Singalong Saturday, 7/10/06

How is it Saturday already? I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground this week, hence the lack of blog…. Emails have gone unanswered, phone calls not returned, and a general sense of chaos of mind has prevailed. Yay!?

But now, it’s 10.15. I have a free. Let’s get the singalong on, shall we?


And then I abandoned the blog post, in favour of schmoozing with visiting parents. The joys of open morning.

So now it’s a quarter to ten in the evening and I’ve had a chilled evening in front of the box (I know, how depressing, I should be in a chic bar somewhere, but we have none in the middle of nowhere!); drinking red wine, dipping stuff in hummus, watching ‘The X-factor’ and crying. Watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and thinking damn….I need to do some dancing.

So now, just a smidge under twelve hours late, here’s this week’s singalong:

1) Let The Whole World – Hillsong London

Oh…a praise and worship song.

Kind of apt, given the week that I’ve had! I counted this morning, and I have been to church four times this week. Yep, it’s been a godly one! Hee. Our church has links with a Christian group known as the Barnabas Walk, and the two main preachers, Semmie and Bob, have been over with us. They’ve been leading praise and prayer, leading seminars, and joining worship. It’s always a time of revival, I find, but also a time that can confuse people who think that our faith is mumbo jumbo – I’m fairly new to the whole shebang, so I won’t try and explain too much!

But last night we had a great prayer meeting, a time for people to make peace with demons, to ask for forgiveness, to seek help and guidance, to offer praise. Semmie felt moved to pray for a husband for me – I’m not sure how to process that just yet…but no doubt it will make a great blog later this year…

2) Beauty and the Mess – Nickel Creek

Quick Poll – should this be the title of my autobiography?

Other than church based fun, it has been a hectic old week. I’m such an oddball I can deal with stress pretty well, but I have a habit of absorbing a lot of the worry of those around me – on that part it has been a fairly hard week. Is it possible to have a busy life, that is also lonely? I think that may be what I have.

But I do have so many people around me – colleagues, friends, family. Texts and emails enough to occupy me. Lovely blog readers who check out my musings. Is that enough?

3) Black Horse and the Cherry Tree – K.T. Tunstall

Great, great tune! This girl’s music is so intrinsically Scottish…always makes me think of home. The long nights. The cold, cold, really cold air. Dark woods and hidden corners, a sense of peace with an undercurrent of foreboding, culture and nature too closely knit. A strange, quirky place, where air force jets taxi in for landing above Japanese hippies shopping for tofu…. Yeah, the homesickness prevails, can you tell?

(bee, I’m glad you like KT also, I was thrilled that she got name checked on your blog!)

4) One – Aimee Mann

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do,
Two, can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one…

I love this woman.

The first time I heard Aimee Mann was when I first watched ‘Magnolia’. Have you seen that movie? If not, do try to, it is amazing! The whole film is interwoven with Aimee Mann’s music, and after buying the soundtrack I bought pretty much her whole back catalogue…

‘Magnolia’ is a movie that makes me laugh and cry and suffer and heal in almost equal measure. Don’t you just love when films do that?

5) Borderline – Madonna

Woo! 80s cheese! Yeah!

Early era Madonna is so laden with memories for me, and I’d imagine for everyone aged between 20 and 30 right now. It reminds me of making up dance routines, hoarding bangles, coveting a perm (can you even imagine? I would have had a white girl ‘fro!), reading Smash Hits and first crushes…


Oh, speaking of crushes, I think the uber-crush is well and truly gone. Say it with me – Hallelujah! Yes, he’s still cute, but I think I’m out of the woods…there was always something a little indecorous about crushing on a faculty member when you were a faculty member also….

Forgive me typos and flights of fancy…it’s late…

6) I Figured You Out – Mary Lou Lord

Why don’t more people listen to Mary Lou Lord? Good tunes, good playing, great voice, awesome lyrics, cute look. What’s not to love?

I was singing earlier. I love to sing – something which those who have ever lived with or near me know only too well….standards, hymns, gospel, jazz, worship, classical, choral, folk… I just love to sing. My dream job would be to be a backing singer for a big name like Madonna or Robbie Williams – just sing, learn, enjoy, then go home and chill with my mates…

7) The Last Polka – Ben Folds Five

It was earlier this year that I learnt Ben Folds is based in Chapel Hill, NC. I was thrilled to discover this as Chapel Hill is one of my favourite places on the earth…It’s where I go to visit my gorgeous friend Peachy and I just love it there…

The hills, the campus, the quirky bars and shops (Time After Time! The Spotted Dog! That awesome Central American place I can never remember the name of!). This time last year I was prepping to go there for half term and just had the most amazing visit. Peachy and I spent loads of time together, chatting, watching movies, visiting DC, doing pub quizzes with her friends from the lab, hanging with her ‘rents…I can’t wait till I next get to visit my girl. Also, the UNC guys? Are cute, y’all! Yay eyecandy!

8) The Long Day Is Over – Norah Jones

Oh, how Radio 2! Norah Jones…

I love her voice, uncool as that may make me. I love the end of the day also, that feeling as you draw back the covers and lie down in bed, tucking the pillows and blankets around you to make a little nest. Saying your prayers, checking the alarm, switching off the light. And then lying there, in the soft, serene darkness. The magical part of the day where daydreams and dreams intermingle, and the reality of your life embraces the fantasy in your mind.

9) Bye Bye Blackbird – Joe Cocker

In ‘Sleepless In Seattle’, this is the song which reminds Sam of his dead wife. And that’s what brought it to my notice. Sam is like a movie character built from pieces of my desire (apart from the widower part, I’m not evil!). He’s intelligent, needy (but not in a clingy way), strong yet fragile, kind, loyal, damaged yet noble. No wonder chicks dig that film!

I watched ‘Overboard’ this afternoon. Have you seen that film? If not, please do. It is awesome and awful in more or less equal measure, but I always enjoy it. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in an 80s classic. Also, I’d love a brood to mother, s it has that whole living vicariously angle for me. Plus, that movie makes me cry. “You said moms don’t leave!”

10) I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – Arctic Monkeys

I wish I was on a dancefloor – I haven’t danced in ages!

Well this has been a random post. My brain is full of ideas and worries and talking points, but they didn’t seem to want to iron out today. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Hope you’ve enjoyed the musical tour nonetheless, and more soon. Have a great week, everyone!



  1. Matthew Cochrane
    9th October 2006 / 12:31 pm

    I learned something new today; I didn’t know One was an Aimee Mann song, I only knew Filter’s version from the X-Files movie soundtrack.Can’t believe Aimee Mann and Sarah McLachlan are both doing Christmas albums this year…

  2. bee
    9th October 2006 / 3:53 pm

    bye bye blackbird always reminds me of my mom, who sang that to banane and me as a lullaby, and one of my best friends in my life, whose signature songs that was when she got up on stage.mondays are days for doing homework, sweetie, i’ll try to email you later, okay? but if not, in the next few days. je t’aime.

  3. Los
    9th October 2006 / 5:19 pm

    Turnstall is great – funky songs, good voice – refreshing in a way. I’ll give some of these others a spin.

  4. McG
    10th October 2006 / 11:38 am

    Blakc Horse and a Cherry Tree is definitely one of my current favorties. I’d have to say i wish i recognized more on the list. One is defintiely a song I’ve heard before, but not that version. And Bye, Bye Blackbird. I’m a big fan, it’s one where the tones just resonate the feeling that is in the song. We sand it for choir in school one year, and i have enjoyed.Hope this week is a bit better!

  5. Claire
    10th October 2006 / 12:03 pm

    Matt: Alway glad to add to your musical knowledge… And am thrilled to hear Aimee’s working on a Christmas project (I’ve heard one Christmas song of hers already and it rocks!).Bee; No prob, sweets, I know how busy you are :-).Los: Yay, good to see you, buddy! And glad the gospel of Tunstall is spreading!McG: So far this week is busy, but not as frenetic as last week – I’m even finding time to blog!Cxx

  6. Scott
    10th October 2006 / 6:36 pm

    I am a fan of KT Tunstall at the moment too.Great post.Scott

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