I haven’t posted in a week or so (maybe two…)…and for that I apologise. There has been so much going on, I really haven’t had more than a spare half hour here or there…

Canada was truly amazing, the ideal kind of holiday – great experiences, great people, top banter, and memories to cherish. Then it was back to work with a bang (nae jetlag though, are you impressed?), and all the usual whirl. Lots of fun social stuff too – girlie drinks. McDs runs with Quirky Kirky, and plans aplenty for the upcoming season of fun. The play I’m co-directing here is looming also, and if you’re of a theatrical bent, you will be all too aware of what that entails!

November and December really are my favourite months – they are manic, but in such a cool way! The kiddies are poised for all the Christmas mania, as am I. The music collection has been sorted, gifts are being bought and wrapped, the decorations have been plucked from the cupboard of doom. I’m also looking forward to the birthday gauntlet at the start of December (in ten days there’s Hils, Rachel, Naomi, Nadine, and me…awesome) and lots of entertaining. Every weekend now has something in it – a party, a dinner, a pub crawl, Karmageddon….it’s all awesome.

So I’m good, but busy. More soon (Hannah Banana will be here at the weekend, so banter will ensue, no doubt), I just wanted to prove I was still here!

Love & good things!


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