An actual post :-)

Man oh man oh man, I’m tired. I’m not complaining…but I am tired!

Things here are busy, the plate is full (as ever), but on the whole, life’s pretty good. Work is as hectic as ever (in the next ten days alone I’ve got an open morning, reports due, a parents’ evening and a whole school assembly), the friends are keeping me busy, journeys and travels are afoot, the gym is proving hilarious, and church is a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands on top…

As I type it’s half ten Tuesday, and I am curled up and cosy in front of the telly, watching ‘Bringing Up Baby’ (OMG, I like shows like this far too much. They are genius for picking up tips and anecdotes) and enjoying an icy Corona. Mmm, limey beer. It’s been another busy day at work (8 – 7, the usual Tuesday hilarity), then I had a ladies group meeting. Can’t complain about that though – good chat and cake I always a good thing! Got in at nine fifty, took a good look at the marking pile, thought better of it, and decided to chill instead. This term I am determined to make time to relax this term…no matter what!

In two weeks…I’ll be a couple of sleeps away from Canada. Oh man, I’m excited! After the everyday mania of life here, having time to relax, sightsee and experience an amazing new country will be amazing! I’m also very excited to meet Bee, Scott, Christy, Alexandra and Ash…if anyone else is from Toronto or Montreal, please do drop me a line – I’m looking to get a natives eye view!

Isn’t it funny how music can make you react and look at you view a band or act? Hard-Fi’s latest single is really just confirming for me why I dislike that band – it’s trite, smug and dull (hmmm, rather like their lead singer’s persona – he may be a lovely bloke in reality, but in interviews? Gah). Whereas Mika’s new song…I kind of love. He’s growing on me, in his quirky pop style (rather than growing on me in any other way!).

I’m watching the season finale of ‘Skins’ as I wrap this up. I enjoyed it the first time round too…it’s a bit out there, but I liked this show. Random ending though, but as it ended well for my fave characters, I’m content. Quote of the show though? Nothing racey, just the comedy gold that is: “I’m moving to Elgin. It’s in Scotland and everyone’s happy.”

Love it.

How are you guys?


  1. Princess Extraordinaire
    10th October 2007 / 1:17 pm

    I am glad you’re goign to go on holidaty soon – that soud snice – same ‘ol happening here at the Princess’s Pad….hope that you continue to stay happy!

  2. Miss Ash
    10th October 2007 / 4:02 pm

    The gym is proving hilarious…I love it!!! See you soon!

  3. Scott
    11th October 2007 / 3:29 am

    Looking forward to showing you around! I find Hard Fi pretty dull myself.What are you gonna do?

  4. daisies
    11th October 2007 / 5:32 pm

    🙂 i can’t believe you are going to be in my country ~ too bad you aren’t coming out west!! you are going to have so much fun : ) xox

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