Autumn days and the grass is jewelled…

What is it about autumn? I swear, in a past life I must have been a hedgehog, or a squirrel, or a bear, such is my propensity to hibernate! It gets cold and suddenly I am all about the cosiness, the cups of tea (ah, sweet nourishing tea), the soup and crusty bread. I actively struggle to stir my stumps in the morning also – as much as I like getting up and at ‘em, there’s something about a snuggly bed on a cold morning – who wants to move?

We had ice for the first time this year this morning (ice on my windshield! New experience!). I cannot tell you how fun it was to travel in by car rather than moped (wearing the prerequisite eleven million layers of clothing!). The more I drive, the less I can believe I got on for two years without four wheels. I do miss my wee yellow bumblebee though – it’s a real shame she got smashed to smithereens. The nightmares come back at the oddest times, but in the main…

So the end of half-term is galloping towards us here – thank heavens! The children are unbelievably tired at the moment, we are having ‘bubbles and blubs’ left, right, and centre! They are full of beans for our assembly next week though – I hope they do well, wee bunch of stars that they are.

In between prepping for parents’ evening and the assembly, I am cobbling together stuff for Canada. I am so excited to see Montreal and Toronto, and I’ll even get to meet some of you good folk :-D. Good times, j’espere!

In other news, the present accruing (is that even a word?) continues – my little stockpile of Christmas gifts is growing and growing, huzzah! I love giving gifts, and having a look around to find something that will really make someone smile…my favourite advert on telly at the mo (apart from the drumming gorilla/monkey!) is the Argos one though – a woman is leafing through a catalogue looking for gifts and her neighbour is practising Christmas songs next door. She bangs on the door and declares “It’s only October!”. Hahahahahahaha.

So, parents evening tomorrow (mmm, five hours of fun), London on Saturday, assembly on Wednesday, Canada on Thursday (one week! Yay!). Then a break before the utter MANIA of November and December.

Love it.

Have a wonderful day etc., all!



  1. AlieMalie
    18th October 2007 / 7:25 pm

    ice?! i’m jealous. it’s still summer weather here in texass. will be nice when whomever controls the thermostat around here finally remembers to flip on the autumn. looking forward to NEXT WEEK. OH MY GOD. eek!

  2. JLee
    19th October 2007 / 9:30 pm

    I always get a little melancholy when the weather starts turning cool, even though I welcome it. It’s still fairly warm here, but it won’t be long!

  3. daisies
    23rd October 2007 / 10:12 pm

    no ice here yet but its coming : ) hugs!!

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