Every time I come home I try to resist the laziness that permeates this household. And every time I lose the battle.

Which may explain why it’s almost 1 o’clock in the freaking afternoon and I am sat here in PJs and an old sweater, surfing the net, snacking on plain chocolate and working on my third cup of coffee…

My schedule so far:

08.48: Wake up. Sit up far too quickly in the bunk bed of doom (my sister and I measured it at Christmas, there is a 54cm gap between my mattress and the bottom of her bunk) and whumph head beautifully. Luckily I caught it beyond the hairline, so no sexy forehead scar for me…. Lie back down.
08.49-08.57: Have internal discussion on various merits of getting up versus going back to sleep. The former argument wins (just) and I swing my legs over the edge, managing to not conk myself on the head.
08.58 – 09.05: Play game of “where are my flioflops?/ whither is my sweater?”.
09.05 – 10.00ish: Coffee and bread products, chat with family, kidnapping (catnapping?) of the awesome Sam-cat to go upstairs.
10.00ish – 10.30ish: Read several chapters of awesomely bad chicklit (Everyone Worth Knowing) that am reading this holiday. Brain activity be damned!
10.30: Gargantuan effort to get to bathroom to brush teeth and hair – lazy is one thing, smelly is another. Back to room, open closet, look at clothes, think better of it, boot up computer.
10.37 – present: Read book, check forums, browse blogs, sort my nerve profile, rip music to laptop, shop online, talk with siblings, drink more coffee….

I can only do this sort of day once in a while, but it’s good when I do!



  1. bee
    2nd April 2006 / 2:31 pm

    i LOOOOOOOVE days like the one you described. i don’t necessarily think it’s being non-productive, though…just productive of a different sort. i loved that quiz you did. it WAS long, but totally interesting.

  2. Claire
    2nd April 2006 / 3:15 pm

    Thanks hon…I am a sucker for crappy internet based quizzes :-).

  3. Blue Sky
    2nd April 2006 / 6:01 pm

    hello Claire I Juust wanted to thank you for coming to my blog. and nothing wronge with a Relaxing day,it is good for a person once in awhile.Richard

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