Monday, Monday

Gosh, can you believe it’s Monday already? And my quest for laziness appears to be carrying on unabated. The joys of being at home chez mes parents, oui? I have stuff I need to be doing, but I just feel kind of divorced from my actual life. Being at home just takes me back all too vividly to my teenhood – which is not necessarily a bad thing; just an odd thing.

(To give you an idea of how lazy I’m being….it’s 1.30 and I haven’t had breakfast yet. Slothful, huh? But here I am, blogging with half an eye on the TV – the 1940s version of Little Women is playing. So far, so tacky, but it’s extremely faithful to the text. I realised the other day that I have read Little Women over 200 times. Wow, I am an Alcott fan).

The weekend plodded on quite nicely. I met up with Jenna and her partner, Ni for coffee and chat in Forres and caught up well and truly. Jenna and I realised that we hadn’t spoken properly since….1999! The perils of being slightly perturbed by your hometown.

Saturday evening was curry and karafes of wine in honour of Sam’s birthday (welcome to the quarter century club, honey!). Good chat, nice to see everyone, blah, blah fishcakes.

Yesterday morning was yet. another. driving. lesson. It’s all starting to get there though, which is awesome. Another one this evening. Then yesterday was cake and chat as it was Sianja’s birthday. My wee sister is twenty-one!!

Wow, this has been such a bland and perfunctory entry. My apologies – I’ll try and conjure up some comedy, doom, poetry or rambling for next time….


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  1. bee
    24th July 2006 / 1:06 pm

    you sound properly relaxed though, which is good.i always liked little women, but i think when i was younger i preferred little men, because jo kicked ass, but i loved that she got all romantic-y.i’m so glad you’re back… 🙂

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