Oh what a lovely weekend…

Things I’ve discovered recently…

I still don’t like Big Brother. I watched half an hour of the intro show last night and I just…don’t get it. Bizarrely, I quite enjoyed the ‘looking at the new house’ section, but as soon as they started putting the “housemates” in, I started getting (simultaneously, which is quite a feat) annoyed and bored. So I switched off, read my magazine, and watched the 10 p.m. edition of Ugly Betty instead. Much better.

Other things I’ve discovered (or re-discovered) recently? That belief is a changeable, personal thing. That pyjamas are worth obsessing about. That you’re never too old for a mild crush, no matter how random, or how unattainable the guy may be. That sometimes you need to re-assess things and look at them from a different perspective. That letters are fun. That having time to rest is one of the best things in the world :-).

This is a post of three parts. That was the thinky part….next is the meme part (thank you, Brettaliscious!)…and to conclude we will have some photos from the weekend’s debaucheries. Three-prong attack, three-line whip, a trio of delights, if you will.

1. Your ‘ex’ and You = so done, it’s not worth getting into.
2. I am listening to = Golden Smog’s version of ‘Starman’. It’s not half bad!
3. Maybe I should = get ready for the day….my summer boss (the one with the title, haha) is picking me up in an hour and a half and I am so not ready it’s untrue. Or maybe I should write some more reports. Or hoover. I always need to hoover.
4. I love = the people who inspire me and make me laugh.
6. I don’t understand = many, many things, including calculus, gears, and how to wire a plug.
7. I have lost my respect for = uber-fundamentalist religion.
8. I last ate = 10 seconds ago. It’s breakfast time!
9. The meaning of my display name is = Um…I live in the country and I’m called Claire?
10. God = up there somewhere, not really fussed by which name we call him (of course, YMMV).
11. Someday = I’ll get my wish. And all the wishes I wish for others will come true also.
12. I will always = sing. Sorry, guys 😉
13. Love seems to be = elusive.
14. I never ever want to lose = my marbles.
15. My myspace is = a lovely way to keep in touch with people, a way to check out new bands / follow bands I like, pretty darn amusing.
17. I get annoyed when = I screw things up.
18. Parties = are fun with the right crowd.
20. Simple Kisses = oh, yes please.
21. Today I = want to do well at the meeting, and finish at least 50 of my reports.(Note – posting this (finally) at 8 p.m., I’m 43 down!)
22. I wish = I was braver and more confident.

01. is your hair wet?: Not yet. Give me ten minutes.
02. is your cell phone right by you?: No.
03. do you miss someone? Too early to miss people!
04. are you wearing chapstick? No
05. are you tired? Nope, had an awesome sleep :-).
06. are you wearing pajamas? Yes! How did you know?
08. are you mad? Angry? Only a little. Crazy? Like a fox, baby!
09. are you upset? No.

01. recently done anything you regret? Watched half-an-hour of Big Brother.
02. ever lied? Yep.
03. ever stuck gum under a desk? Ew, no.
04. ever kicked someone? Only in a play fight. We were all about the ninjas in Y10.
05. ever smashed someones face in? Nope. Can you really see me doing that?

01. have you cursed? No.
02. have you gotten mad at someone? No.

Q: is there a person who is on your mind right now? More so, since you asked me if I was missing someone a few questions back!
Q: do you have any siblings? Little sister and brother. They are the coolness.
Q: do you want children? One day, sure. The comedy would be worth the pain and stress, I’m sure.
Q: do you smile often? Oh yes.
Q: do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? Nope.
Q: do you like your handwriting? It’s….odd.
Q: are your toenails painted? Pretty much always.
Q: are you a friendly person? Yes, I think so.
Q: who’s bed other than yours do you sleep in? Anyone’s! I will sleep anywhere, haha.
Q: what color shirt are you wearing? Pink and white.
Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday? Walking home from school, through a field full of bulls. “Fun”.
Q: I can’t wait to: finish my reports / be able to drive / go home for summer / go to see Brian Wilson / go to Canada.


And now, the weekend pics:

OK, Saturday daytime, not the evening, but I loved this restaurants name!

A plastic bottle of Merlot? Hey, Banana’s excited! As was I! Hey, it had been a long half term…

The adorable Li and Banana. Lovely laydeez!

Number 151 in the book of cheesey Saturday poses, anyone?

I like wine. And have the rosiest cheeks in Christendom, oh my.

Banana may, just may, be out for your soul…

Even after a few glasses of wine (hic!), I’m loving how my posture is still kicking butt! Hahaha, books on the head!

The red wine, he is all gone. Fare thee well, old friend!

Mmmmmmm. Snackables. Very few of which were eaten, but they sure were fun to pose with!

Would the skankiest club EVAH deserve it’s name without flyers for strippers? Dude. With my accent and general poshness, I’m amazed I survived the evening in there!

Et voila, j’ai fini! What a post…what a weekend! Thanks again girls!

Love and wonderfulness to you all,



  1. Wiwille
    31st May 2007 / 7:53 pm

    I’ve never seen big brother. Pretty proud of that actually.

  2. Cheryl
    31st May 2007 / 10:20 pm

    I can’t balance a book on my head when I am sober. I’m impressed…

  3. Photogirl
    31st May 2007 / 10:38 pm

    haha. fun photos! I just ‘facebooked’ ya 🙂

  4. Christielli
    1st June 2007 / 3:35 am

    lol Fun post. I love the pictures. Red wine in a plastic bottle, eh? That crazeeeee!I don’t get Big Brother either. The Australian version is epseically crazy too.Ugly Betty is a good show.

  5. whatigotsofar
    1st June 2007 / 11:41 am

    Two young ladies with a jug of vino, nice.

  6. Wiwille
    1st June 2007 / 2:22 pm

    Oh and girls posing with candy is kind of sexy!

  7. MyUtopia
    1st June 2007 / 4:52 pm

    Great meme. From the pictures it looks like you all had a blast!

  8. daisies
    2nd June 2007 / 12:40 am

    okay … that just looked like waaaaay too much fun 😉 xox

  9. cK
    11th June 2007 / 4:51 pm

    Just now catching up on some entries and have to say these photos rock! Also, I didn’t know merlot was sold in those bottles. Twould be convenient (though they look too functional to be accepted in the US).-cK

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