Blast from the past

Wow. I am absolutely exhausted. Last night was the first time in a long time that I went out with some friends who I hung out with for a huge portion of my sophomore and junior years at Aberdeen. Je is now married with a wee one and resides in Texas with her hubby O, Ja is all setting up his own company and jetting here and there, G is all settled and buying a Citreon Xsara. And y’all know how grown up I am now, huh?

Anyways, we went out and had a pretty good night. The liquor and chat both flowed freely and the topics were many and varied – it was very like rewinding the clock back four or five years, just for a night. After a couple of bars we ventured to a club, which was absolutely AWFUL. Dire DJing, packed dancefloor, iffy smell. After half an hour, we bolted. When I don’t enjoy a club, you know you’re kind of screwed. I love to dance and mingle and have pretty varied music tastes (I’ll dance to more or less anything – Xtina, Nirvana, The Nolans – if it’s playing loud and the club is pumping I will get my dance on). So, anyway, at about 2 we all headed for taxis – Ja very kindly put me up for the evening so I didn’t have to drag my butt all the way back north.

Ja and I got back, got a couple of glasses of wine, had some good chat (baby names and religion, woo!), and about 3ish he gets a call from his lady friend in the US. He goes to take the call…

…I wake up, still sat up in the armchair in my clothes, at 6.15am. I go into the office, where Ja informs me that yeah, I dropped off about 4, and yes I had been snoring lightly (this is a new development. Perhaps I only snore when asleep sitting up). Anyways, I bid him goodnight and hit the hay.

Woke up (again) a little after 11. Went into the living room as the TV was on and it meant I could watch the big brother final repeat. Ja was conked out on the sofa – and snoring, hahaha!

An hour or so later he woke up, and it was an early afternoon of chats, showers, and bacon’n’eggs. I’d forgotten what those Saturdays were like a little. Then it was train home and an evening of reading and telly – both the shows I auditioned for (and didn’t get through…..this time!) are now playing, so when I am in on a Saturday, it’s golden now.

And now I’m blogging before bed! The whole not being able to drive thing has changed my plans for next week also, so things are gonna be a little busy at times. But for now I shall post this, get my ‘singalong Saturday’ post written…and then sleeeeeeeeeep.



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