A veritable feast of good things….

An A- Z of wonderful (or at least vaguely amusing) things….

In honour of half-term (or, as I like to refer to it, an opportunity to rest, bake, and do that pesky research for my professional development file….mmmm, levelling), which is almost done (*sniff*) here’s an alphabets worth of fabulosity (including far too many guilty pleasures, I’ll warn ya!). I started this and came back to it, so apologies for any random mood or tense changes!:

A is for adverts. No, not those adverts that really, really annoy you (you know, he ones that tell you they can get you out of debt, or that your hair is what’s holding you back, or Barry “Who?” Scott with his ridiculous Cillit Bang shouting). But the other ones – I think my current fave is actually the Clearblue one. “The greatest piece of technology you’ll ever pee on.” Genius. I also find the ad for ‘Hoodwinked’ far too amusing – it’s the tortoises trying to run that does it.

B is for books. I am currently getting back into reading in a big way (I think ignoring Tolstoy is helping…). Last week I read ‘The Three Day Rule’, ‘I Hate Other Peoples Kids’ and ‘March Hares and Monkeys Uncles’, and now I’ve just started ‘A Million Little Pieces’ (yeah, I know it’s semi-faked, but it’s amazingly well written). It’s so nice to be reading for fun again.

C is for cooking. I love to cook and I don’t always get the time. If you come visit me I’ll cook you something nice though. I’m most definitely a cook rather than a chef – my specialities are barbeque chicken, spaghetti bolognese and roast vegetable lasagne – fancy doesn’t really come into it. I make good cupcakes though!

D is for dancing. Another thing I love to do. I can’t wait till I next live in a city or a town, I really want to take lessons. For now it’s getting in, kicking off the heels, cranking up some cheese and throwing some shapes. Good, clean fun.

E is for emigration (potential). It’s something I’m looking into.

F is for fresh air. For the last few days I’ve had the time to go out romping in the fresh air each afternoon, and it’s reminded me what a bumpkin I am, how much I enjoy being out-of-doors. Yesterday I must have walked about 6 miles, listening to my MP3 player, looking at all the snowdrops peeping through in Whiteley’s wood, playing pooh-sticks in the stream. Lovely.

G is for (being a) grown up (allegedly). Not always good, but a blessing nonetheless. Remind me of this when a bill comes in!

H is for holiday (plans). I am (hopefully) heading to Canada in either August or October (EEEEEEE!). Both Scott and Bee have contributed couches to the cause (thanks, guys!) and I am getting pretty darn excited!

I is for ice cream. I haven’t had any in a while. But I really want some now…. Why do ice cream cravings always hit at five to ten, just as the shops close?

J is for jam. I have needed to buy some for three weeks. And yet every time I go to Tescos I forget. It’s still yummy though!

K is for kids TV. Much of it I detest…but I’m sort of developing a soft spot for Hi-5.

L is for London. I remember when I was at RAAS, London was an escape, a glamorous place where friends lived, a daytrip at half term. Then I moved back up to Forres and it was a world away, this much hyped place where you went for a holiday to catch a show or a gig or the enormous Topshop. Now it’s an hour away on the train, and contains some of my favourite people. I love getting down there – next ETA, late March.

M is for Myspace. And other sites like it. I love being able to be in contact with some many of my friends, and given the isolationist nature of my job (I have friends here, but most of my uni and school friends are at least an hour away, if not a country or a continent removed!) I love having a quick and easy way to keep up ith folk. I like knowing how babies, bands and the whole shebang is going with my gorgeous friends.

N is for nice. And dealing with the fact that I am nice. I’m kind and forgiving and warm. I’m just never going to cut it as mysterious or glamorous and exotic I guess…. And that’s OK.

O is for oranges. With Lent looming I am getting back into the healthkick once more. Cue lots and lots and lots of fruit and veg. Yum!

P is for pampering. On a budget! Later today I’m going to dye my hair…photos or a post of rage to follow J.

Q is for quiet. A major part of my life now, and a new thing for me. Years of siblings and boarding school and halls and flatmates, and now I live alone in the country. When I first got here the quiet kind of freaked me out, but now I like it…and I can isolate the little noises of the world around me – the breeze, the birdsong, the occasional scamper of a rabbit or a fox or a deer. Or perhaps a zombie!

R is for red wine. Alcohol is out for Lent (rerun!), so I’ve made sure to have a few glasses this week.

S is for snow, and snow days. Now it’s positively springlike here, but the snows of last week were fabulous. If there’s something more fun than refereeing a snowball fight between half a dozen wee ones, then coming in for hot chocolate and shortbread, I don’t think I’ve discovered it yet.

T is for Tilly and the Wall. I am just in love with this band at the moment. Their second album is just amazing and I’m going to see them live in two weeks – YES!!!!

U is for Ugly Betty. Loads of the shows I like (House, Doctor Who, Grey’s Anatomy, Buzzcocks) are on hiatus right now, and ‘Ugly Betty’ is one of the new shows I’m enjoying. It’s just really cute and funny, and funny comedy is always an awesome thing.

V is for verisimilitude. OK, so I was struggling for a V thing to extol. This was my favourite word during freshman Film Studies….to give the appearance of being real or true.

W is for work. I like my job. Yes, it feels like a posting sometimes (halfway there!), but the actual job I do enjoy. All that stuff they put in the teaching ads holds true for me – it is inspiring, and I do have to be creative, and no two days are alike, and there are all sorts of perks. As I’m currently writing yet more reports, that’s hard to focus on at all times, but I do love teaching.

X is for Xzibit. Oh man, how I love “X to the Z”. My fave ‘Pimp My Ride’ quote of recent eps has to be when he asked some guy “Are you Rick Astley?”. The man is a genius.

Y is for Youtube. It’s my crack, as many of you know. I could happily spend hours on there (which is why it’s probably best I don’t have internet at home right now). I’m especially loving some of the video blogs on there at the moment (check out those posted by stuartmoffatDOTcom if you want to sample some genuine Scots banter!).

Z is for Zzzzzzzz. Did I mention I love to sleep?

Night all!



  1. Hulles
    17th February 2007 / 7:44 pm

    cK and I were discussing you last night. Words like “adorable” were bandied about. We both think you are wonderful. And hot. Just FYI.I assume Clearblue is a pregnancy test?And you make me want to show up on your doorstep for dinner.I think you’re exotic. Nice people seem as rare as hen’s teeth sometimes.Gotta go; nice post. XO.

  2. Cheryl
    17th February 2007 / 11:08 pm

    I love guilty pleasures! And I love breaks too.

  3. Shaz
    17th February 2007 / 11:17 pm

    Sleep well Sweetness. I loved that.Canada OoHhhh I am way too jealous to comment. xx

  4. Photogirl
    18th February 2007 / 5:50 am

    I love books and ice cream too. In fact, reading a book while eating ice cream is pure heaven!!Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend Claire 🙂

  5. cK
    18th February 2007 / 4:15 pm

    Good list. I’m tempted to try my own now…but I’m easily influenced, so please don’t do dangerous things like car surfing or fire-eating.-cK

  6. Los
    18th February 2007 / 6:11 pm

    I love to cook as well – I usually don’t have time to do anything elaborate, but I’m really interested in learning how to make my own chinese food.

  7. bee
    18th February 2007 / 8:05 pm

    you rock my world. and i agree with hulles – nice does = exotic.

  8. Scott
    19th February 2007 / 1:48 pm

    Enjoy the break!!Love the list… the couch is being kept warm by Gordie for you.Scott

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