The CRT awards 2006

A fun myspace meme:

1) Drinking Buddy of The Year? I’m not the biggest drinker, but when I do, good times tend to abound with my sister in red wine drinkage….Miss Fi!
2) Lifetime service award? This award has to go to the siblings – how they cope with having an ever so slightly nutty and occasionally bossy big sister never fails to amaze me!
3) High Point of the year? Probably Snowdon with my Year 7s, then watching them all grow up so much over this past half year. They are insanely cool. Other high points would be Paris in the Feb halfterm, getting back into writing and singing (even if it’s just babysteps for now) and dropping two dress sizes (forgive the shallowness of that last one!).
4) Low point of the year? Failing my driving test. Twice.
5) Holiday? Paris, February. Awesome. The brief sojourn to Lincoln in the summer was pretty groovy also!
6) Anthem for 2006? Can I have three, please? It’s a tie between ‘Smile’ by Lily Allen, ‘Pull Shapes’ by The Pipettes, and ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ by Muse.
7) Regret of the year? January.
8) Best Night out? Any night where I got to hang out with any or all of the gorgeous members of the “dirty dozen” – friends as cool as that make any night awesome. Love you guys! Honourable mention to the big night out with Jess and co in August, amazing to see you guys after so long, and the banter was wicked. 9) Worst Night out? Can’t recall any just now – I tend to stay in if I’m not in the mood and listen to music! Haha, I’m such a geek!
10) Drink of 2006? Water! As my Snowdon crew can tell you, a dehydrated Miss T gets ill quickly (sunshine + extreme heat + not enough water + walking for seven miles with a 50l rucksack in aforementioned heat + low blood pressure + odd blood sugar to start with = me, on knees, retching, blacking out, blinding headache and shakes. Sexy! And that was day one – aren’t y’all impressed I made it to day 5….and all I needed was extra water!). So yes, H2O wins!
11) Best gig of the year? *small voice* Take That, June, Manchester. Their first ever stadium and they ripped it up. Amazing, and yes, I screamed like a teenybopper!
12) Game of the year?? Tennis, played badly. Rummikub, played frequently.
13) Most embarrassing moment? I prefer to look at my years as embarassing moments woven into one long chain, personally!
14) Movie of the year? I don’t think I have one! Loved the hype for Snakes On A Plane though – mainly because of the awesome banter on the OTZ!
15) Book of the year? For me, ‘Captivating’. It truly made me think, and most Christian prose fails to do that!
16) Food of the year? I’m going to have to extend this to foods – cheese, broccoli, turkey salad mega pittas (weight loss tastic, almost looking forward to getting back to the healthkick in January), Zizzi’s crabmeat salad, Tesco value tortillas, Lindor, broccolli and the WHS dinner genius that is boiled ham, baked tatties and cauliflower cheese. Mmmmmmm (can you tell I haven’t had lunch and it’s 3?).
17) Girl of the year? All my fabulous girls – those I love, those I teach, those that make me laugh, those who pray for me, those who call me…
18) Colour of the year? The award for colour of the year 2006 goes to…Blue. Well done. (I’m with Ewen on this one!).

With love to you all,


PS 9 days!


  1. Cheryl
    17th December 2006 / 7:15 pm

    Sounds like busy year! And at least you got your regret out of the way early on…

  2. Anonymous
    18th December 2006 / 1:31 am

    2006 Anthem for me would probably be “Here it Goes Again” by OKGO … can’t get that darn song outta my head!!!

  3. Anonymous
    18th December 2006 / 5:13 am

    i’ve switched my blog a bit…click on the old link and you will find me…i want you to find me…this is a fun meme. i’m astounded with the way your wit and writing shines through all the answers.

  4. Anonymous
    18th December 2006 / 1:50 pm

    Loved your list!

  5. Scott
    18th December 2006 / 8:56 pm

    Loving the list. I always have to remember that water is my friend as well.Scott

  6. Anonymous
    19th December 2006 / 6:58 am

    Hello from Seattle.

  7. Shaz
    21st December 2006 / 8:16 am

    WATER is my best friend sounds like it should be yours to, your so funny. Cheers sweet xxx

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