Singalong Saturday 21/10/06

And here we are, 8.20 on a Saturday morning…and I’m not in school! What bliss! I am so ready for this break – it’s been a really good half-term and my classes are adorable…but it’s time for a petit peu de laziness now.

Yesterday our assembly rocked – getting 40-odd children to perform in front of their peers, the whole school, all the teachers and parents is no mean feat, so I’m glad in went off without a hitch. We then repaired to my classroom to watch The Sound of Music and eat cookies. Academic, huh? After school I zipped to the store for procuring of merlot and a glossy mag – and got I.D.ed. Do I look seventeen? Hee. Then last night our gappers went on a pub crawl, and I went along to the tail end of it…good fun. I had a few diet cokes, had a bit of a boogie, and the good chat was flowing.

And now it’s half-term! Let’s singalong, shall we?

Camden Town Rain – Mary Lou Lord.

My recording of this is really retro and fab – all lowkey and unassuming. Which I love, because I can focus on Mary Lou’s voice and the lyrics.

Mary Lou. Isn’t that a cool name? I have always been fascinated with names, and in fact went through a big phase when I would read babies names books, back when I was in my mid-teens. This freaked out my parents and the local librarian quite a lot (and with the teen pregnancy stats Britain has, can you blame them?).

Lubbock or Leave It – Dixie Chicks

Love them or loathe them, heavens, these girls have talents! I’m loving the album (Taking The Long Way), but I’m a country geek J.

All that teen reading has paid off though – at dinner parties my recollection that Melissa means bumblebee and Peter means rock can really come in handy. In case you’re wondering, Claire means clear, bright, and famous – something my mother had no clue of when she named me, of course.

I hope to put my name geekery to good use when I get round to having kids – I’ve always dreamt of having a large brood (between three and nine, God willing) and can’t wait to give them names to grow into…hee.

These Are The Days – Jamie Cullum

The jazz hobbit! Perfect for dinners and drinks, but not really the music which speaks to my very core, it’s true. But laidback and chilled, and it certainly has its place!

Another good thing about it being half-term will be catching up with chores – as I am typing I’m glancing around my flat – and whole pieces of furniture are obscured by paperwork. I’m such a scruffy moo when I let things slide, but I’m having guests soon, so it’s time to get my clean on. Loud music, funky sweatpants and sexy rubber gloves, let’s go!

Hip Hop Junkies – Nice N Smooth.

I can’t not dance to this song. Both this and ‘Get By’ by Talib Kweli make me need to dance as if my health depends on it.

I love to dance – I have no formal training, but I just love the freedom that movement gives and the expression of dance. Moshing to rock, linedancing to country, hustling to disco, grinding to RnB, ceilidh dancing, salsa dancing, stage dancing…it’s all good. I can’t wait till I can drive, cos then I am all about the dance classes – watch out, country dancefloors.

Islands In The Stream – Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

Oh no she di’n’t! Tell me she didn’t go old school! (to quote Joy from My Name Is Earl). There are so many cheesey duets out there – a misunderstood genre if ever there was one.

So later I am meeting with my friend Miss W, who I haven’t seen in over two years (we worked at the same school a while ago), and then the lovely Hils is coming to stay tonight (we studied to be teachers together at Durham) – it should be quite the day!

You’re Not Alone – Olive.

Another dance song, not a genre that dominates my collection at all, but again, one that has its place!

This reminds me of dancing in clubs for the first time, all dressed up, all nervous, all not sure what’s cool and what’s not. Now clubs often bore me (endless hardcore tunes and people dancing into me…gah!) but I remember when it was all new and exciting and fresh. I used to know many of the DJs in Aberdeen when I studied there, and was quite the request monkey. Now, I’ve outgrown it a little, but I love to get bak out there from time to time!

14th Street – Rufus Wainwright.

There is only one way to listen to this song – LOUD!! I tend to do a weird shimmy dance also, and sing the back up vocals lustily. Aren’t you sorry you are not here? Haha, you’re safe anyway, I’m sitting in bed writing this…bless laptops!

So last night was a fun night in the middle of nowhere. I like my colleagues so much, and have some genuine friends on the staff, but the living in the middle of nowhere is grating a little it must be said. I’m used to acting, singing, dancing, and all of these are harder to do in the back of beyond. Probably not this year, but at the end of the next year, I think it will be time to move…and I’m thinking of a city next.

Enchantment – Corinne Bailey Rae.

This voice is simply amazing…

So yes, a city appears to be the next move. Current frontrunners are Aberdeen, London, and Bristol, with Oxford and Edinburgh rounding it out. Similarly, I’m looking into maybe go overseas at some point – the strongest contenders are D.C., Vancouver, Boston, Toronto and New Zealand (not sure where yet), but that’s a lot more complex and a longer shot. But I would love to work and live overseas, so who knows?

Of course if and when I do transplant to the city, my blog will no doubt tell of my pining for the country, the space, the tranquillity, and moan about the crowds / prices / transit systems. The human condition, right?

Green and Gray – Nickel Creek.

I just had the most luxurious stretch. You know one of those that starts somewhere in your lower back and stretches all along your spine and up your arms and ends with a yawn thing? Yep, one of those. Mmmm.

Hence the lack of writing – I was having a stretch, haha.

Smile – Lily Allen.

The song of the summer, that’s for sure. I really like Lily Allen, for sheer honesty if nothing else. Take for example, the lyrics to her song ‘Everything’s Just Wonderful’:

Do you think, that everything,
That everyone, is going mental?
It’s seems to me, we’re spiralling,
Out of control, and it’s inevitable,
And do you think, this time is mine,
This time of yours, is temperamental,
It seems to me, we’re all like fools,
Falling on our knees, someone help us please…

She goes on to complain about mortgages, fashion mags, and the world in general…and she does it so well.

Well, it’s been a laidback singalong, but that’s how I feel today – laidback….I hope you all have a great weekend/week, I’m off to have a long and lazy bubblebath with my lovely fig oil stuff. Mmmmmmmmm.

Stay fabulous!



  1. Sian
    23rd October 2006 / 11:10 am

    See you on Tuesday!!!

  2. Anonymous
    23rd October 2006 / 11:43 am

    claire,you should totally think about montreal. it’s v. european-feeling, and it’s got amazing parks and mountains that you can LOSE yourself in if you’re missing nature.;)

  3. Los
    23rd October 2006 / 1:52 pm

    I respect the Dixie Chicks and their willingness to openly talk about their beliefs … though I’m not a big fan of their music.

  4. Scott
    23rd October 2006 / 7:23 pm

    Cool list… i will be checking them out this evening.Scott

  5. Cinderella
    24th October 2006 / 3:42 am

    Music makes the world go round..I couldn’t live without it! The best part about music is that there is always a song to fit your mood…it’s great.That bubble bath sounds nice..I may do that myself…enjoy!

  6. Britmum
    24th October 2006 / 3:56 pm

    I am so glad that you are having a wonderful break.Take care sweetie xx

  7. Claire
    24th October 2006 / 5:52 pm

    Sian: I’m here, baby! Hurry back from uni, mmkay?Bee: That sounds really appealing….Canada is a frontrunner, but as I’ve never even visited before that may be foolhardy!Los: I appreciate that. I admire anyone willing to stand up for themselves :-).Scott: Thanks, as always. I tracked down a couple of those hip songs you mentioned and they are awesome! Could you make me a mix? Pretty please?Cinderella: Always good to see ya honey! Bubblebaths rock my world.Britmum: The first part of half-term has passed, and now I’m at my parents in Scotland, full of carbs and relaxed. Yay!

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