Indeed I have learned something. I like your blog, it’s fun to read and makes me think of my friends. 🙂

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