Reflections and Ambitions.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve, everyone! 2006 is about to zip out of the door, and 2007 is about to waltz in from stage left (or stage right, you can decide, you’re directing the scene). Isn’t it crazy to think it’s almost 2007? I can still remember getting ready for the millennium, when the 1990s crashed into the 21st century, and now we’re in the thick of it. Some good times, some great friends, some bad times, some amazing opportunities, some challenges. And if you’d sat me down those 7 years ago and told me I’d be where I am, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But I sure am glad I’m here.

Most of the time, anyway!

So this is my ‘end of 2006’ post. The end of a year. The year I became a fully qualified teacher. The year I got rejected from the ‘X-factor’ (and ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?’) (and ‘Castaway’) . The year I renewed my love affair with Paris – the awesome city, not the awful person! The year I returned to full music geekery. The year I learnt how to horseride. The year I took (and failed, twice!) my driving test. The year I took up blogging with a passion. The year I shrank quite a bit. The year I did an awful lot of forgiving, a healthy whack of failing, a tonne of changing my mind and plenty of baking.

I set myself four targets for 2006, and I’ve done fair-to-good on them (certainly far better than I tend to do with such things!)…I wanted to qualify (Done! Whee! NQT no more!). I wanted to climb Snowdon (awesome fun – Ben Nevis, my sights are upon you!). I wanted to learn how to drive (this is the one I fudged up on….I mean, I learnt. I just can’t pass the test!). And I wanted to lose weight (roughly 30 pounds…pretty good, huh?). So all in all, I think the year’s gone pretty well.

But now we need to look to the future, wouldn’t you agree? So, without further ado and in no particular order, here are my ‘ambitions’ for 2007. Feel free to mock, laugh, and plagiarise at will!

1. I would like to pass my driving test. I find driving really, really hard, but much like Cher from Clueless, I am determined to master this skill!
2. I would like to lose more weight. The hardest part this year was not the actually weight losing (I love veg and water more than any sane person should, enjoy exercising, and have bags of nervous energy), but dealing with why I had gotten fat in the first place. Hiding behind yourself is a very cunning ploy, don’t you think? I was very secure in my role as the “fat and ugly” girl, and dragging myself out of this role will continue to be the hard part!
3. I would like to learn a musical instrument. The obvious option would be vocal training or going back to flute, but I’m feeling more and more drawn to bass or drums or piano or guitar at the moment.
4. I would like to become a better teacher. I love my job and I think I’m doing fairly pretty well at it, but I am aware that the better I get, the more the kids are going to benefit. I’d also like to start getting a grasp on what I want to do in the next few years – move up a rank or two? Try London? Try Scotland? Try going abroad? Stay private? Go primary?
5. I would like to get into running – I enjoyed it in high school, so come March/April, when it’s not so Baltic out there, I want to get my trainers on! I’m going to do the “Couch-to-5k plan” – it seems around my level ;-).
6. I would like to go to more gigs, and read more, and see more shows, and go to the cinema more, and take some dance classes.
7. I would like to do more kissing in 2007 (c’mon, the fates might be listening!).
8. I would like to see more of my friends in 2007 – the farflung thing makes it hard for many of us, but I intend to go vis’tin’ as much as I can, and am already looking forward to visits from Jess, Amber, Rachel and Jane, all in the first three months of the year. I anticipate much red wine and good chat! If anyone is ever in the south of England, I have a very comfy spare room for you and an award-winning garden for you to explore!
9. I want to stop buying chickflick DVDs. I like them, yes, but they are dominating my collection unfairly – I actually have pretty damn good taste in films, but you wouldn’t know it to look at my shelves. This year I want my dramas, thrillers, comedies and musicals to start fighting back because I love them too!
10. I want to get my finances in order. Dull, but necessary. I’ve been working on them for a year, and according to my budget, if I’m fairly good (no unexpected jaunts to America, Claire!) I should be looking OK financially by May, good by October and just gorgeous by the dawn of 2008. What a grown up ambition!
11. I want to make and swap even more mixes than I did this year! Viva music!
12. I want to keep up with the blogging – I have met so many cool people through my proper blog (and made a fair few people giggle on myspace!), and it has really helped my ‘real’ writing move up a level too.

So, there you have it, twelve (count ‘em!) ambitions. Will I succeed in any of them? Only one way to find out…..and it involves checking back next year.

But for 2006, this is me signing off. I am full of cold, but hoping against hope that I can make it out for my first Scottish Hogmanay in a while tomorrow! Thank you so much for reading and all the comments and emails this year. All that remains is for me to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Have an absolutely awesome one!

Love, as always,


  1. luvwannabefree25
    30th December 2006 / 10:24 pm

    Sounds like you are ready to move on to 2007! Me too! I’d wish I could help you with.. um.. I think it was resolution 6… the kisses.. hahaah….Don’t blame me.. I found you through my girl Outdoorsy!!Have a Happy one!!JD 😉

  2. cruisin-mom
    31st December 2006 / 3:36 am

    Claire, I hope you meet all of your goals…they are wonderful, and honest. I love the way you write and share about your life. I have no doubt you are an awesome teacher, too! Happy new year…here’s to 2007!

  3. Anonymous
    31st December 2006 / 5:17 pm

    Quite a full (and interesting) year indeed.For number 3, I’d go the guitar route. Guit-fiddling is always a noble pursuit.

  4. Anonymous
    1st January 2007 / 6:45 pm

    Lovely post. Good luck with the jogging. I have been doing it fro about 12 yrs now and it helps! Hope you meet all your goals, also love how you write from your heart.Happy new year to you and your loved ones!

  5. yrautca
    1st January 2007 / 7:10 pm

    Happy New Year.Congrats on a good 2006, and good luck on all your goal for 2007. Although I must say that you should have one ‘bad goal’ in there somewhere such as a prank on someone. And driving looks tough but once you get it, its like breathing, pretty easy.

  6. Anonymous
    1st January 2007 / 8:58 pm

    Happy new year, dear. I’m sending you lots of electronic kisses to start you out right, complete with electronic tongue incidentally. I hope you have a wonderful year and accomplish what you need to, if not all the things you want to.And speaking of the “fat and ugly” thing, I really wish you would change your profile. It doesn’t fit you at all. If you want, I’ll write it for you, but someone as lovely as you are shouldn’t be talking about how substandard you are in your profile. Sorry to rant, but it’s bugged me since I started hanging out in CMT land and discovered how cool you are.So there. Hugs to you from Minnesota.

  7. Chandra
    3rd January 2007 / 11:46 pm

    I have to say I agree with all 12 of your ambitions for the coming year….and I know exactly what you mean about the finances… I would LOVE to take a trip overseas but that would financally ruin me at this point. I wish money did grow on trees sometimes 🙂

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