Lalalala, thank the frogs it’s Friday

Gorgeous folk,

I’m thinking this is going to be a bit of a ramble. It’s twenty past ten on a Thursday and I just feel beat – it’s been a week of compiling, comparing and formatting reports and target updates and I just feel like I never want to see another report template in my life. It’s the part of my job that reminds me why I’d never survive too long in the office life. Reports aren’t the worst thing in the world (despite what many say), and can oftentimes be useful, but…..writing and proofreading and filing them can be deathly dull.

However, I’ll no doubt be looking back on this epoch of paperwork as a true beacon of serenity, calm and fair weather when next week rolls around, because yes (you guessed it!) it’s parent-teacher meeting time again. Now, I like the parents of my pupils, I love the kids, and I’ve got loads of great news to impart…but….there’s always the potential for left field things (last time my top two fave randoms were the ten minute ramble about biscuits (?), and a five minute tirade about rugby) to jam the system somewhat.

So work’s been busy, but it’s all good. Social life has been pretty good also (in that all too rare free time), and I’m down to London for the weekend again (yay!). I’m staying with one of my favourite couples (the delectable Emma and Stu) and we’re going to go drink ridiculously monikered cocktails and go dancing. And then on Sunday Hoti and I are going to do one of our lunch things. I’m looking forward to it.

[Y’all. I’m so tired. But I figured I’d blog to say hi and hello there and let you all know I’m fine after church-gate. There are still a few after ripples but in the main I think it’s sorted. Hey, you never know, but I think the drama has at least subsided.]

So it’s been a hectic week, but a week with lots of fun and excitement, including a package from the US with five (count ‘em!) scarves made by the gorgeous Kimber – they are beautiful, fabulous and warm (that’s pretty much my recipe for the ideal man also, FWIW); a great dinner with Fi and Seb (with Angel Delight! Woo!); tickets booked for Brian Wilson (that sound you heard Tuesday morning? Was me squeeing); driving lessons sorted (hilarity soon to ensue, I’m sure); and my next trip home arranged (April in Forres, nothing like it :-)). On top of lessons, reports, sleep and trying to be a regular human bean, I’d say that’s pretty good.

And now, I’m going to finish watching skins and go to bed. Next time I’m going to post you a kenning written by my Set 3 (lower ability pupils represent!!) lovelies….once we’d got the rudiments sorted they decided they wanted to write one for me.

Have a fabulous day,


PS The George Clooney thing is quite bizarre. I eat all my lunches with the kids (trust me, getting 17 of them fed, watered and trained in basic table manners is quite a feat. I don’t jest when I call lunch a lesson!), and the top topic of conversation this week? Is my impending relationship, nuptials and offspring with Mr Clooney. C’est tres, tres bizarre – pinnacles of the chat this week include the decision that our children will, in fact be good looking (“Well, Miss, he’s fairly good looking and you’re very pretty…” Is it any wonder I love these kids to pieces? I did before the flattery, but now it’s unstoppable), and also, the boys questioning whether he is in fact worthy of their tutor. They’re mental, but my kids do crack me the heck up.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous
    2nd February 2007 / 1:59 pm

    “squeeing” is now my word of the day. Will call you later babes, am going home tonight, Mlle Wilson xx

  2. Scott
    2nd February 2007 / 4:54 pm

    Ummm I have Clooney’s grey hair going on.I’m just saying.

  3. angel, jr.
    2nd February 2007 / 9:34 pm

    Have a good weekend–you deserve it after this busy week!!!

  4. bee
    2nd February 2007 / 11:49 pm

    you should come TO CANADA. if it were me, i’d go to england and italy (i know they’re not close, but still…) but if you came to canada, we could meet – you, me, scott – everyone. i’ve missed you, sweetpea. you are one of my favouritest. i read all the entries i missed, i can’t wait to hear more.

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