North of the border

So here I am, “home” at last, in my family home here in Scotland. It is good, but weird, to be back, but nice to be seeing the family again.

Equally nice is the amount of downtime – time for nice long chats, time to return all the emails and letters I owe, time to go for nice long walks, time to watch TV and read and chill and work on stuff for next year. I am also learning to love the utter cheesiness of Freeview (bad videos filled with hos! Oprah! Scrubs twice a day!) and watching it with my snarky siblings.

Yesterday I had my first driving lesson – it went OK actually, and I get to do it in a sweet-ass Mini. Result. I have a two hour lesson tomorrow which I think may be a little traumatic though. I’d just love to be able to drive!

Both S and P are jobhunting – cue me re-writing their CVs for them (oooh, lifeskill!) and tryng to help them. I can’t really get a proper job (“uh, yeah, I’m leaving town in a month” doesn’t tend to cut it!), but have put some flyers out for babysitting – I hope I get some jobs. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow it’s town (I’m taking S and P to help them find hobbies – I’m all about the big sister vibe this week!), then driving, then groceries, then dinner (I’m making fajitas with all the trimmings – yeeeeah). At the weekend I think I’m going out in Elgin with the girls. Should be interesting – I’ve never been out there.

Right, bedtime. It’s 11.20. Lord bless vacation!

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  1. Anonymous
    28th July 2006 / 7:59 am

    Hold up, wait a minute…. Did I get you into Oprah? ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaMy life’s mission is now complete – Jane wanted to go shoe shopping and you watch Oprah; my work here is done.PS have got onto the PGCE, look out South West teenagers I’m a comin’Naomi

  2. Anonymous
    28th July 2006 / 8:05 am

    Hold up wait a minute! Did I get you into watching Oprah ahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa I have completed my life’s work; Jane wanted to go shoe shopping and you watch Oprah. My work here is done.PS – good to see you r blogging again! Also am on the PGCE so look out all teenagers in the South West I’m a comin’Naomi

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