A cast of thousands!!

OK, more like dozens, but you know what I mean, right? Well I was thinking today, in between my hectic schedule of dishes, nailpainting, reading and avoiding geography planning (it’s that pre-exam feeling again!), that I should really firm up some of the characters you may encounter while perusing my blog. Some people (co-workers, exes, whatever) just get an initial or their ‘government name’, but others tend to get a nickname. Some of these nicknames make no sense, are completely random, or have very little to do with anything current, but have stuck. So, without further ado, here goes….

***The Supporting Cast***

Marmee, Midimus, Midimus, The Old Crustacean…. Or my family, if you prefer. Marmee is the boss of the bunch, and slogs her guts out “for mire duckets, in a thankless job”, which she happens to be awesome at. She’s opinionated, charming, brash and completely nuts, and I love her to pieces. The Old Crustacean (a.k.a. Dad) fixes computers and counts down the days till he’s off the clock. He’s completely introverted and would rather talk to computers than humans, but he also possesses quite the sense of humour and a healthy stock of ‘Monty Python’ quotes. Midimus is now 21, and a student. She studies Zoology, which I am sometimes convinced is just a fabulously convoluted excuse to allow her to still climb trees, collect animals she finds in rock pools at the beach, and mimic animal calls. She’s got a vicious sense of humour, but she deploys it wisely…most of the time. Minimus is my wee brother, and he is currently unemployed and grappling with the sheer horror of 19. He is a really kind and loving soul, but he has worked hard to hide this beneath a veneer of sullen gruntiness. Part of my mission this summer has been to help him reclaim the awesome person he actually is….I think it may be working (fingers crossed!).

Next, the layers of friends….

School era friends: Nat-nat, Nellums, Toaly, The Bav, Maz, VicS, Jenga. Nat and Nellums went to the same boarding school as me, and somehow we have stayed friends. We’re really just Christmas card acquaintances now, but it’s nice sometimes to grab a coffee with someone who remembers you as a quirky fourteen-year-old with a mushroomy haircut. Toaly, The Bav and Maz are the three friends from my high school in Scotland, where I went for sixth form. Other friends drift in and off the scene (VicS is currently a fixture after and absence, ditto Jenga), but these three have lasted. Maz is a librarian, Toaly is a bingo caller / manageress (fabulous, huh?), and The Bav is a stay-at-home-mum-come-music-teacher (her son, Cheeri-O, is adorable!).

Friends from uni, take 1: Peachy, VixandRho, Marog, Dr. G, The Bank, Banana, Bex, Jess, Brebsy, OMW, Princess Shona. I lived with Peachy, VixandRho and Marog in halls and beyond. Peachy is truly one of my favourite people in the cosmos….she’s studying for a Ph.D at UNC, and as well as being amazingly brainy and smart, she’s also a kind, loyal and caring friend. Who’s brutally hot. Top girl. VixandRho are still living it up in the city where we all first met. Marog is currently a research scientist of some sort (I’m a bit of a bimbo, it kind of goes over my head!) and is happily married to the lovely Scoot. Dr.G and The Bank are friends from choir (I know, how much like the geeky guy from ‘Mean Girls’ do I seem right now? “I’ve just been really busy with choir!”). Dr. G is, somewhat inspiringly, a doctor, and The Bank is at law school in London. How did I wind up befriending so many smart people? (It gets even worse further on!). Bex, Jess, Brebsy, OMW and Princess Shona are all friends from theatre groups. They all crop up on this blog from time to time for vastly different reasons, but the one who I count as a good friend in Princess Shona – she’s a trainee pharmacist and erstwhile choreographer of shows big and small.

Friends from “in-between”: Rach, Cat, Daphne and Val. I worked at a boarding school. Val and Daphne were two of my bosses (and still work there), Rach was another B.A. who interviewed on the same day as me (she’s now a student and I think she’s in Mexico right now….) and Cat was our gap student (she’s back in Sydney now, studying up a storm).

Friends from uni, take 2: Friends and flatmates from my year studying to be a teacher….Mlle Wilson, Jean, Hoti, Hils, Clare, Kat, Em, Stu, Irish, Charcoal, Danny S. Mlle Wilson (currently living between Bristol and Paris) and Jean (currently in Siberia!) lived with me; Hoti (Harding of that ilk) was, and is, a good friend and dinner partner; Hils (currently teaching at a prep school in Hampshire), Clare (currently teaching in Bristol and attending the Big Chill), Kat (currently doing ‘something’ in York!), Em (currently about to start a new teaching job in London, and moving in with…), Stu (teaching in London), and Irish (about to head off to Uganda on a mission – good luck!) are all fellow PGCE survivors; Charcoal was a good (and cute!) friend and mentor on all things musical; and Danny S was my choir director (and sometimes, the bane of my life – a feeling I know was sometimes mutual. He still invites me along to choirs though because he’s a kind soul who appreciates that some people (please read – me) just cannot sight sing. He’s now all set to go into the priesthood – good luck, Daniel!).

And that’s more or less that. Everyone else is more or less current – gappers and teachers and colleagues and landlords, oh my. They will all crop up in due time! There are also a few glorious randoms who will no doubt merit a mention before long.

Wow, this post even confuses me J!!



  1. Britmum
    7th August 2006 / 4:41 pm

    O.k. I am confused but it was very very interesting. Wow!!! So at least I can refer back to it from time to time. Good luck with your brother and don’t give up.Take care xx

  2. Babs
    8th August 2006 / 2:14 am

    Love the nicknames. But, I have to admit–my summer brain is confused.

  3. Heart Of Darkness
    8th August 2006 / 5:17 am

    YEY!I should so write a cast list for my own blog, but I guess mine’s more of a talk-show then a sitcom, and doesn’t have a regular cast… 🙂

  4. Claire
    8th August 2006 / 8:08 am

    You guys are confused? Heck, I’m confused! But I thought this might help – even if it’s just something to refer to when I’m rambling on later!Have a great day!Cxx

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