Running aground on Boredom Island

Aha. The day has come.

What day? I hear you cry.

The day that being on vacation really starts to bite. It’s OK, this too shall pass, but like most seasons in life, it arrives, sure enough. Now this doesn’t tend to happen when you actually go away somewhere. No sirree. Give me ten days in North Carolina, a week in Paris, a weekend in Edinburgh and I am far too busy having a good time to be bored….

….no, but when you strand yourself in deepest, darkest Scotland, living with your family, that’s when the day of doom is sure to rear its ugly head.

Now, I love my family. They are odd and quirky as you like, but they’re good people, you know? We don’t always see eye to eye but we can agree to differ and all get on well. Ditto my hometown. Sure, it’s kind of a dive, but it’s also pretty in places, near a beach and the place my family have chosen to settle, so I can deal with it just fine.

However, this does not stop the boredom. The contrast is hellish – for most of the year I’m going heck for leather; busy, busy, busy; fun a go go; and now? Not so much. Now, it’s great catching up with friends. It’s awesome chilling with my family. I’m even enjoying the driving lessons. And heaven knows having some free time is cool as. But I just can’t take this level of inertia. Watching MTV and reading and doing forums is great…but only for a few days. I can feel my brain hibernating…and I don’t like that.

So tomorrow the fightback begins. I’m gonna ration my net and TV time (yes, I’m aware I now sound like my mother when I was a teenager). I’m going to hit the library. I’m going to take some swims. I’m going to hit the beach, take some photos, work on some recipes, finish the darn thank yous, and, in short, start having a bit more to do.

Operation holiday boredom fightback starts here, people!



  1. Greta
    29th July 2006 / 1:17 am

    THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG….i know what you mean about sucks the big one!!

  2. angieoh!
    29th July 2006 / 3:38 am

    When I get really bored, I like to send out letters to people…it is always a nice little surprise for them and makes me happy to get something accomplished!!

  3. Neers
    29th July 2006 / 4:23 pm

    operation holiday for me too!!! and thank you so muc, Mam!! for stopping by and encouraging words! 🙂 have fun!

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