Easy like Sunday morning…Sunday Singalong 6/1/08.

Ah, don’t you just love the Sunday morning Hollyoaks omnibus? I am slouched on the couch, I’ve just done some more paperwork (bane of my very existence!), and now it’s time for a brief update. I *am* going to get back into updating regularly! It’s just with no net at home, it’s a case of writing then uploading as and when I can…but I’m working on getting a connection at home again, so then I’ll be a total ubergeek. Yeah, like I get enough free time for that!

So here we are – 2008! I’ve got a feeling that this year’s going to be a busy one. What have you guys got planned? I really enjoyed 2007, all things considered, and hope I can say the same at the end of 2008. 2007 was one of the most random years of my life, but in a really nice way.

Right, let’s revive an old format, shall we?

It’s time to singalong!

1. Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong – Arctic Monkeys.

It’s dawning on me more and more. As uncool as it may be to like them, I do really like the Arctic Monkeys, and the Kaiser Chiefs, whatever the scenesters might make of them. I just like really rocky bands with lots of guitar based goodness (hello also Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro) – and I hope I get to see some of them live this year. I do want to get to more gigs, I always have a blast when I do, but sometimes I’m so knackered from teaching etc, it feels like a bit of an effort! And it really shouldn’t. As I vow at the start of every term, my job is just that – a job. Not the be all and end all! Remind me of that in a month and a half once I’m buried under a mountain of reports and assessments….

2. Beautiful – Carole King.

Oh, this is such a lovely song, and it’s from one of my favourite albums. I’m also jealous of the lyrics “I got nothing much to do, but watch the passers-by”…I love days like that. One of my favourite things when I take the train to London or wherever, is watching the people on my carriage, or the people we pass by, and imagine who they are and what they do, and where they’re going and how they are. I love making up tales in my head. I also love the things you catch, the tiny moments and fragments of life you’re party to when no-one knows you’re watching for that brief gap in time…

3. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane.

This song reminds me of two completely different occasions, several years apart. The whole ‘Hopes and Fears’ album reminds me of my time at Q, and particularly driving around in Storrsie’s wee car on our days off, eager to be out and away and doing something other than watching over our charges. It also reminds me of a party last year, where a bunch of us gathered round the piano for a singalong (haha, how country are we?), until it was just Gareth playing and me singing, working through the Keane songbook. If I recall correctly, I had to sing my little socks off – it was the evening of K5 and I’d been accosting people to hug them all day…

4. Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon) – The Mamas and the Papas.

Hehe. This particular run of music is many things, but hip it is not! I quite like having an eclectic taste in music though…I guess it’s because I like to just go with exactly what I like, what I connect to – I’m as happy listening to Steps as I am to Tilly and the Wall as I am to Brian Wilson as I am to Make Model. I just love feeling that live connection to what a musician has created. Music is powerful like that, don’t you think? Once term kicks in, I’m totally going to make some new mix CDs (bids?)…

5. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart.

Hoo yeah, I am breaking out the classical music! I do love classical music (although I’m a total populist…I like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Elgar…the big boys!). We are very lucky that our local theatre is one of the home bases of the RPO – Janet and Bob took me to see Beethoven’s 9th, I took them to see Elgar’s Enigma Variations and Cello Concerto (so so SO good – I literally almost cried it was so beautiful!), and next month I think we’re going to see Carmina Burana (I think that’s the weekend after I’m going to see Make Model – contrast is a fabulous thing!)…

6. Concrete Schoolyard – Jurassic 5.

OMFG. I lurve this song! Jurassic 5 are probably one of my favourite hiphop/rap acts (although Lupe Fiasco is totally growing on me also), and this is just a slice of 90s rap genius. I just love the whole attitude – leaving a lot of the BS at the door and just breaking out some amazing rhymes over a great bassline and piano track. No matter what mood I’m in, this song cheers me up, I just remember walking around listening to my CD walkman (retro!!) and bopping my head as I walked to go babysitting, or waitress, or get to class. Good times…

7. For Once In My Life – Frank Sinatra.

Ah, the chairman of the board! Unlike many people, I came exceptionally late to the Frank party. My parents never listened to him, and I grew up so distant from my grandparents, aunts and uncles they had no sway whatsoever in the bigger things, let alone musical development! I believe I first got into Frank at uni – I had to do a song for a concert that he’d done a version of (‘Someone To Watch Over Me’), and I developed a bit of a musical crush…

8. Enid – Barenaked Ladies

Yay Canada! I love this band…I love the humour and intellect in their lyrics, set against some pretty awesome melodies. I just wish they toured over here more, but I guess they don’t have the fanbase over here that they command in North America. Here they’ve only had one major hit (‘One Week’), which was a bit gimmicky, so friends are always taken aback when I play them of their other songs (‘What A Good Boy’ is heartbreaking…have you heard it? ‘Call and Answer’? ‘Pinch Me?’). Hahaha, this post is turning into a musical geek fest! It may well end with me loading you down with CDs to listen to before you go…

9. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World.

Oh man, oh man. One of the most uplifting songs I know. It’s just perfect for bouncing around your room to when you’ve had a bad day, or a letdown, or a breakup, or a heartbump, or just a bit of a low one. Lots of guitars, sweet-as lyrics, and an actual ‘woo!’. That’s like a recipe for musical perkiness. And y’all know how I like to keep it perky!

10. Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood.

Yes, I own the disc of the American Idol winner who sang ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel’. What of it? Do you know what, it was a gift, and I kind of love it – there are some great songs on it, including this one. What’s more awesomely country than a song about trashing your lover’s ‘pretty little souped up four wheel drive’ because he’s fooling around with a trampy skank who likes singing Shania Twain karaoke (badly)? If this guilty pleasure is wrong, hells, I don’t want to be right…

So there we have it, the first singalong of 2008, and the most musical one in a while. More bloggy stuff soon!



  1. Siobhan
    6th January 2008 / 4:11 pm

    Good sing a long – particulalry the J5. I may need to dig that album out now and put it on ym MP3 player…

  2. Miss Ash
    7th January 2008 / 5:07 pm

    Oh I love that Keane song. I had tickets to go and see them and then the singer went into rehab…bastard!!

  3. Pink
    7th January 2008 / 6:43 pm

    I like “If I Had A Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies” too…a classic!You might like the Electric Worms. I particularly like “History is full of Stupid People.”Yay 2008xxpinks

  4. Cheryl
    8th January 2008 / 1:29 am

    Nice! And what’s wrong with Kaiser Chiefs? They are fun.

  5. Scott
    8th January 2008 / 4:47 pm

    Goota love J5!!

  6. Christielli
    9th January 2008 / 5:00 am

    I’ve also been digging before he cheats as of late… There. I admitted it too.Yay for the return of Sunday singalongs!

  7. Miladysa
    14th January 2008 / 6:27 pm

    lol – I’m singing! 🙂

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