You know how you can tell when a baby is tired? You know, they fidget, their head seems to flop around a bit, they yawn, maybe play with their hair a little. That, my friends, is me right now. I am simply wiped out…and tomorrow I head south again. It’s been a fun visit home, culminating in a pub quiz last night, and a lunch and dinner today.

Pub quiz was fun – it’s the same quiz we’ve been going to on and off since S6, so it always feels vaguely like going back to the high school days (probably why I won’t go into a pub alone here, something I have no problem down in London, Oxford, Edinburgh… it’s taking me back to the teen years!). We did appallingly (Toaly, the Bav and I), but had got chat with the people we ran into.

Lunch today was boozy and fun – I got a lift through with the Bav and her gorgeous wee boy Owen (1 in a couple of months, represent!), and we met up with Toaly, Maz and VS (glad to hear you read the blog hon – I know it’s sad, but I like it!). Good chat, cheap food, banter.

Tonight I made a thank you dinner for the family for having me, and have just popped online briefly. Tomorrow I fly back down to Gatwick, then home to wee village and to do some major work…need to get ready for what is promising to be a busy term.

About ten days of holiday left, and as well as work and reading I am hoping to include any / all of the following:

1. Hosting the gorgeous Mlle Wilson for a visit. Pimms outside the pub, hurrah!

2. Heading to London for a FameCon with McClusky, Baggy and whoever can make it.

3. Shopping in London with E.R.. Cue much discussion of jobs, boys and upcoming Take That concerts!

4. A possible jolly to Hampshire to see Hil. Boarding school fun!

5. A solid few hours on the phone with Clare, Kat, Nat, Nell et al.

6. Horseriding! In the day!

7. Dogsitting for the landlords. Woo, responsibility!

8. At least one day of complete laziness and watching TV. My money’s on Sunday.

9. Church in London with GRuth.

10. Lunch, coffee, whatever with Fi, Rach, Sal, Emma, Beverley, Sophie, Louisa, Miranda et al.

I’m going to need a holiday after the holidays!

Damn, I apologise for this post – I need to have some cocoa and bed, stat. But first, to hang with the fam.


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