Crappy internet quiz – holidays rock, y’all

I’m chilling, listening to some good music, texting with the jetset gappers who are ‘doing Europe’ and drinking coffee – time for a crappy quiz thing from Bethan, surely? I figured if I do it here, only people who give a flying fart need to see it!

Warning: This was intended for bored American teens. It is looooooong!

What time is it: 11.42 am

About You

They call me: Claire
Age: 25
Took my first breath on: December 10th, 1980
Hair: Mid-brown. For now.
Eyes: Blue grey.
School: R.A.A.S., Forres Academy, U of Aberdeen, U of Durham.
Do you have your license: Not yet.
How many times did you fail your written test: I’ll tell you once I’ve sat it (next month, people!)
Your drivers test: See above – I’m learning this summer
Your first car: Will probably be a VW
Your current car: A yellow moped
College you attend or want to attend: Am alumni of U of Aberdeen and Durham; would like to attend U of Edinburgh, NYU, UNC, USC or UCLA. Got to make some money first!
Career choice: Am a teacher. I like it, but would prefer to be a singer, radio broadcaster or film reviewer. Or George Clooney’s wife.

Your Favorites
Favorite color: Like most of them. Hate lime green.
Favorite food: Chinese, Italian, English, Mexican.
Favorite movie: See for details!
Favorite book: Oh, so many. Like Jean, I need to make a bookshelf of ultimates!
Favorite TV show: Have I Got News For You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, No Angels, University Challenge, My Name Is Earl, American Idol (mocking bad American singers…awesome!), One Tree Hill (guilty pleasure)
Favorite restaurant: The Red Lion, Cadora’s (best hangover cure…ever), The Inn, Howies
Favorite animal: Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, dolphins, squirrels, wobblegong sharks (who could resist that name?)
Favorite season: All of them, baby!
Favorite month: December.
Favorite day of the week: Saturday, just because! Or at term time Thursday, because of beacoup de crush spotting!
Favorite candy: Lindor
Favorite thing to do on a Friday night: Any of the 4 Ds: dinner, DVDs, dancing or drinking.
Favorite store: Tesco? Asda? I don’t know, am horribly disloyal. Can I choose amazon?
Favorite school subject: Drama, music, bio, photography, English, RS, at the time.
Favorite song: Oh, far too many to even begin! See for details of my musical adventures!
Favorite musical group: Abba, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Nickel Creek, etc.
Favorite Skittles color: Red
Favorite holiday: Christmas.
Favorite gas station: I’m meant to have a favourite? OK, that one in Appalachia that Manda and I found driving through West Virginia! Yay waffles!
Favorite pizza topping(s): Spicy or vegetarian. Or, spicy vegetarian!
Favorite breakfast food: Yoghurt and fruit, bran, porridge. Occasionally pain au chocolat or bacon mega rolls (trust me, you need to try one of my bacon mega rolls!)
Favorite smell: Vanilla, magnolia, babies, toast, cookies, fresh coffee, freshly mown grass, the garden after rain.
Favorite teacher: Mr Wright, Mrs Muir.
Favorite cake: I can only pick one? Is banoffee pie a cake?
Favorite kind of frosting on that cake: Betty Crocket vanilla frosting
Favorite soda: Diet coke, when I indulge. And Irn Bru once in a while (morning after!)
Favorite kind of soup: Brocolli or chicken noodle
Favorite things in an omelet: Cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers.
Favorite color shirt: At the current time, blue.
Favorite car: Jeep, Land Rover or VW Beetle.
Favorite ice cream: Phish Food or whatever I can get at Coldstone Creamery!
Favorite vacation destination: US (NC) or France. Am planning NY, Wales, Ireland, Aus, Latin America, Lebanon and NZ in the next ten years though!
Favorite radio station: MFR. Or whatever is playing stuff I like!
Favorite CD: Whatever my latest mixclub gift has been!
Favorite room of the house: Bedroom, naturally.
Favorite brand of shoes: Manolos! I jest, I have no brand loyalty on this kind of thing!

The “or”s

Hot chocolate or chocolate milk: Claire’s uber-hotchoc, of course!
Dogs or cats: Cats
Friends or family: Oh heck no, I’m not choosing!
Guys or girls: For what, exactly?
Winter or summer: Summer
PB&J or turkey and cheese: Turkey and cheese sounds foostie. PB&J please.
Night or day: night
Silver or gold: Silver
Pen or pencil: Pen
Math or science: Maths
Pink or blue: Blue
Singing or dancing: Tough call, but singing has to win!
Boxers or briefs: Boxers.
Sunny or cloudy: Sunny.
Snowing or raining: Snowing. Although I love being sat inside, safe and dry with a cup of tea watching the deluge.
Thunderstorm or snowstorm: Snowstorm. Silent and wistful.
Paper or plastic: Paper.
DVD or VHS: DVD – hardly a fair fight, this one!
Roller-skating or roller blading: Am terrible at both!
Telephone or Instant Messenger: Not the biggest fan of either…phone?
Clean room or dirty room: Clean, but messy.
Coffee or tea: Coffee and tea.
Milk or juice: Milk
Chicken or turkey: Turkey
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars
Easter or Thanksgiving: Easter, because we don’t do Thanksgiving. Would love to try it though!Red or Green: Red
Tape or staples: Tape
Trains or airplanes: Airplanes (or rather, aeroplanes)
Pretzel-shaped pretzels or stick pretzels: Proper pretzels
Harley or Honda: Harley, man!
Europe or Asia: Europe.
Guinea pigs or hamsters: Guinea pigs.
Fishing or hunting: I’ll be back at the lodge, curled up in front of an open fire with a good book!Snowmobile or Jetski: Snowmobile – they look like such fun!
Alaska or Hawaii: Hawaii
NFL or NBA: NBA. Because American Football makes me laugh!
Hallmark or Carlton: Hallmark, because they never tire of inventing holidays!
Taco Bell Chihuahua or Geico Gecko: Taco Bell serve Chihuahua now?
Hot or cold pizza: Hot, please.
Florida or California: Cali, definitely.
Spanish or French: I speak a little French, I’d rather learn Spanish.
Carpet or wood: Wood.
Yahoo! or MSN: Msn.
Bush or Kerry: Anyone but Bush.
Cash or charge: Cash.
Country or Pop: Country and pop.
Pants or skirts: Skirts
Sledding or ice skating: Sledding!

A Big YES or a Big NO

Pineapple on pizza: Y
Gay marriage: Y
Death penalty: N. But Life should mean life!
Abortion: Y, in certain cases. It’s all about the shades of grey – life is not black and white or clearcut.
God: Y, definitely.
Marriage: Y, hopefully.
Having kids: Y, I would like to.
Learning a foreign language: Y
Recycling: Y
Anchovies: Heck to the no.

When was the last time you..

Cried: You know, I’m not actually sure
Smiled: Today
Laughed: Today
Drank water: Last night
Watched a full episode of a TV show: Monday
Ate macaroni and cheese: Last year, I guess
Went to school: Uni, last academic year. Went to a school? Monday.
Got mad: Saturday. Men!
Got even: Monday…ish.
Had sex: I think Elizabeth I was on the throne….
Went to work: Monday
Went to the mall: Thursday
Ate at McDonalds: Thursday, first time in ages
Copied someone else’s homework: Rather sadly, I was one of the ones who got copied from
Went out of the state: If state = county/region vaguely, Thursday
Went out of the country: Monday, if we count England and Scotland seperately, if not then Feb when I went to Paris
Went out of the continent: Last October/November
Spilled a beverage: Probablt Friday at the end of term carnage
Turned on the oven: Saturday, when I had friend over for dinner. Am at home with the fab right now, so am not cooking.

Who was the last person you…

Talked to: Sian
Made fun of: No comment. I was being a biatch because my feelings were hurt, and he kind of deserved it. Either that or some airheads Sho and I were discussing Thursday.
Instant Messaged: Mlle Wilson
Watched a movie with: Film club kids and Soph. We watched ‘Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the WereRabbit.’
Went out to lunch or dinner with: Shona
Talked to on the phone: Maria

Random Stuff

Do you like zebras: Yes
Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet: R+J.
Have you ever read the whole Bible: No, keep meaning to though!
Do you ever get motion sick: Sometimes on coaches or in back seats.
Are you afraid of heights: Yes, a little.
Do you believe in love at first sight: Who knows?
Do you enjoy Indiana Jones movies: More or less.
Do you enjoy Ice hockey or Field hockey: Both.
What sports do you play: I horse ride, cycle, hillwalk, dance and teach aerobics. Next up – being a rounders coach and hopefully learning how to play tennis!
How many people live in you house, dorm room, etc.: Flat – 1, Flat and house – 3, Family house 3-5.
When did you last hear the song “Rock Around the Clock”: February, I think?
Cable or Satellite: Either would be cool
Could you survive without a cell phone: Yes, I think so. Would hate to be without the net though.
Have you ever seen a rabid rhino: Only on Ace Ventura!
Have you ever eaten eel: ewwwww, no.
Does the door to your room swing into the room or out: Into.
How many times have you been to Disneyland: No, so far. Can you believe it?
Have you ever witnessed a crime and had to go to court: No, thank heavens.
Do you sing in the shower: Yes, frequently.
Have you ever jumped off the roof: No.
Your weirdest injury ever: Spraining my wrist playing at wrestling, or the arm bruises I got from ceilidh with Al at Tim’s 21st.
Your biggest pet peeve: Bad manners.
Rudolph or Comet: Rudolph.
The original book or the new movie: Book, generally.
Reading or writing: Both
Have you ever eaten something that you didn’t know what it was and thrown up when you found out what it was: No, gross.
When was the last time you washed your hair: Last night.
Who was the last family member you spoke to on the phone: My mum, on Sunday.
What was the last thing you bought: Wine, brie, chocolate, cotton wool, books, Easter cards,
Where did you buy it: Tesco – my hometown is sooooo cool!
Was this fun: Whatever, it kept me out of trouble.
What time is it: 12.40. I’m never getting that time back, right?

Yours lazily, off to read and drink coffee,

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