Home is where the heart is…

Ain’t that the truth? Apparently it’s also where Claire goes when she wants to revert to some kind of pit dwelling mammal in hibernation mode. Now, there are many good things about my return to the familial home for most of the summer – seeing family and friends has been awesome. I’ve been able to catch up on books and movies and TV shows that had otherwise passed me by. The driving lessons have been a real experience, and whatever the results of Friday’s test I can say without reservation that I am a far better driver than I was a month ago (I couldn’t do stop. Or go). My sleep patterns are finally in line with your average human, rather than a dark-phobic nocturnal being, running on coffee and stress. The whites of my eyes are…white!!

However, there are downsides to this. I’ve put on at least 10lbs (my family are great fans of the late night snack…I managed to resist for a fortnight but I got swept in). My beauty habits are down the tubes for the moment (straighteners? Lip gloss? Stockings? Toner? Hairbrush? OK I kid about the last one, but you get the drift, huh?). And while tracky bottoms are comfy as all getout, when they become your go-to outfit you know it’s time to plot your return to normality.

It’s like when I’m here I become the reverse of regular Claire – instead of looking forward to a spare couple of hours, almost all my hours (bar a couple) are spare! Today was a banner day of laziness – come with me, won’t you? I swear, I’m living like a teenage boy at the moment…

5.10: Alarm goes off. Open eyes, blink, grunt in a girly style. Roll over and hit snooze.

5.15: Alarm goes off again. Claire remembers why the loud noises are being emitted by the shiny silver device and propels self out of bed (this athleticism takes three attempts). Grope in darkness for lightswitch, find it, squint eyes at the yellowy, harsh light. Inform sister that “Need…get…up…exam?” or something along those lines. To the bathroom! [You see, that’s the kind of mug I am….I set my alarm for just past 5 am just so I can make sure Midimus makes her exam…. Feel free to mock].

5.17: Trot merrily downstairs. Seriously, it takes me a max of two minutes to wake up, and then my Claireostat is set to perky and cheerful. I make a hot drink for Marmee and Midimus, and sit around and chat to them as they have breakfast and prepare for the two hour-plus journey to Aberdeen. Hence the early start.

5.55: Wave Marmee and Midimus off. Toy with idea of getting on with the day, but think better of it!

6.00: Back to sleep. I <3 sleep J. During term I get up any time between 5.30 and 7, so the extra sleep the vacay has been awesome. 8.30: Minimus comes in to say goodbye and dump the cat on my bed. 8.35 – 10.00: Stay in bed reading chicklit. Mmmm, trashy books. 10.00 : Get up, put laundry on, wash dishes, eat breakfast, drink coffee. (See, I do chores! Yes, I’m not completely lazy!) 10.25: Oprah! Woo! 11.20: Write a letter. Fill in a form. Write some emails. Mess with hair. Read some more. 12.00: Bathtime! Woo! 12.30: Play with cat. Put more laundry on. Phone bank. Chat with Midimus. Hoover hallway. 1.30: Cook lunch and devour. Wash down sides and do more dishes (how can one five person household = so much housework?). 2.00: Watch ‘Commander In Chief’. I kind of in love with this show, but then I am a sucker for anything set in DC. It’s an awesome city; I can’t wait to visit again! 3.00: Email-a-rama. Make some phone calls. Do lots of stuff on myspace and the forums I check (yes, am a geek, thanks for noticing!). 5.00: Everyone’s back. Make cups of tea for all. Play Rummikub with Midimus, whilst watching ‘Made’ and ‘Room Raiders’. We are such suckers for crappy MTV sanctioned programmes! 6.30: Make self beans on toast for dinner – the glamour! 7.00: Yet. More. Reading. 8.00: Get ready for… 8.15: Driving lesson. OMG, this was the worst lesson I’ve had so far! I forgot really simple things! I stalled twice! I had a mini-internal-tantrum over reversing around a corner! My instructor says it’s cool, everyone has a bad lesson close to the test but eek, it was scary. I hope tomorrow’s final lesson goes much, much better. 9.30: Home. Cuppa. Write this….and it looks like then it will be more reading, myspace and catching up on other peoples blogs. I’m great at being lazy(ish), huh? Fear not, gentle reader, chaos is just around the corner! Night all, Cxx


  1. Britmum
    16th August 2006 / 10:14 pm

    What a throughly wonderful day. May I suggest never having kids becuase those days are gone forever!!!! No but there are other pleasures.I would love just one day like that. Hey but who am I kidding.Take care xx

  2. bee
    17th August 2006 / 4:08 am

    i’m back, sweetheart…as bee, that is. fuck *pixie*. and good lord, claire, i tried doing the exact same thing on sunday, but you made it HILARIOUS. you do realize that my cat’s name is bean, and met calls him “beans on toast”? now picture your dinner as a cat. hee.i think you and i are leading parallel lives of “leisure” right now. want to do the hollywood thing and switch homes? i’d gladly make cuppas for marmee and midimus and whoever else, if you watered my plants and let bean into the hallway every once in a while…so funny, you are, my dear. fabulous post.

  3. Heart Of Darkness
    17th August 2006 / 7:08 am

    If “home is where the heart is” and “I’m Heart”, that would mean that “Home is where I am”. Right? :)How’s that logics for you? LOLI hated my drivers lessons – I had this young guy that treated me like I was 5, and truly, he shouldn’t have been an instructor to begin with, because what he said, the drivers test instructor later laughed wholeheartedly at. I think that laugh made him pass me… :)Did NOT feel like getting up today. I don’t want my life right now… *sigh*

  4. Sara
    26th August 2006 / 1:07 am

    I hadn’t had a chance to visit of late, and loved this entry. I have a couple similar on my blog area right now I think you’ll enjoy. 🙂

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