Late night radio.

It’s 11.30 Thursday here, and I am (finally) tucked up in bed, listening to the radio and having a drink, in from the cold. I managed to bash my car into our gate today (trying to avoid my landlord B, who was fiddling with aforementioned gate) – at the end of the day it was only a broken hubcap, punctured tyre and a dent, but still meant lots of waiting around for a lovely bloke from the RAC.

Yes, I can’t change a tyre. Or wire a plug, for that matter. Or install many things onto computers. Guess whose dad is a mechanic / computer geek?

Anyhoo, Lord bless the RAC and their mad car fixing skillz. I called them at 8.30 and we were all done and dusted by 11.30 (I explained to the nice girl at the call centre that I was not a priority – waiting in the warm at home is a world away from being some poor soul on the hard shoulder). So apart from putting the ixsnay on my planned early night and requiring me to buy a new tyre, it’s all good. I watched some Idol (I’m not really that into this season, I must say), played text tennis, made some cakes (see, that skill I do have!), and generally tried not to fall asleep…

Life here is going along at the usual frenetic pace, with occasional pockets of calm. Oh, how I love the pockets of calm. I am working hard, and I’m playing hard too – spending lots of time with some marvellous folk. They litter my life with warm memories, good times, hugs, love and hope for things to come. I am truly blessed. I’ve got plans and thoughts and hopes and dreams, and on the whole, I’m feeling pretty content with my lot, a fair amount of the time (always a hard thing for me to say). Life ain’t perfect, but it’s comfy and fun for the most part!

Sure there are things I’d like that I don’t have: I’d like a slightly different role at work (I feel a new challenge would do me good). I’d like to be 6 months on with my healthkick (although seeing how my body is changing is starting to hit the cool stage – my most evil (and fabulous) gym instructor, Becky, was even giving me snaps in class today on my “improved figure”). I would really like to have someone to have adventures and banter and kisses and romance with. I’d like more time to write, and more time to sing. I’d like to have more time with my friends.

No doubt if I had all those things, I’d think of new stuff to desire (I would really like some kissing on the schedule, however ;-)).

So for now I’ll sit here in the warm, listening to late night radio and pondering fun to come, and just be (to quote Paula Abdul). This weekend has fun in store (it’s a school show Friday, then Italian with the girls; Saturday is work, gym, and DJing for our school ball; Sunday is undecided so far…). Next week we have three days of school (including a concert, an open morning, a trip, a whole school assembly, a final assembly, and a twelve noon finish on the Wednesday). Then it’s roadtrips and fun – GGF in Nottingham, then (hopefully) Leeds, Kilmarnock, Glasgow, St Andrew’s, Forres for a week; then Edinburgh, York, back for Sophie’s wedding (my first hog roast!), then a week of “wow, time to do stuff like paint walls, put up shelves, and go to IKEA”, and finally some cheerleading at the London Marathon (go, Steve!). I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again… I love the Easter break.

Right, big day tomorrow. Bed beckons.
Love and blessings,


  1. Scott
    14th March 2008 / 6:26 pm

    You gotta learn to change a Tyre, it is an every person skill!I would love to do a music exchange, perhaps when I get back from my trip?Scott

  2. Pink
    14th March 2008 / 11:21 pm

    Sounds like a nice nite. I agree. Kissing makes it better. Hope you find some hot lips soon ;)xxpinks

  3. ruby
    16th March 2008 / 6:01 pm

    i’m not really into AI this year either….it’s just not as good. i keep hoping it will get better..

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