An interview with cK.

So, one of the current crazes sweeping the blogosphere (well, the parts I read, anyhow) is to conduct interviews with people. Here’s how it works – someone sends you five questions, which you have to answer….then (in a My Name Is Earl, karmically linked type thing) you do the same for others.

Two bloggers whose blogs I am merrily addicted to started the ball rolling for me – and the first to send me questions was cK – do check out his blog, ‘Drama Mater’ if you’re up for a good read, peppered with wit, photos and ruminations on many things. Thanks for the ?s, cK….here we go:

From cK:

1. If you could suddenly be a medical expert, what sort of expert would you be?

What a delightfully left-field question. My initial urge would be to be a paediatrician – I love work with kids, and that way I’d be able to continue. But the attraction of something really high-falutin’ like brain surgery would be up there also. Or maybe psychology – I find the inner workings of people quite fascinating.

Or I could just be Greg House? Awesome.

2. You’re a musician (or a vocalist). You’re about to perform a show that’s very important for you. Where is it and what role do you play in this band?

Hmmmmm. Let’s say it’s at home in Forres – it’s my hometown, after all, and hometown gigs always have a certain resonance. For it to really pack a punch, let’s say all my friends are in attendance also (a good half to two-thirds of my closest friends have never, ever been to the town I hail from!). I’d be the singer, I guess, either backing or lead…it’s my most natural place in a band. Ideally I’d be backing someone truly phenomenal with lots of ad libs and handclaps, and we’d be playing a Forres gig as a favour to me – it’d be cool to take a big name home! Or maybe I’d be singing lead. I don’t know. I just love singing.

3. If you won a contest to remove one obnoxious tv personality from the airwaves (radio or tv), who would it be?

Oooooh, the temptation! And yet I’m struggling. Could I just get rid of Big Brother contestants entirely? Fan that I am of so many reality shows, I cannot stand that show. Or, oh, hang on….could I get rid of Ann Coulter? The woman peeves me no end, and always displays a lack of grace that is truly astounding!

4. What three other countries would you like to live in for at least six months?At the moment…

Canada, Chile, and Scotland!

5. Luge or bobsled?

Bobsled without a doubt, for two reasons – a)Luge = the crazy. I know, lets travel at up to 70 mph+ on what is, essentially, a souped up tea tray. And b) Cool Runnings, baby!

Thanks for the great questions, cK! Apologies for any errors within – it’s 7.30 a.m. here and I’ve been awake since three a.m. – have a chest/cold/flu bug thing, yuk. Pinks, I will get onto your questions v. soon, am looking forward to them.

So, who’d like some questions from me? Or would anyone else like to interview me? Go for your life, gorgeous folk!

Have an amazing day,


  1. Wiwille
    10th May 2007 / 1:06 pm

    Ah come one, luge sounds like fun.

  2. Miss Ash
    10th May 2007 / 1:38 pm

    Woo Woo get rid of Ann Coulter, she’s nuts!!! I’d love some questions.

  3. Reverend Sumangali Tania Pink
    10th May 2007 / 1:51 pm

    On behalf of the entire country – Canada welcomes you.And whats wrong with whipping around on a 70mph+ tea tray? Thats my preferred mode of transport to work these days ;)xxpinks

  4. Amber
    10th May 2007 / 2:23 pm

    Woohoo! Me, me! Pick me! As if I really have time to be spending on this project facing down two deadlines tomorrow, one interviewee not even contacted.And yet it’s irresistable.A

  5. cK
    10th May 2007 / 2:39 pm

    Thanks for playing, friend! Your answers are appreciated.The medical question interests me greatly right now (as does the tv/radio personality question). I asked my muse the med question and she said she’d want to be a medical examiner–you know, the person doing the autopsies and such. She chose that because she couldn’t make things worse! I hadn’t anticipated that at all.Happy days,-cK

  6. Photogirl
    10th May 2007 / 8:51 pm

    ooh! I’ll play this game! 🙂

  7. daisies
    10th May 2007 / 9:55 pm

    very fun read 🙂 and a good reminder to me that i owe a ton of people some questions (eep, better get on that!)if you come to canada, you must come this way 😉

  8. Los
    10th May 2007 / 11:35 pm

    I would get rid of Simon Cowell or Rosie O’Donnell … it’s a toss up!

  9. AlieMalie
    11th May 2007 / 12:29 am

    ooooh, i’ll take an interview.and might i say that i second the getting rid of Ann Coulter. actually, how about the entire Rupert Murdoch Faux News Empire? i was going to leave it to Fox News in general, but what the hell, might as well start at the top and work down, eh?as the Queen of Hearts would say, “Off with their heads!”

  10. Hulles
    11th May 2007 / 7:36 pm

    I enjoyed your answers a lot and I hope you feel better very soon and have a good weekend. And I think I would have picked the luge too, unless you were on my bobsled team.

  11. Cheryl
    11th May 2007 / 11:17 pm

    If you were House, you’d be much more pleasant though, right?If you are up in Canada, come visit the US too 🙂

  12. Princess Extraordinaire
    12th May 2007 / 12:07 am

    Fun to learn more about you!

  13. bee
    12th May 2007 / 5:41 pm

    i so want to be interviewed by you. these were hilarious. i cannot wait until you and i are blending margaritas in my kitchen together…

  14. Paul Champagne
    12th May 2007 / 5:50 pm

    I could just be Dr. House … my wife tells me I have the sarcasm down pat … the medical knowledge is another story

  15. Christielli
    14th May 2007 / 4:06 am

    Fun post! The only thing crazier than the luge is the skeleton where you’re going face first down the ice. Nuts!

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