Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…

One of the nice things about reading other peoples blogs as well as keeping up with my own is the ideas and themes that I come across, and that I then shamelessly pilfer and use in my own writing. Luckily, in the internet democracy, this is a two way street, and people also borrow from here….let the circle be unbroken!

This post is inspired by a theme I’ve seen on many blogs recently, and particularly bee’s page, where she did exactly the same thing. Here, in no particular order or precedence, are 100 of my favourite things (now does the title line make sense?). Places, things, music, food, ideas…let’s go!

1. Days when my hair chooses to make sense. I love that every so often I get up, brush my hair, swish it a bit and it just looks right.
2. Coffee. Strong, dark, rich café crème, sickly sweet macchiato, mugs and mugs of instant propelling me through the day.
3. Hugs. Oh man, I love hugs. I am a touchy feely earth mother type, and I have always got room in my day for some hug action. Awesome.
4. ABBA. I’m a bit of a music nerd, and heaven knows I know my Razorlight from my Fratellis from my Panic! At The Disco, but aren’t ABBA terrific? I just love the whole Swedish, glittery, feathered hair, 70s glory of it.
5. Thai sweet chilli sauce. Great with almost everything savoury. Ever.
6. Hot buttered toast and huge oversized mug of tea, especially on a day when its cold and grey outside.
7. Mix CDs. I love making them, I love planning them, I love decorating them, I love getting them. I’ve got some great ones in the pipeline for Christmas.
8. Clueless. I watched this on Monday as I packed up, and this movie just never gets old for me. “I felt impotent and out of control, which I really, really hate….”
9. The Mamas and The Papas. Oh yes, I said it. Harmonies like woah. I want to be in a folk-rock band – anyone need a singer?
10. My Name Is Earl. This show just always gives me the giggles, often with the throwaway touches you’re not looking out for. Joy is kind of amazing.
11. Cheese. Cue a Homer Simpson esque “Mmmmoargh”.
12. Mail! I love letters and postcards and cards and I am lucky enough to have friends who share this passion. I love getting in at 7 or 8 and there, on my little mail shelf, is a letter or a package, just waiting for ME! I love it.
13. Making lists. Darn, I adore making lists. Have you noticed?
14. Long hot baths, with candles and bubbles and loads of girly frippery.
15. Taking walks on cold autumn days, wearing a big cosy coat, a nice bright scarf and my trusty walking boots. Splashing in puddles, thinking thoughts, eating fresh apples plucked from the tree, getting good and muddy and rosy cheeked.
16. Taking photos. One of the few visual art things I can do with any degree of confidence or skill…
17. A really good chinwag, with tangents and rambling and revelations.
18. Goofing around in shops. I went to the outlet centre with Sally and her niece Meg the other day and we enjoyed ourselves so much, trying on shoes, singing, trying on awful ensembles, and having such a good time.
19. Red wine. Not too much of it, but a glass or two is fabulous.
20. Cocoa butter – makes my skin feel all silky and soft, and smells divine.
21. Napping. Even if I don’t have time for a proper kip, there is something awesome about snuggling down in bed during daylight hours. Mmmm.
22. Bad dancing. As much as I love to dance, I do enjoy dancing badly sometimes – it’s great for getting yourself out of a fugfunk.
23. Bring It On. I can quote this movie. I love it soooo much. Oooh, and Mean Girls!
24. Studying. I know I’ll kick myself for saying so, but it’s true. I love the whole shebang – finding a passion to pursue, pulling late ones at the library, writing essays, debating things… I’m sure if and when I head back to uni my sentiments may change.
25. The ‘cello. Such an amazing and evocative instrument.
26. Broccoli. It’s little trees! And yummy! And I always spell it incorrectly. Lord bless spellcheck.
27. Having someone stroke or tickle my back. Seriously, this just gets me. Why? I have no idea…
28. Paris. So chic, so apparently snobby, so amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever get over my crush on that city!
29. Colour. I am a sucker for it – bright blues, deep purples, vivid reds, verdant greens – a splash of colour just makes my day.
30. ‘My’ cat Sam. Being back in the familial homestead means I get to hang with this cool creature, a laidback grey tabby feline who just plain rocks.
31. Cooking, especially for the people I love.
32. Grey rainy days where I get to stay inside, safe and warm and dry and drinking tea.
33. Pyjamas. I think all of the esteem I have for Hugh Hefner is built on the foundation that he’s a man bright enough to choose to live his life in pyjamas. I could so do that!
34. Swimming. I love the water, and try to swim at the very least once a week. I’ve fallen off the wagon a little recently, but I must get into it again. It’s so relaxing and a great time to think.
35. A good cry. Man, I love a good cry. I’m a happy wee soul, but sometimes it’s just good to let yourself go…
36. Comments on my blog or myspace. OK, so it’s the internet equivalent of the cool kid complimenting your hairclip, or a cute boy winking at you in drama class, or a fellow music geek giving you a high five, but I love it!
37. Christmas. As if you didn’t see that one coming. Less than ten weeks to go – wheeeeee!
38. Airports. I love when you’ve checked in your bags and you’re through security and you just have that hour or so to kill. Who are you going to be? What are you going to do? What will this journey bring?
39. Apple crumble and custard. Mmmm, and potato and vegetable soup. Autumnal comfort foods rule!
40. Seven year olds. If and when I ever leave teaching, if only for a time, it will be the kids themselves I’ll miss.
41. Alliteration. An amazing alliterative ambience can lift any piece of writing for me – even when, as in the former case, it’s more like assonance than through alliteration!
42. Bags. I feel about bags how many women feel about shoes.
43. Cute teeshirts. When I was younger I kind of had a uniform – cute tee, jeans and sneakers for day. Slightly sparkly cute tee, jeans and sneakers for night. I’m so getting back into this now, when I’m not at work! I <3 threadless.com.
44. Mild crushes on rock- and film-boys. I blame NME and Total Film.
45. Email. I flove it so. Without it, I’d be unable to communicate with about half of my friends. Viva le web!
46. Discovering new bands and artists. Current new faves on the block? Tragically Hip, Hot Chip, and Dan Against The World.If not ‘new’, all new to me!
47. Moray Firth Radio – the only station in the world whse late night programmes I enjoy, just awesomely insular and random.
48. Afternoon tea, a trend I am reviving with gusto. What better way to mark 4 p.m. than by having a cuppa and some chocolate cake?
49. Nail varnish for toenails. Heaven knows I don’t like feet too much, but I love to have pretty toenails going on (current colour: pale rose pink).
50. Flowers. I got some last week unexpectedly and it pretty much made my day.

And I’m going to leave it there for now…so in reality, it’s 50 things I love, not 100. But that’s plenty, don’t you think? I could think of more, but you have things to go do, right? And I have to go do dishes, catch up on the websites I haven’t checked out recently, and no doubt watch some bad TV. Man, I love half-term!

Be as amazing as you know you can be!



  1. Wendy
    25th October 2006 / 2:33 pm

    I love your list! So glad you stopped by so I could find you!

  2. Los
    25th October 2006 / 2:35 pm

    Great post, Claire! I absolutely love rainy days, when I have nothing to do – hearing the soothing rhythm of the rain.

  3. Michele_3
    25th October 2006 / 3:08 pm

    Great list!I’ll be dropping by more often..Thanks for stopping by my blog!Take care:)

  4. Cheryl
    25th October 2006 / 3:08 pm

    Are there going to be 50 more?

  5. Britmum
    25th October 2006 / 3:15 pm

    Claire I really enjoyed reading all about you. Great meme. Guess what? I have pinched it for my blog. LOLTake care xx

  6. angieoh!
    25th October 2006 / 3:17 pm

    Claire, you are so damn cute! I agree on the cute tshirts. LOVE THEM. and one or two glasses or wine — how about a bottle!

  7. Opinionated
    25th October 2006 / 3:21 pm

    Great List!

  8. Scott
    25th October 2006 / 3:26 pm

    Wicked list… big list…As for that mixed CD, send along an address and i will get one out to you ASAP.Scott

  9. Claire
    25th October 2006 / 3:35 pm

    Wendy – no probs, loved your stuff.Los – that’s exactly what I mean…the world just seems a little slower and a little more tranquil on rainy days, don’t it?Michele – glad you enjoyed it! See you soon.Cheryl – yep, as and when the muse attacks – I love lots of stuff.Britmum – that’s what I talking about!Angieoh – ain’t life grand that way?Opinionated – mille mercis, cherie!Scott – imagine if I’d gone for the full 100 in one go! Will off to try and find your email, and will send address. New music – I’m excited!

  10. Vicky S
    25th October 2006 / 7:02 pm

    Yay Dan Against The World RAWK!!!!!

  11. ~Deb
    25th October 2006 / 7:52 pm

    “Hot buttered toast and huge oversized mug of tea, especially on a day when its cold and grey outside.”That sounds PERFECT! I love days when it’s rainy and I grab a huge cup of tea and a sandwich, and watch lifetime movies. That has to be the best!

  12. Anonymous
    25th October 2006 / 11:33 pm

    you are so great. SO GREAT. and we have so much in common, oh my god.

  13. Christielli
    26th October 2006 / 3:08 am

    Fun list.I’m a fan of My Name is Earl and red wine among other things. As well as fun words. 😉

  14. Claire
    26th October 2006 / 3:22 am

    alt. claire here, or perhaps toc for the other claire…good list. Clueless always makes me laugh and Bring it On is a good bit of silly fun.

  15. Claire
    26th October 2006 / 7:33 am

    Vicky: Yay sisterly bias!Deb: Great minds, huh? It’s another rainy morning here….yes!Bee: Thanks honey! You’re pretty fabulous also.Christielli: It’s all about the fun words :-).Claire: There’s nothing quite like a comedy aimed at the teen demographic, right?

  16. Anonymous
    26th October 2006 / 3:28 pm

    Can I take credit for you and Wendy finding eachother? I hope so…you guys are a good match! Love your post Claire 🙂

  17. Claire
    26th October 2006 / 3:59 pm

    anon: I’d love you to….but you’re anonymous!

  18. Stephen
    1st November 2006 / 4:53 pm

    Holy cow! That’s one long list! Pretty cool, though. I’ll have to think about mine.

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