Ants (hopefully not in pants).

So I’m back to little village, blogging in a bit of a haze. Because home is a fair old way away, it tends to be a bit of a hike getting home – we left home at a little before one….I got in here at about nine. Wow, am beat. Travel always takes it out of me – I think it’s that horrid stop-start thing. I had such a good visit with my family though (almost bought a different ticket back to extend stay), am glad I got to catch up with them.

Flight was the same as usual, quick and perfunctory. Then a trudge through London on the tube – I’m pretty adept at this now, but it can still be a pain with luggage – mainly because there’s always at least one dumbass who has to tut at you because you dared to pause while sorting your bags at the side of the corridor (so you won’t bunch up the escalator or similar). Screw that noise say I – I fixed him with my best glare. Then lovely landlor Bob picked me up and brought me back to the manor.

Within two minutes, I discovered I had guests – ants. Gah! I went mental with an ant gun and the hoover, and tomorrow I’m getting yet more tools to use in the fight. Little buggers!

But now, dear reader(s?), I must away. Bed and the end of my book (The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets) beckon. More, manana!


PS Have finally ordered self an mp3 player, woo! Is cheap and spangly, and have told self will jog with it on…..hmmmm…watch this space!

PPS Is it wrong that the thing which is pushing me more than ever before to get a freeview box is the fact that I want to watch ‘American Idol’?


  1. bee
    7th April 2006 / 3:26 pm

    yes it’s wrong. american idol is EVIL.good for you on the jogging. i’m trying to lure myself on a bike ride by promising a cheeseburger at the end. if ants are in your house, just take all food and stuff out of the cupboards, wipe down with bleach/vinegar/water solution, and they should become mutant cripples and die off soon.

  2. Sian
    7th April 2006 / 8:44 pm

    Mutant cripples, I like that. Marvelous mental pictures.

  3. derhay
    7th April 2006 / 11:26 pm

    Good luck with the jogging. Not that I doubt your ability to jog, I doubt my will power to take on such a task. I discovered YMDB because of this blog. Thanks.

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