Just another laidback Sunday

I’m bathed, I’m scrubbed, I’m ready for bed. I have a venga-mug of hot chocolate and am in my snuggliest robe, blogging and watching The Truman Show on TV. La vita e bella, right?

It’s been a nice Sunday. I was up early enough (and late enough) to have breakfast with my whole family, which is always a treat. Then I went to church. When I’m up here during breaks I go to the Lighthouse church, which is really growing and thriving, it’s lovely to see how it’s getting on. I took my brother along also…and he had a good time! Hallelujah! Please, if you’re of the Christian persuasion, keep him in your prayers – I am really hoping for him to find purpose and drive in his life. He is so capable and clever and full of potential…if only he’d realise it! Baby steps just now, but I’m glad he had a good time.

The afternoon was napping, reading, hitting some forums and watching a few episodes of Scrubs. Hey, when I do lazy, I reeeeaaally commit. And then this evening it’s been blog and bath and family time.

And now we’re launching into another week. And much to my chagrin, it’s time for me to be getting on with the list of tasks I wrote for myself at the start of summer vacation – all the planning, class prep., research, reports, and thank you notes…. I am going to be very grown up and mature and do a little each day, rather than being sat there in two weeks time shouting “Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!” at my laptop and having a nervous breakdown.

Woo! Organisation! I’m such a loser!



  1. David Weir
    31st July 2006 / 3:38 am

    Such nice writing.Keep it up!

  2. Heart Of Darkness
    31st July 2006 / 4:24 am

    I have this chocolate bodybutter that works wonders for my skin but is rightout dangerous to put on and leave the house… one of my coworkers kept sniffing me- The he licked my shoulder!”You smell so good!”Yes I know. Stop licking the good stuff off me! :)Hope you had a good weekend and thanks for commenting on my blog! See you

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