Singalong Saturday 19/8

So, here goes another adventure through Claire’s mp3 collection.

Where will the random function take us?

1. ‘Overture’ – from ‘The Witches of Eastwick’.

This show is absolutely awesome. I never got the chance to see it on the stage because it didn’t do one of those mammoth, eleventy million performance runs that mean every schmuk from the sticks gets to see it. Before I moved to nearer London, dahling, cause now I can go and see shows whenever. Well, I could if funds allowed, right?

2. ‘Right For Me’ – Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake, or as many of us now refer to him, the PAB. He’s a funny little man, but I do own ‘Justified’ and I stand by the purchase. ‘Like I Love You’ and ‘Rock Your Body’ totally remind me of senior year at Aberdeen – a year of hopes and dissertations and film music lectures and poledancing around Amy in the union and dreams and worries and reading lists and choices and highs and lows and pain and scars and hate and having crushes and kissing boys and dancing, dancing, danicng and living in a proper town flat and singing and growing and sitting on the couch with sweet, sweet Bekah slouched on you and reading and crying and laughing and smiling and feeling you were really, finally, breathtakingly on the brink of something. Amazing days.

3. ‘Street Map’ – Athlete.

Tourist is a good album, yes. But when you move away from the singles some of their tracks kind of blend into one another (some artists have a knack for doing this – see also Gray, David and Orton, Beth). And at 11.35 at night when you’re tired? Athlete makes you sleeeeepy.

Skip to:

4. ‘Holiday’ – Madonna

Woo! Sing it with me kids! Strike a pose! Wear a pointy bra, if that’s what charms your cobra! We’ve already touched on my love of early era Madonna in this blog, but it bears repeating – how awesome is this stuff? If they had played this at the club last night, everyone would have hit the floor, hard. Instead we got some lowrent DJ poncemonkey playing the same four bars of Xtina’s latest over and over. Now, I like that song, but hearing the intro 32 times it a row? Suuuucks.

5. ‘Some of Your Lovin’’ – Dusty Springfield.

There are some vocalists I love, but will never be able to sing like (Aretha. Mariah. Beverley Knight). Then there are the famous five – the ones who I have, at one point or another, been told I sound like – Carole King, Mama Cass, Judy Garland, Karen Carpenter and Dusty Springfield. I don’t know if the comparison works for any of those artists, but heck it’s good for the ego, even if its deluded.
6. ‘Home Again’ – Carole King

And here’s Carole. I love her voice, I love her arrangements, I love her lyrics. Tapestry is one of the few albums I own which have made it onto the sacred CD rack. Perhaps I should explain. The immortal Jean, my good friend, has a sacred bookshelf, a place where the best books she encounters may be consigned to. I have a similar (yet imaginary, as I have all my CDs on my computer anyhow…) concept with CDs, where the albums that just make me effusive with praise get to go.

The others that would make it? Ah, go on then:

‘Whatever and Ever, Amen’ – Ben Folds Five.
‘1977’ – Ash.
‘Rabbit Fur Coat’ – Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
‘Rocking The Suburbs’ – Ben Folds.
‘Gold’ – Ryan Adams
‘Whatever’ – Aimee Mann
‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ – Lauryn Hill.
‘Automatic for the People’ – REM
‘Jagged Little Pill’ – Alanis Morrisette
‘What’s Going On’ – Marvin Gaye

‘The Immaculate Collection’ could also make it… but is it an album or a greatest hits compilation?

7. ‘Walk Away’ – Kelly Clarkson

How fabulous is Kelly Clarkson? I didn’t really register her first album (anything that Cowell involved might actually bite so much as to cause me pain), but ‘Breakway’ rocks. It’s a really proficient, enjoyable, poppy, character-filled album, ticks loads of boxes.

And lest we forget? The girl can saaaaaaang. Love her voice.

She needs a new stylist though! Call me, KC!

8. ‘Somehow, Someday’ – Ryan Adams

“I want to tell you somethingThat I should’ve, long agoI wish that you and I had those kidsMaybe bought us that home…

… I wish that we were still in your roomIn your bed and you were holding me’Cause there ain’t no way I’ll ever stop from lovin’ you nowThere ain’t no way I’ll ever stop from lovin’ you nowNo there ain’t no way and I’m gonna try and show you somehowSomehow, and I’m gonna someday”

It’s lyrics like this that just…get me. Plus this song is amazing. Makes me want to learn guitar and drums, immediately!

9. ‘Game On’ – Catatonia

Cerys Matthews is such an idol of mine. As an NME reading teen, she and Shirley Manson were major figures for me, and when she crashed so blatantly it really affected me – I was overjoyed when she came back a couple of years back happy, content, and kicking all kinds of ass. I’m such a fan!

10. ‘Window Shopper’ – 50 Cent.

Dudes. I am not a Fiddy fan, but this is a track on a mix from the awesome mamabraxas. My favourite version of this song is actually the cover of this done by Lily Allen – the line ‘You’ve got a leak in your colostomy bag, yeah it’s got a hole in, hole in, hole in” more or less means I’ll never be able to take this song seriously ever again.

Singalong Saturday….which will probably post as Sunday as it’s past midnight. And I? Am beat.

Sweet dreams everyone!



  1. bee
    20th August 2006 / 7:03 pm

    this is entirely too funny. i’m seriously going to participate next week.

  2. Los
    20th August 2006 / 7:59 pm

    I was impressed by the Ash comment – they are FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!Other groups you may want to look into:Electric SixThe Automaticthe Go! TeamMorningwood

  3. Claire
    20th August 2006 / 10:05 pm

    Bee: Yay! It’s really good fun to do, and it always takes my posts in a direction I wasn’t expecting.Los: Glad you approve! I’ve already heard quite a bit of Electric Six and The Automatic, but will look out for the other two groups, cheers :-).

  4. Bossy♥'s YOU
    21st August 2006 / 1:08 am

    you crack me up with your songs..hehe

  5. Babs
    21st August 2006 / 2:52 am

    Holy man, girl. This is quite the assortment.Reminds me I’ve been meaning to borrow some Kelly Clarkson to add to my own collection.

  6. Scott
    22nd August 2006 / 3:14 am

    Good tunes out there… love the Ryan Adams… that guy has some skillz.Scott

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