So I’m trying to get at least one blog entry done a day. But sometimes, the muse, she doesn’t want to play. So this evenings missive is going to be a ramble aided and abetted by….a random myspace survey…. I also thought this would be a nice way for some of my newer readers and commenters to catch up on things country mouse also – it’s great to see you guys and I’m loving reading your blogs too!

Let’s get comfy and get our ramble on, shall we? Oh, and if you fancy nicking the questions to use as a survey / meme / email / ritual sacrifice, you go on right ahead, honey!

“The Best Myspace Survey”

* . . About You . . *

Eye Color:: Blue-grey. They change colour a little with my mood and were once compared in colour to the Moray Firth (as it’s one of the rare bodies of water in the UK that isn’t a funky grey-yellow, I’ll take that compliment!).

Hair Color:: Brown. Just….brown.

Height:: 5’5″

Favorite Color:: I don’t have just one. I like any colour, so long as it’s pretty! It’s also all about the phases in my little world.

Screen Name:: linaire / countrymouse / nudgewinkgirl

Favorite Band:: Nickel Creek, Dixie Chicks, Muse, Honeybug, Foo Fighters

Favorite Movie:: There are far, far too many….for starters there’s Gone With The Wind, Moulin Rouge, Sleepless It Seattle, It’s a Wonderful Life, La Vita e Bella, La Regle du Jeu, Singin In The Rain, Cabaret, Sister Act, Amadeus, Bring It On, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Romeo + Juliet, Muriel’s Wedding, Wayne’s World, Mean Girls, Zoolander, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… I could go on forever!

Favorite Show:: Scrubs, The Simpsons, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Big Love, ER, My Name Is Earl…

Your Car:: For now, a yellow moped. If I pass my test later this month, who knows?

Your Hometown:: Forres

Your Present Town:: Back home for just over a month, baby!

Your Crushes First Name:: Um, I don’t have a crush right now. But my first crushes name was Michael?

Your Grade:: A! Hahaha.

Your Style:: Eclectic, thrown together, and definitely me.

* . . Have You Ever . . *

Sat on your rooftop?: Nope – slopey roof can make this problematic!

Kissed someone in the rain?: Not yet.

Danced in a public place?: Constantly. I am the freak who dances in stores when she likes the song.

Smiled for no reason?: Almost all the time – I was a happy baby, now I’m a happy adult!

Laughed so hard you cried?: Yep.

Peed your pants after age 8?: Heck no!

Written a song?: A few. All excreble! My lyrics are pretty good but my musical efforts kinda sucked!

Sang to someone for no reason?: Yes. I LOVE to sing!

Performed on a stage?: Many, many times!

Talked to someone you don’t know?: Yes. I like to make new friends.

Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: Yes. See above!

Made out in a theatre?: Not yet – that’s another one on the list!

Gone roller skating since 8th grade?: No.

Been in love?: Not yet – but I’m told it’s awesome!

* . . Who was the last person to . . *

Say HI to you? : Peter (a.k.a. Minimus).

Tell you, I love you?: Cat, in a letter.

Kiss you?: Properly? It’s been way too long to blame the person responsible ;-).

Hug you?: Sian (a.k.a. Midimus).

Tell you BYE?: Probably Peter.

Write you a note?: Mum.

Take your photo?: Sam.

Call your cell phone?: Ruth? Erin? Shona? Who knows?

Buy you something?: Cat – tee and CD (thanks hon, they are awesome!)

Go with you to the movies?: Henry, way back in January.

Sing to you?: My class of anklebiters in one of our singalongs.

Write a poem about you?: No one has…yet. Brebsy and Jonathan once wrote a song about me – the jist was pretty much that I’m…nice.

Text message you?: Stacey.

Touch you?: Sam the cat!

* . . What’s the last . . *

Time you laughed?: Just now, at a really goofy thing on myspace!

Time you cried?: It’s been a while – I’m overdue. Did get a bit teary at Oprah yesterday though – it was one of those darn ‘Dreams Come True’ episodes!

Movie you watched?: Never Been Kissed

Joke you told?: I dont tell jokes – I laugh appreciatively at the jokes of others!

Song you’ve sang?: ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ – Carole King

Time you’ve looked at the clock?: Er, now. It’s 9.58.

Drink you’ve had?: Hot chocolate.

Number you’ve dialed?: The bank, eek!

Book you’ve read?: Chicken Soup For The Soul. I am such a sap, right?

Food you’ve eaten?: Tortilla chips and cheese!

Flavor of gum chewed?: Blue Extra.

Shoes you’ve worn?: Trainers – I blame the healthkick!

Store you’ve been in?: Tescos (Grocery store!)

Thing you’ve said?: ‘Yay! Cribs is on tonight! I love Cribs!’

* . . Can You . . *

Write with both hands?: No.

Whistle?: A little. “You know how to whistle, don’tcha? You just put your lips together and blow….”

Blow a bubble?: Yes

Roll your tounge in a circle?: Yes.

Cross your eyes?: Yes.

Touch your tounge to your nose?: No

Dance?: What I lack in talent I make up for with passion!

Gleek?: What?

Stay up a whole night without sleep?: If necessary or because I’m having fun, yep.

Speak a different language?: Not fluently. I speak a wodge of French and a little German.

Impersonate someone?: No.

Prank call people?: I can’t. My conscience always gets the better of me!

Make a card pyramid?: No.

Cook anything?: Yes. I love to cook!

* . . Finish The Line . . *

If i were a …: cat, I think I’d be really good at it.

I wish …: for all my friends and family to be happy, fulfilled, safe and loved. And for them to always know how much I love and treasure them.

So many people don’t know that …: they are incredible and special.

I am …: wearing pink pyjamas.

My heart is …: always ready to give, but not quite sure how to take sometimes.

Ta-da! What a marathon. Thoughts?

Night all,


PS Lovely commentors whose blogs I adore – can I please link to you? I’d like to make a web of fabulosity, and y’all are invited! Let me know.


  1. Sara
    4th August 2006 / 4:58 am

    Crosswalker…just to define in the *Can you?* section, gleeking is spitting in a spray, somehow off the roof of your mouth so it lands in this sprinkling shower in a vast array. I know because I don’t know how many times in Jr. High I was gleeked upon. UGH! Boys!!

  2. Bossy♥'s YOU
    4th August 2006 / 6:14 am

    wow, that was a long meme..haha..i love these things, i like getting to know people..i will link to you if you want..i am so bad about updating mine though, I have about 5 i want to add, but havent..i will do it this weekend..let me know if ya want me to..

  3. Heart Of Darkness
    4th August 2006 / 6:25 am

    Hey, surveys are just as good as posts! (or, so I tell myself, because I dedicated one entire blog to surveys & tests…)Hope you’ll get some of the muse back, adn write a post over the weekend! ;)Take care & TGIF!

  4. Claire
    4th August 2006 / 7:40 am

    Sara: ewwwww! Thanks for letting me know, but my gosh that is disgusting!Bossy: Yes, please do link to me, and I’ll return the favour.HoD: Yay! Friday!

  5. Scott
    4th August 2006 / 2:41 pm

    That is quite the list man… seriously huge. Cool stuff to know about you though.And please do add me to your list. That would be great.Scott

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