So, after the confusing nature of yesterday’s post (hey, it even pickled my brain, thought I’d do a more vegetative post today….). Yep, another survey. So thank you to Brebsy for sharing….allegedly the longest survey ever.

I’m going to go make a cup of tea, I’m chucking on a couple of new CDs (Ben Folds, and er, Ben Folds Five), and let the autowitter begin!

(I actually think these surveys can be kind of useful…I mean, once you get beyond the obvious and banal you can sometimes find out some interesting tidbits. Honest!)

Time started: 11.21

Full Name: Claire Rachael T******* (I’m not gonna put my full name, cos I’m scared of the google fairies!)

Nickname (s): Thorners, Bouncer, Sunshine. Optimistic, moi?

Single or taken? Single, at the moment.

Gender: Female. Wait….yep, female!

Birthday: 10th December. All ecards, gifts, poems written in my honour gratefully received!

Sign: Sagittarius (Western). Monkey (Chinese).

Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother.

Eye colour: Blue-grey. How normal, right?

Shoe size: 7! Yep, I have big feet – all the better for salsa dancing and rock hopping, baby.

Height: 5 foot 5…the small side of average.

What are you wearing right now: grey joggers and a green ‘Australia’ soccer tee. I usually dress more smartly, but it’s a day of chores and badminton today!

Where do you live: Little Village, the Middle of Nowhere, Near Enough To London to Not Be Much of a Chore To Get There, England. But I’m currently at my family home in Forres, Scotland.

Righty or lefty: Righty for writing. Strangely untalented with both in other areas!


Who are your closest friends: Good question! Probably Princess Shona, Banana, Em, Mlle Wilson, Peachy, Hoti and Jean. Others zoom up and down the chart, but these? Are GOLD!

Do you have a bf or gf?: Not at the moment. At least, I don’t think so!

Did you send this to your crush?: No, because a) I’m blogging this; and b) I don’t have a RL crush at the moment (cue violins!), due to the fact that I am living through the mandrought. There are a few online cuties / celebs, but that’s not reality, is it?

——————–Fashion Stuff——————–

Your fave place to shop: Amazon. I’m dead serious! Any place where you can shop in your PJs and buy loads of books, CDs and DVDs is my idea of retail heaven. For clothes, I’m going through that post-college-short-on-funds-work-with-kids-so-it’s-gonna-get-stained-anyway phase. Viva Primark, Asda and Tesco!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings: No. I had earring for about a month when I was seven and they completely squicked me out! I’d kind of like a tattoo, but would fear it looking silly when I’m a forty-something!


Colour: I pretty much like the whole rainbow. I think my fave colour changes with my mood!

Number: 4, or 7.

Boys Names that u like: Moray, Jack, James, Philip, Iain, Micah, Ben, I could go on…

Girls Names that u like: Emily, Mackenzie, Katherine, Eleanor, Olivia, Bethany, Felicity, shall I continue? I’m a names fiend!

Subject in school: While still a pupil? Drama, Modern Studies, and Religious Studies.

Animal: I love cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits, iguanas…Drink: Tea, coffee, diet coke, (sweet) iced tea (best drunk in NC, I always think), Irn Bru, banana milkshake, orange juice (with bits), prune juice, red wine, Pimms, whiskey, champagne (the last two on special occasions only), but mainly WATER!

Alcoholic drink: Sometimes. I like a glass of wine now and again, and every so often I will hit the pub for a few drinks to celebrate someones birthday or similar.

Sport: I like playing tennis and badminton, love to dance, swim and do aerobics, can get my hillwalk on, am learning to horseride and like to shoot a few hoops now and then. I coach wee people for rounders and netball – two sports I was pretty awful at at schools level!

Food: Mmmmmm. I could write a whole post (and probably will one day!). I love to cook – my fave types of food are Italian, Mexican and Chinese and I looooove veggies!

Months: December.

Song at the moment!: ‘Perfect’ by Eliza Carthy; ‘Moodswings’ by Charlotte Church; ‘Still Fighting It’ by Ben Folds; ‘Trouble’ by Ray LaMontagne; ‘You Are Loved’ by Rebecca St. James.

Juice: any and all, except tomato!

Finger: I’m meant to have a favourite?

Breakfast: If it’s warm, fruit with yoghurt and honey; if it’s cool, porridge; if I have guests pain au chocolat or bacon sarnies; if I’m in the ‘Deen after a big night out, a full Scottish from the Illicit Still!

Aftershave/Perfume: I love L’Occitane’s Magnolia, Ralph Lauren’s Romance, L’Eau D’Issey and CK one. I don’t know which aftershaves I like!

Cartoon character: Eeyore, Spongebob, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mrs Tiggiwinkle, Taz.


Given anyone a bath: Yep. I used to work in special needs care, y’all! And was a day nanny / au pair… bathing is part of the job…

Smoked: Never. Yeurgh.

Bungee Jumped: Nope. I am one of the most accident prone people I know…why would I take that sort of risk?

Made yourself throw-up: No. I’m kind of phobic about vomiting at the best of times!

Been skinny dipping: No. Did go swimming in my undies while on D of E expedition though – a fine idea till we all noticed the group of German tourists on the other side of the alpine loch!

Been in the opposite sex’s washroom: Yep. Was shocked to discover they tend to be much cleaner!

Eaten a dog biscuit: I ate the corner of one for a dare once…I played dares hard when I ws younger!

Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No. Did put a mammoth icicle down the back of my shirt once though (see above point on dares!).

Loved someone so much it made you cry?: I no doubt thought so at the time!

Broken a bone: No. *crosses fingers and touches wood*

Been in a physical fight: Not that I can remember.

Been in a police car: RMP car, yep. They were giving me a lift home. Oh, and the Forres coppers once gave me a lift home after my teachers car broke down after a field trip.

Came close to dying: No, praise Jesus.

Been in a sauna: Yes. Mmmm, toastie.

Been in a hot tub: Does the Jacuzzi at the leisure centre count? Ooooh, glamour!

Been in the ocean: I love to swim in the Moray Firth. I do have occasional panic attacks about fish / jellyfish / basking sharks though, much to the amusement of my siblings!

Fallen asleep in school: While at school, only on breaks/in library etc. At uni? Yep, once in class and a couple of times in film screenings.

Ran away?: Not anymore.

Broken someone’s heart: I don’t think so. I hope not.

Cried when someone died: Oh yes. One of the worst times of my life so far.

Fell off your chair: Innumerable times!

Sat by the phone all night?: Not recently.

Saved MSN conversations: If only I knew how…

Saved e-mails?: Yes, always. The ‘sent’ folder is my friend. So is Mr Inbox.

Fallen for your best friend?: Sort of. Really, really, reeeeeaaaalllly stupid idea.

Been cheated on?: No.

—————————————First thing that comes to mind—————————

Red: sky at night, shepherd’s delight.

Blue: tit! (My sister’s been doing ornithology all morning and trying to make me snicker at rude / innuendo-worthy birds names). Sigh.

Autumn: Yay, back to school! (Geek!)

Greenland: Isn’t actually green?

What is….Your good luck charm: Jockey Bear / the faith of others.

What’s your room like: as I’m currently sharing with Midimus, it’s a bit of a mess – two twenty-something girls who hoard and like ‘stuff’…

What’s the last thing you said: “Here’s some tea, sweetheart” – I took Midimus a cuppa to help her through the resit revision.

What is beside you: CD case, mug, sheaves of paperwork which I will get back to after posting this!

Last thing you ate: toast and chocolate spread. So bad yet so good.

What kind of shampoo do you use? Brilliant Brunette.

Something that has happened to you this year: I climbed Snowdon! Yay!

——————–have you ever——————–

Had Chicken pox: once. My mum used to make us play with kids that had it so we’d catch it also. Cue us wearing socks on our hands to stop us itching, and discovering that pouring scalding hot soup onto pox stopped the itching for a while…

Had a Sore Throat: At least once a year!

Believed in love at first sight?: Yep.

Liked picnics: Yay! Last one was with Hoti in Regent’s Park during the heatwave…we had crisps and éclairs and wine and sat shooting the breeze before going on the pedallo boats and having ice cream. I <3 picnics! Liked school: Yep. I liked primary a lot more than high school though – at high school I still liked the classes, but the drama could get far too much! What schools have you gone to: Applegrove, Hayfield Lane, St. Clement’s, Barnes Wallis, Cheshire, Griffon, R.A.A.S. and Forres Academy. Oh, and 2 weeks at the village school on Rhum! Loved anyone: I love like it’s going out of fashion. People are just amazing, and deserve so much love and support. —————-Would you:—————- Eat a live hamster for £1,000,000??: Ewwwwwwwwwwww. No. Go to a Hanson concert if you had a free ticket: Yes! Yes! Yes! Hanson!!1!!!!111!! If I was stuck on an island I would: make myself comfy. Pray. Find a volleyball to befriend. Who Was the last person you sexually touched?: Believe me, I’m not that kind of girl. Who was the last person you massaged: A toddler with a cold, a few years back (some childcare practitioners recommended massage to help the wee ones with fever and muscle pain). Who Was the last person you Kissed? It’s far too long ago to drag up. Who Was the last person you yelled at?: I yelled in the playground last month to stop the kids throwing a shoe around…does that count? Who Was the last person who broke your heart: The last person? Hee, no-ones managed to the job properly – for someone to properly break my heart they’d have to win it completely first! Who was the last person who told you they loved you: probably one of my friends in a text, email or letter. Who is your loudest friend? Depends on the situation! ———————Do you/Are You:——————— Do you like filling these out: sometimes. So long as there are a few original questions! Do you like yourself: Yes. Whatever I may think from day to day, I believe that God’s put me for a reason, so I must be special and good and worthy in some way. Do you get along with your family: I love my immediate family to bits. My extended family are a funny kettle of fish. Do you do drugs: only Ibuprofen when in pain! Stolen anything over $50: No! Obsessive?: Not anymore. Depressed?: Not anymore. I used to be good at that when I was younger, but now I tend to get myself out of funks before they develop. Depression is an awful, cancerous thing. I was lucky to escape it relatively unharmed, I think. ———————Final questions——————— How many ppl are you sending this to: None – it’s going on my blog! What are you listening to right now: ‘Rocking The Suburbs’ by Ben Folds. How many buddies are on your list: A fair few. What did you do yesterday?: Paperwork, coffee with a friend, shopping, cooking and chores, emailing, blogging, manicure, forums, reading, watched the season finale of ‘Big Love’. Have you ever hated someone in your family?: Previously, yes. I’ve forgiven them now. Do you wanna get married?: Oh, so very, very much. If you could change anything about yourself: I’d be me, but better! How many remote controls are in your house?: At home…2. Here…9! Are you double jointed: No. *shudder* What do you dream about?: I very rarely remember… Last time you showered: Last night. I then went to sleep with wet hair and woke up with uber-fluffy hair – it’s a little 80s, I have to say! Last time you took a bath: Sunday. The last movie you saw at the theatres: X-men 3. On my own. With loads of snacks. Milk or white chocolate: Milk, please. Root beer or Dr.Pepper: Dr Pepper. It’s so misunderstood. Vanilla or chocolate Ice cream: Neither really – I prefer the more bizarre flavours! Summer or winter: Both, for different reasons. Silver or Gold: Silver. Diamond or pearl: Diamond. Sunset or Sunrise: I love sunrises. Earlier this year, I was camping in a valley in Wales and was away from the rest of the group as the sun rose. It was beautiful. As I looked up at the cliffs I could see the light refracting back, a million different hues. I love sunsets too….especially over the ocean. Phone or in person: In person. Oldest, middle, youngest or only child!: I’m a textbook oldest! Protective, motherly, and a little bossy at times! Fed up of quizzes like this yes/no: at times – they help me to write blogs sometimes though! Time Finished: 12.23. Ahahahaha, this took me an hour (I was doing other stuff too, fear not!). See what thought I put into this? Have a great day! Cxx


  1. Heart Of Darkness
    8th August 2006 / 12:03 pm

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat list! ;D

  2. Tina With Wings
    8th August 2006 / 4:58 pm

    Surveys are always super good, especially when they’re filled with interesting details like yours. Ha ha, made me smile a thousand watt smile.

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