…I did a long and rambling post yesterday, full of chat and things, but then my computer ate it (hey, it’s a step up from the dog! ;-)). So instead you get me writing a little something something….oh hang on…what’s this? Aha, document recovered! It’s not even that good, but it is classic Claire randomness, so please enjoy:

Singalong Sunday, April 22nd.

Well, it has been a while….so I thought I’d roll out a singalong. I love how they always wend their own sweet way, and I haven’t really got a theme to write on, so a singalong sounds ideal, if you’ll indulge me?

My flat smells of Sunday evening…laundry drying and grass that’s been mown earlier in the day and the faint remnant whiff of cleaning products (who said Sunday was a day of rest?). And I’m very tired. Bodes well for the rest of the week, huh?


1. Call and Answer ~ Barenaked Ladies.

Oh great. So we start with a song that always makes me cry when I think about it…. Fantastic! Well, at least it’s a great song, it just always gets me right…there, especially at the lyric “I’m warning you / don’t ever do / those crazy messed up things that you do / If you ever do / I promise you / I’ll be the first to crucify you.” Brutal. The whole lyric is awesome actually, and I think anyone who’s ever been in love (real or unrequited) can connect with it.

Man, I love BNL.

So last night was babysitting for next door, which was a major blast from the past – I half expected to have some Modern Studies homework to be getting on with and needing to remember to watch the repeat of Dawson’s Creek! I’ve been babysitting for over ten years (no, not just in one big slot!), so it had the combination of making me feel very young and very old all at once. Next door are lovely though, and their daughter’s a poppet, so I hung out with her, got her scrubbed, tubbed and sleepytimed and then….well then it was me and the dogs, just hanging out.

2. Ball and Biscuit ~ The White Stripes.

The bassline on this song is filthy. That is all I have to say on this one.

So anyway, wee one went to bed and then it was 9.30 on a Saturday and I was in someone else’s house…TV and DVDs, anyone? I watched ‘The Holiday’ (better than I was expecting, but I empathised a bit too much with Kate Winslet’s character at points!), had a glass of wine, caught up on some ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, had a coffee watched some MTV…and it was still only half-one. They finally rocked up at three a.m……just before I nodded off over my book! I can stay up that late quite happily if I’m out, but on a comfy couch in a cosy house? Hard work, you guys!

3. Just When I Needed You Most ~ Dolly Parton & Alison Krauss.

Oh wow, this song is beautiful…the harmonies are just stellar in the choruses. Mmmmmm, harmonies.

So anyway, I was home by three-thirty, and the debt monkeys have been staved somewhat, I hope. Little by little, piece by piece.

4. On’s On ~ Missy Elliott.

Yay Missy! It’s wrong how much I love a lot of this woman’s oeuvre. I know she’s lippy and can be rude and swears up a blue storm, but my life the woman can put a track together. I love the layers in her tracks….she’s like the Phil Spector of hiphop, without the crazy hair and alleged murders, naturally.

Killing the debt monkeys is of course part of the work of the list, and we’re probably due an update on that right about now…70 things in five years, we better hope I’m on it! We’re a month in…let’s see what progress have I made on this list, shall we?


Number 5: I would like to take this blog to over 1,000 posts. Well, I’m blogging more regularly….but the 1,000 posts may take a while!

5. Superstar ~ Lauryn Hill.

Oh Lauryn. I still love you.

Number 15: I would like to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner. Oh man, this one is offering me such hilarity! At first I would wind up looking like a cross between a panda, a Fall Out Boy fan and an extra in A Clockwork Orange but it’s improving steadily!

Number 23: I would like to learn how to drive. Oh my, I am working so hard on this. Please send any good vibes you have…I find driving pretty difficult, but I would love to pass sometime this year!

Numbers 28 and 29: I would like to visit Toronto…and Montreal. In October and November of this year I should be visiting both. Thanks again, Scott and Bee!

6. Something’s Coming ~ from West Side Story.

Yay musicals…..

Number 38: I would like to be featured on a CD (singer / handclaps / lyricist / whatever!). Well my friends have a band (they’re really good actually. You should totally check them out!, and a shameless plug :-)), and if and when they cut an album I *might* get to feature in some way. Possibly. Maybe. Triangle? Body percussion? Who knows!

7. That’s What Friends Are For ~ Dionne Warwick and Friends.

Pure musical cheese. I wish I could have had a bar mitzvah (or rather, a bat mitzvah), just so I could play this and sway with my friends, a la Seth from the OC.

Number 41: I would like to have a poem published. My poems are ruuuussssty at the moment, y’all. But in a move to get this sorted, I’m going to set up a sister blog to this one (, fact fans!), just for poems and stuff…that way I can practice and get feedback without everyone having to laugh / endure my attempts at the most concise of written forms if that’s not their scene.

8. Northern Star ~ Hole.

Courtney Love has a pretty jacked up voice…but yet I like it. I’d much rather listen to an album of her than one song by Celine Dion. Aren’t human beings quirky?

Number 42: I would like to have really long hair (past elbows)…It’s now the longest it’s been since early on in Aberdeen… it’s getting there!

Number 47: I would like to sort out my finances. Babysitting? Trying to pay stuff off and save? Staying in more? Working for half of summer vacation? It’s a work in progress, but I am so on this one!

9. I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams ~ Weezer.

Oh my life in heaven. I love this song (it is especially fun to pogo along to while you put through a big photocopying job. Um, not that I’d know, of course…).

Number 68: I would like to beat P in a game of badminton. I think I did this over Easter break…but I can’t remember. Have just called S to confirm, but one may be done! Mmmm, list geekery.

10. Are You Ready For Love ? ~ Elton John.

“Are you ready for love? / Yes I am.”

If only it were that simple, right?

What a random post, I do apologise.

Hope your weekend has been divine, your week to come is fabulous, and that the desires and wishes of your hearts are on the way, even if they are taking a wee while.

Hee. I need to go to bed now.



  1. MyUtopia
    23rd April 2007 / 6:00 pm

    I love barenaked ladies!

  2. Christielli
    24th April 2007 / 2:59 am

    I always love your song list posts. 🙂

  3. Scott
    24th April 2007 / 2:26 pm

    Love your love of Canadian bands… perhaps when you are in Toronto we can go and find either Steve or Ed, I see them about town from time time.

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