I have just had a really nice, chilled day. Nothing special whatsoever, just peaceful, constructive and easy of pace. The landlords are away today, so I volunteered to dogsit, necessitating my being here all day, but it has actually been lovely.

I woke up at seven, but stayed in bed for a couple of hours, finishing off my Green Wing boxset and watching old eps of friends on T4 ( I finally saw the one where David goes to Minsk!) before getting up, bathing, checking messages and all that jazz.

Most of the day has been spring cleaning and sorting – I’d say I’m about halfway through just now, but my wee flat is starting to look much tidier. Half an hour ago I took a break and went out into the garden here (it’s gorgeous). If there is anything quite as serene and beautiful as an English country garden on a sunny late afternoon, haven’t seen it recently! Classic fm, chilled glass of tonic water with a wedge of lime, new Woody Allen book to get into, black labrador to fuss and time to spare. Just gorgeous….

And now am doing some bits and bobs before heading to Fiona’s for the night – dinner, wine and good chat beckon.

What a lovely day,

Hope yours has been equally fulfilling!


PS London on Wednesday was lovely….great as always to see Emma and Tim. Emma and I planned much japery for the upcoming Take That gigs (banners, baby!) and Tim has (bravely? stupidly? bizarrely?) offered to help me out with my driving practice over the summer. Lord help us both, methinks!

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