Singalong Saturday Number 1

Get comfy y’all. It’s gonna be one of those posts – fragmented, stream of conciousness and knowing me, no doubt a little random. I’d love to say “Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy night” but I’m stranded in deepest darkest Scotland. What are the chances?

I’m listening to music…I’ll share what’s playing as we go on, shall I? Perhaps it will inspire my writing…

(Song 1: ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ – Bette Midler)

Wow, what a cheesey song. As you all know, a cheesey song is one of my Achilles heels, and the fact that this is from a cheesey chickflick also only serves to recommend it more highly, IMHO. It’s also the song I fully intend to dedicate to my mother at some point (concert, wedding, whatever…) and as luck would have it, it’s her birthday. If you’re reading this Marmee, first and foremost HOW DID YOU FIND ME??? And secondly, happy birthday! We’re having a ‘potter-y’ day at home in celebration of Marmee’s naissance. The woman’s favourite thing in the world is a day of getting wee jobs done, tea and reading. Cheap date, huh?

Speaking of chickflicks, Midimus and I deciding to re-cement our commitment to watching as many bad films as ever…last night we sat through “The Cutting Edge 2”. Are you proud?

(Song 2: ‘I Will Always Love You’ – Dolly Parton)

I have a big soft spot for this song. I actually heard the Whitney Houston version first, as a preteen when ‘The Bodyguard’ came out. I like both versions of th song, I have to say. Whitney’s is showy and polished, and reminds me of doing karaoke after several vodka shooters and actual getting a standing ovation. In a packed bar. Good times. This version, however, is the one that makes me cry! The lyrics are just so poignant. So sad. So loving….

(Song 3: ‘King of the Rodeo’ – Kings of Leon)

Like much of my music, this band was introduced to me by one of my online friends. Isn’t the internet crazy? If you’d told me ten years ago that I’d swap CDs with friends on different continents who I’d never met, that I’d do ‘secret sister’ assignments with people thousands of miles away, that I’d meet up with people I’d spoken with hundreds of time online before meeting them properly…I don’t think I would have believed you!

(Song 4: ‘Every Ghetto, Every City – Lauryn Hill)

What happened to Lauryn Hill? She was so smart and talented and politicised and beautiful and such a great role model. Now? Seems like girl is crazy. How does that happen?

Still love this track though. And the whole of ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ (awesome, awesome, amazing album). And ‘Sister Act 2’.

(Song 5: ‘Central Reservation’ – Beth Orton)

I only have one Beth Orton album. I’m not sure why I bought this, or why I haven’t bought more. It just seems to have crept into my music collection and remained there. I love this whole album, yet I’ve never felt compelled to seek out other albums, or see her live, or anything. I can’t even remember where I bought this. Or why. Or when.

Selective memory? Bimboness? Early onset dementia? You decide!

(Song 6: ‘I Lift’ – Hillsong London)

Ah, I wondered when some praise music might make an appearance. I have some friends who listen to nothing but praise and worship, or CCM. I have others who would view sitting through a whole Hillsong or Michael W. Smith album as a sort of bizarre torture.

Me, I’m on the fence. Some CCM and p&w I love to pieces (we do a lot of music like this at church and some of the songs are beautiful. I adore the song ‘Here I Am To Worship’, for example).

(Song 7: ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’ – Michael W. Smith)

Aha, more Christian stuff. Isn’t the random function odd? Michael W. Smith’s album ‘Worship’ is probably my favourite of the p&w I’ve heard / I own. Plus this has a kickass ‘cello solo and I adore the cello. This song is great when you just want to pray, or focus, or have a good old think.

For dinner parties or dancing? It’s not so good, hahaha….

(Song 8: ‘Cherish’ – Madonna)

80s era Madonna! Yay! This song is such a cheesefest, and just reminds me of being ten and kind of obsessed with Madonna and my girlfriends and I trying to master side ponytails a la Madonna and making up dance routines to ‘Into The Groove’ and reading ‘Smash Hits’ passionately and deciding that ‘Crazy For You’ was going to be our wedding song.

When we married Jason Donovan, natch!

(Song 9: ‘(I Don’t Know Why) But I Do’ – Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry)

This song is very cute, and very old school, with the horns and the piano driven bassline. It kind of makes me want to wear a teadress and go to a record hop…which I guess is one of the desired effects!

(Song 10: ‘Way Over Yonder’ – Carole King)

This is just bliss. I lovvvvve this woman’s voice. White girl soul rules!

I think I’ll do another post like this next Saturday. Let’s make it a regular thing! I guess this is the first…singalong Saturday.

Hope your weekend is going brilliantly so far,



  1. Britmum
    12th August 2006 / 6:22 pm

    Great list and made me want to listen to them all.Take care and I hope you have a fab weekend.

  2. Bossy♥'s YOU
    12th August 2006 / 8:36 pm

    hmm, i hate wind beneath my wings.always have.i like some madonna songs…ok, i take that back i like one..some of those songs i have not heard.and i hate i will always love you..that song was big when i was a senoir in high school..oye!if it wasnt recorded in the late 70’s or early 80’s chances are i dont know damn sad is that?

  3. bee
    13th August 2006 / 1:39 am

    i love these songs – all but the rodeo one, which i’ve never heard.and you’ll do swimmingly on your test, claire. don’t you worry about it.

  4. Heart Of Darkness
    14th August 2006 / 5:26 am

    I love wha you’ve done with this post, having a song for each part!I prefer DP over WH anyday!Oh, and Beth Orton? Some kind of magic! 🙂

  5. angieoh!
    14th August 2006 / 12:36 pm

    Crazy for you. Man. I. HEART. That. Song. In fact, I have swooned over it many many times!!!

  6. Cinderella
    14th August 2006 / 1:20 pm

    “Wind beneath my wings” well that song is timeless. I always think of my father and my one brother when I hear it. It’s a beautiful song.Madonna’s “Cherish” is a great upbeat song, you gotta love it.

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