Singalong Sunday, 12th November

It’s Sunday night. I am beat. Let’s get our singalong on…

Action Satisfaction – Jurassic 5

This track is exactly what the doctor ordered – it’s been both a fun weekend and a looooooooong hardworking weekend, in almost equal measure, and it’s so good to be here, in my PJs, cup of tea to hand, just chillaxing. So good.

For most of the weekend I was graced with the awesome presence of she who we call Banana. While we’re on that, I do think it’s quite cute that my buddy Bee’s wee sister s’appelle Banane in blog-land, and one of my best buds is Banana on this blog. C’est bizaree, non? Or maybe y’all just think this s#%^ is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S….

Bellissima – DJ Quicksilver

Yes, I just typed that! This song is one of the ones I chucked onto my laptop for the aerobics / dance classes I was teaching the older girls a couple of terms back. Really good fun and a great way to fit a workout into the day. I miss having time to work out – when I was a lazy-ass student (not that all students are, but I really could be sometimes. Well, when I wasn’t studying, working, or on stage, but you get the picture.) I never took advantage of the opportunities available.


Hence the junk in the trunk.

Dance Commander – Electric Six

And it’s another appearance for the ‘Six…

I love this genre of music sometimes – crazed lead vocals, thrashy guitars, heavy drums, thumping bass. What’s not to love? Then again, I type as a woman who appreciates Meatloaf. Now, let me qualify that – the latter day ballads I can leave – the man can still sing, but did we need another version of ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’? However, the classics… ‘Bat Out Of Hell’, ‘Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad’, ‘Paradise (By The Dashboard Light)’? You guys, I am so there.

War – Edwin Star

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, sing it again y’all.

I do love this song, but I acquired it totally by accident….my baby brother (fast approaching twenty, but I think I’m in denial) was loading some music on for me, and decided to leave me some random gifts…this I can forgive, but the Mark Morrison and Vengaboys had to go.

Funny sense of humour that boy.

The rain has just started pelting down here. Because my flat has a flat roof, you really get that drumming effect – couple it with some wind for good effect and it’s pretty atmospheric. The countryside around here does create some major sights actually, I was walking home through the Park last week at about 8 at night and in the grove there was a silvery mist just hanging, for a few feet, between the canopy and the ground. A film crew would have killed for the visuals.

Make It Mine – Styrofoam.

I’m not sure where I stand on Styrofoam. Hee, that sentence sounds funny! But no, this is the only song of theirs I’ve heard, and I do like it…I’m just reserving judgement till I get hold of an LP.

An LP? How old school am I this evening?

So, shall I tell you a little about my wee flat? I love it here. It’s not a place I would have ever imagine I’d be living, and it’s certainly quirky enough. It’s the kind of bijou granny flat that a writer or an English eccentric would adore…there’s a little of both of those to me, so maybe that’s why it appeals!

I Need You – Rebecca St. James

I like the song. But her voice bugs me a little…I think it’s the urgent! Breathiness! Hh!

So, anyway (I just got distracted by some texts on my cell….my brain hurts today, which often equals mind-wanderings. Is that normal?).

Sex On The Beach – Vengaboys

What was I telling you? Blimming brothers and their contributions of musical gifts. Grrrr.

This song is so very, very wrong. That said, it’s actually a lot more charming than, say, the Pussycat Dolls, who are less Sex On The Beach, more like Orgy Anywhere.

Anyhoo, back to the flat (or, as Timbaland would no doubt intone, “Take it to the flat”). You can only reach my pad via a drive, which confuses many people. Then once you’ve navigated the orchard and the electric gate, you get to our garden. I say our because my lovely flat is an annex.

And what am I annexed to?

A pink house.

Strangers In The Night – Frank Sinatra

I flove this song. Gorgeous.

Our house is salmony pink…a colour which looks heaps better in reality than it sounds when you read it. Then you come in, through the house, no doubt saying hello to Janet, Bob and Emma-dog and Freddie-dog (my awesome neighbour-landlords), and then you reach a cream door. Behind is a little corridor and then you reach my sanctuary.

Come As You Are – Nirvana

From Frank to Cobain…I love the random function.

I’m in my flat right now, sitting on my comfy blue sofa which pulls out to a bed, looking around at the old and familiar furniture, the lemon walls, the photos on the dresser, the knickknacks spread everywhere – gifts and presents and toys and bills to pay….it’s a busy wee space, but I love it. This room is my home and hearth – this is where I sing and sleep and dance and plan and read. It’s home. I love having somewhere to call home.

Mysteries of the Unexplained – Tanya Donnelly

If you were here, I would make a T with my arms and cry ‘tune’. I love this song.

Well, this has been a post, hasn’t it….part perfunctory, part random, part dull, part (I hope!) entertaining…I’m just glad it got written – I am determined not to disappear for a month or more again – I enjoy this too much!

Have an amazing week,



  1. Gareth
    13th November 2006 / 8:08 pm

    Thankyou so very much for putting War by Edwin Star into my head now!! 😛

  2. Anonymous
    14th November 2006 / 4:32 am

    one whole week.bah!!!this was great to read though. i missed you – i check every day. oh, and guess who might be flying across the pond in may, thereabouts? ;)love you…

  3. Los
    15th November 2006 / 12:31 am

    Just to let you know – you might want to download “I Buy the Drugs” from the new Electric 6 cd (Switzerland), and maybe “Slice of You.” Both cool songs with funny/interesting lyrics. Unfortunately, they kind of lost the disco influence on their latest album (can’t believe I’m saying that).

  4. Scott
    15th November 2006 / 8:42 pm

    Glad that had a good time on the weekend. I am loving Electric Six at the moment as well.Scott

  5. Anonymous
    16th November 2006 / 12:11 am

    Thanks for the post. I am always looking for new music, and there are some here I will listen to. I also log in with a hearty “glad to have you back.” Junk in the trunk and all.

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