Singalong Sunday, 14 January 2007

Good evening, love monkeys! How are you all? Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. Well here I am, it’s just after 11, and I’m tucked up in my bed (sooooo comfy and toasty right now, people!) with my laptop, ready for the first singalong of 2007 and then a good night’s kip. Huzzah!

Why Don’t You Write Me? – Simon and Garfunkel

Hee. I love Simon and Garfunkel. I think it’s the harmonies, and also the fact that they feature in ‘The Graduate’, ‘Waynes World’ (or maybe ‘Waynes World 2’? Yeah, I think it would be 2), and ‘The Simpsons’, all of which I like.

Well, this has been a fun weekend. It didn’t get off to the most auspicious of starts – after a last minute meeting Friday (and a damn good rehearsal, I must say), I wound up spending most of my Friday night…

Lover, You Should Have Come Over – Jamie Cullum

OK, it’s not the far superior Buckley version. But this version has some merit, plus some personal nostalgia, so let’s just go with it, mmmkay?

So anyway, Friday night? I spent my whole evening reading up on the basic tenets and pillars of Islam, then compiling a huge introductory worksheet for our Y5s. Why the rush? I had to teach it Saturday morning! I love chaos.

Saturday morning school was Saturday morning school. It’s really bizarre, because “my” class, my wee folk, my children aren’t I on a Saturday, my whole attitude shifts. On Monday thru Friday I’m in by 8, 8.05 at the latest (and far too often, earlier than that), I’m on, I’m getting set up, I’m good to go. Saturday? I rocked up at 8.30 exactly. Can you tell I’m a little anti this whole thing?

Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks.

A song about a homicide (albeit a justifiable one). Man, I love country.

So yes, Saturday morning school. The RS lessons were find, good conversation as usual, and before I knew it, it was ten to one. An hour or so doing teacher nonsense and I was out of there. Tescos – home- bath- pack in a heck of a rush – jump on moped, and then I was on a train, bound for the big bad that is London. Why? A FameCon, baby!

El Tango de Roxanne – Ewan McGregor et al., Moulin Rouge OST

So, I get to Marylebone OK, and I get myself on the tube and I’m thinking “yeah, I’m fine, I can totally do the urban thing”, and I’m strutting a little (as people tend to do in cities, have you noticed? It’s not so doable in the country – perhaps due to potholes / cow pats / bucolic rollyness of hills?), I’m listening to my MP3 player, I’m good.

Right up until I got off a stop too soon to change trains. Looking for a line that doesn’t actually go to the station you’re in can make you look a little bit like a mental case. I do feel I know my way around Oxford Circus much better now though. Once I’d twigged what I’d done, back on the train I leapt, and in no time at all I was safely in Covent Garden. All I had to do now was find the pub!

Mary – Tori Amos.

I would love to be like Tori Amos. She’s just so cool and deep. However, I fear my devotion to ‘American Idol’ and ‘The X-factor’ would disqualify me from any such hipness. Quelle dommage!

After the usual Claire geography crap, found the venue, and there already were baggy, McClusky, and the Masticator & the Masticatrix…and soon we were joined by Neck, Canyon, earmuffs and cowfields. Darn, the ready made nicknames make this group so quick and easy to chat about!

Hound Dog – Elvis Presley.

Oh man. I’m loving the random juxtaposition.

So a fun night was had – pints and pints of Kronenbourg, some guy displaying builders’ bum, surly smoking girl, a copy of ‘Ys’ (thanks, Neck!), talking about the boards off the boards, taking photos of us all pretending to be Nicole Richie encountering a crisp, pictures of us all kissing / giving the rock salute / doing the finger guns, and a veritable feast of chat about celebs, books, movies, music, and anything and everything else.

Smile (live) – Lily Allen.

So the night wore on, and as eleven waltzed past and midnight started to approach, we disbanded (considering we met at 5ish, not bad going), and baggy, earmuffs and I headed to try and navigate our way back to Stockwell.

Call Me – Aretha Franklin

Hmmm. Communication seems to be a theme with my singalong songs ce soir.

Highlight of the tube journey was definitely our encountering a poster for ‘Bobby’. Naturally, we posed for pics, which I’ll post soonest – baggy……is distressed Sharon Stone. earmuffs… vaguely smiley Helen Hunt. I…… Demi Moore, looking slightly off, with the awesomely awful hair. I think we scared quite a few of our fellow travellers with that. I then scared the girls when we got to Stockwell by making them pose for a picture in front of the YMCA. Sorry guys, but it is a YMCA. Some things you just don’t question.

Mysteries of the Unexplained – Tanya Donnelly.

Back chez baggy, tea and pyjamas, plus randomly finding a ring she’d lost ages ago, and then it was time for bed after a couple of texts. I decided to read before I went to sleep (yeah, after several drinks, at almost two am), and did that thing where you’re trying to read but you’re almost nodding off.

I’ll blame the book – to those of you who recommended ‘Under The Banner of Heaven’, kudos. I’m two-thirds of the way through and really into it. It’s so well written, even when the narrative leaps temporally, it still keeps you in its thrall.

Monday, Monday – The Mamas and the Papas.

And today has been a lazy Sunday – fry up and ‘High School Musical’ and chat and watching awful TV (‘Robot Wars Extreme’ and wrestling. Yeah, really bad TV!) with baggy and earmuffs, then the journey home, then an evening of bath and chores and work.

And now another week’s about to kick off – I hope it’s a great one!



  1. Anonymous
    16th January 2007 / 12:05 am

    Why is it that even though I had a 3-day weekend, it only felt like a normal 2-day weekend? I hate that!!!Glad ya had fun in London (how couldn’t you?).

  2. Shaz
    16th January 2007 / 8:54 am

    sounds like you had a blast. xxx

  3. Gareth
    16th January 2007 / 2:03 pm

    Did you just call me a monkey!!! Oh wow, I’ve heard some insults in my time but that one takes the biscuit!! 😉

  4. Anonymous
    16th January 2007 / 7:13 pm

    I can always enjoy some Simon and Gar!

  5. Anonymous
    16th January 2007 / 7:22 pm

    i love london. i’ll get there…less than five months to go.

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