Tuesday morning

So…it’s past nine and I am sat at the dining table, surfing the net and trying to ignore the clock as it winds its way around. I’ve been up for over an hour, and am working through my second coffee of the day, but I just can’t seem to get a wriggle on.

I think its because I’ve got a lot to do – catching up with friends, cooking, writing cards, book shopping (woo!), a gadzillion phone calls and emails to return – so just sitting here, listening to REM, doing tacky quizzes on myspace and chatting with the sibs seems like fun.

The weather here is finally looking up (although now I’ve typed that, it’s guarenteed to turn again by lunchtime). It’s just working that whole ‘crazy Scottish weather’ vibe at the moment – snow, hail, rain, glorious sun where you don’t even need a sweater over your teeshirt – and that’s all in the last two days.

I fly back south on Thursday, back to the social and intellectual whirl of Little Village, England. And I have a tonne of work to do (quelle surprise) – next term is going to be frantic. I have to write exams. For eight year olds. I also have to coach rounders (which I only discovered was a propaer sport about three years ago). I have to teach local history….egads. And at the end of term, one of my best friends at the school, and one of the best teachers I know, is leaving to go to Somerset. Blub!

But there are still two weeks left of Easter break – gyms to join, dinners to throw, and hopefully visits from/to or meetings with Mlle Wilson, E.R., Hannah and Hil. Rock!

Right, I’m going to go get on with some of that work I was rabbiting on about.



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