Packing Up

How, how, how is it the end of winter break already? Where did all the time go? What happened to all the stuff I had planned? How can I be due in to school at 8.30 Monday?

I don’t understand.

Well, I do, I’ve been sick and stuck indoors for the best part of a week. Hence the whole time loss factor. But I still feel a little cheated – whole swathes of things just haven’t been done. People haven’t been seen. Calls haven’t been returned. And tomorrow afternoon I fly back to England.

Yep, back to black-lab-owning-Conservative-voting-Laura-Ashley-patterned Middle England. And while I’m looking forward to it a little, I’m kind of dreading it, which is odd. Usually by this point in the holiday I am so ready to get back to it, to see my kids, to see my friends, to get started on my eleventy million projects and things…what’s different this time?

Plus, now I have to pack. Lord, how I hate to pack. My room kind of looks as though it’s been assaulted right now – teeshirts and CDs and gifts and paper (always paper) and bras and spangly sparkly things are adorning more or less everything, including myself and the cat. It’s got to the ‘critical mass’ point (hence the break to blog!) – it’s either going to get better or it’s going to get much, much worse.

I’ll keep you posted.

I am also still not fully over this buggy thing, which is distressing. I haven’t been able to sing properly for almost three weeks (although some would argue 26 years….), which is driving me insane. I neeeed to get my sing on, and fast, or I think I may get quite down in the dumps about this. Cold, you need to leave!!

Feeling like this is not good for my soul. So I’m going to think of some things to look forward to – right now. Positive thinking is my crack, yo.

1. I’m going to go back to my wee flat – hurrah for proper deep baths, listening to music as loud as I wish, and backlogged mail (I have at least three gifts waiting, plus an amazon package. Woo!).

2. I’m going to see my kiddies! Yay! They may be crazy, but they’re mine!

3. Jean the overlord is going to come visit me this month. I can’t wait – she’s never been to where I am now, so I am anticipating much good chat and fun. Yay Jean!

4. TL and I can really get to work on ‘The Demon Headmaster’ – I am getting quite excited about the whole thing – it’s going to be crazy hard work but I think we could have quite a good show on our hands.

5. American Idol starts soon! And I should have a freeview box to watch it on.

6. We may be having a FameCon next weekend – and if I can convince Hoti he a) wants to let me crash at his; and b) he wants to come, I may just go. Drinking, gossip and bitchery, huzzah!

7. We are going to have takeout for supper (hey, I’ve got the blues, cut me some slack on the cheering-self-up front).

8. Mlle Wilson and I are due for a massive phone call. Call me, biatcha! I won’t pretend I have gossip, but I do have chat and banter ;-).

9. I’m going to see the RPO in a fortnight, and they are playing both the Enigma Variations and the Elgar ‘Cello Concerto. Classical high five!

10. A million little things…upcoming coffee with Fi and drinks with Sal….the copy of ‘Under The Banner of Heaven’ I ordered from amazon yesterday…a new year….seeing Emma dog and taking her for a walk….getting back to ‘my’ church…

I should be feeling happy now. I kind of am…I’m feeling happier, at least…..but I just feel a little wistful this evening and I’m not sure why.

Let’s blame the packing, shall we?

Have a great evening / day, all,



  1. Tom Bailey
    5th January 2007 / 8:35 pm

    I connected through another blog. You seem like you have quite a bit going on. Your blog is interesting.

  2. Shaz
    6th January 2007 / 6:24 pm

    Im giddy from your all you have happening, take care of you. Let me know if you figure out that wistful feeling 🙂 xoxo

  3. Anonymous
    8th January 2007 / 6:34 am

    I love to pack! I love to move… I love change!Yes, I know – I’m weird! What’s new about that?*sigh*

  4. Anonymous
    8th January 2007 / 4:18 pm

    I hope that you like Under the Banner of Heaven, it is pretty interesting stuff. Have a great trip back home and boo to the packing.Scott

  5. Anonymous
    9th January 2007 / 2:54 am

    I have never been good at packing. I don’t have a system. I need one. There is not much worse then being sick during your break. I hope you get better soon.

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