Singalong Sunday, 20th April 2008

1. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys

Oh my sweet badger in heaven. I am so tired as I write this post! This weekend was meant to be fairly lowkey, but instead all sorts of fun and games cropped up (all welcome, I hasten to add), and I find myself typing this on Sunday evening in my pyjamas far too early for a twentysomething, and a very tired country mouse! I thought, as I’ve got all sorts of bits and bobs floating around my head, I’d do a “singalong” post. It has been a while. Newer readers (hello, how are you? Love your shoes!), this series means what follows is just a rambletastic post, where as I think out loud and process those thoughts to my keyboard, I also relate which track I’m listening to. Enjoy!

2. Teardrop – Massive Attack

Yesterday morning was Saturday morning school, as usual for term time. My body is finding it a little difficult to adjust to full-on six day weeks after the lull of bliss that was Easter break, so yesterday I arrived at 8.20 rather than my usual start time of 7.40! Nonetheless, classes were fine, meetings were dull, marking was done, chat was had. By 3 I was done and ready to head off for some lunch and onwards. I popped home, grabbed some food, and set off for Bracknell in my wee green car.

3. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word – Elton John

It turns out that finding Bracknell is really, really easy. Finding The Downshire Arms, where I was meeting my friends, was far more difficult! But eventually I got there, and met the lovely Siobhan (she was looking foxy, my friends. Great outfit!), the amazing Elliot (one of the funniest and most charming men I know, and I know some treasures) and Tim. Tim is awesome! But I only learnt this yesterday – he and I had been in the same circle as one another for a fair while, without ever actually meeting each other….so we were mutually excited to finally meet the (in)famous Tim / the (in)famous Claire. Luckily, we hit it off, and within three minutes we were all chatting about cartoons, kink and mermen.

4. Pull Shapes – The Pipettes

But why were we in Bracknell? It’s an hour from me, and an hour from London, where the others live. Why traipse all that way, I hear you ponder? Well, the gorgeous Jo was in a production of Oliver! at the theatre space she works in, so we were the cheer squad for her last performance. After the others finished their meals, Elliot, Tim, Siobhan and I piled into little green car and headed to the Arts Centre. After a random-as journey including a “stop on a sixpence” on a true roundabout of doom (it had a road going through the roundabout???) we arrived, and sat in the bar chatting about sixth form, promiscuity equations and situations only certain friends can mock you for. I love the conversations I have with my friends.

5. We Will Rock You – Queen

And then, to the show. It was a marvellous production, and I was hugely impressed by it. I also showcased my ability to be a tad silly when I got a run of the giggles during one scene, because I kept on finding innuendoes. Whoops!

6. Through The Barricades – Spandau Ballet

(I have this song? Really?) Anyways, the show finished, and Jo invited Elliot, Siobhan, Tim and I to the last night party. It was a riot! Great band doing covers, fun dancing, and the awesomeness that was the ten-year-old child who nabbed Tim’s top hat and became ‘Top Hat Boy’. Originally Siobhan and Tim were due on trains, but we decided pretty early on that we’d just all head back to mine, and be able to enjoy the party. So we did. At about half-one Siobhan, Tim and I headed back to the deep dark country…we got back here about 3!

7. Robin and Marian – Nickel Creek

We drank some mugs of tea and I gave the mini-tour, and Siobhan went to bed soon after. Tim and I? Sat up chatting and goofing around and being silly and watching South Park and generally behaving in that pretty awesome way you sometimes don’t do enough of in your adult life. I think after hearing so much about one another we were always going to have a good old chat when we finally met. Not much sleep was to be had – how can you sleep when there’s chat of Chap Olympics and transferable skills to be had? 🙂

8. Patience – Take That

So before we knew it, it was 9, and time to get up and at ‘em. I dropped Siobhan off at the train station and took Tim home. Tim lives, like, three-quarters of an hour from me, but I felt bad for him having to wait around – Siobhan’s train went direct to Londinium, but Tim’s involved changes and waits and boredom. So into the car we went. I was rewarded for my kindness with a cup of tea, and an episode of Hollyoaks (my fave guilty pleasure programme), and a really good chat about Hollyoaks with Tim and his mother and sister. I love meeting other people who share my passion for Britain’s cheesiest soap!

9. Easy Silence – Dixie Chicks

Then, back into the car, and a whiz across a county to meet Fi, Hayley and Rach for lunch. I was so tired and hungry (I hadn’t eaten in about 24 hours and had had little to no sleep), but ended up having a nice time, with lots of girly chat and good things. Then into school, then home for bath time. And now I’m here, determined to finish this post and phone Nai and change my bedsheets and do some laundry before I stop and sleep, even though my whole body is just crying out for rest and my eyes are drooping more with each passing sentence.

10. Go or Go Ahead – Rufus Wainwright

So that was my weekend. How was yours?



  1. Alice
    21st April 2008 / 8:27 pm

    my gosh, that POST made me tired. i had a similarly fun / relaxing / silly weekend, involving late nights with movies and video games, but far less driving on my part 🙂

  2. Simply Scarlet
    21st April 2008 / 8:55 pm

    It’s good to know I wasn’t the only adult goofing around and acting silly over the weekend. :)I’m glad you and Tim had some fun times, and that you also enjoyed “a girly chat.” What a great way to spend your time off!

  3. Riot Kitty
    22nd April 2008 / 2:05 am

    My weekend was exhausting but fun – dad and little bro visited. I will post pics on my blog because they are so adorable!

  4. Anonymous
    22nd April 2008 / 8:08 am

    You dont have to publish this comment hon, just wanted to say, have you noticed how EXACTLY appropriate each song is that came on, to what you are talking about…. the spooky telepathy of the shuffle!!!! am mighty impressed. and glad you changed the sheets lol Mlle Wilson

  5. Wiwille
    22nd April 2008 / 3:04 pm

    Mine was good. Played a golf tournament where I sucked it up. Visited my godchild and spoiled her and her siblings rotten. Went motorcycle shopping, etc.

  6. JLee
    22nd April 2008 / 5:12 pm

    “Teardrop” is one of my favorite songs! Love it. Well, I guess if you read my blog you have an idea about my weekend. lolI’m with wiwille from the last post on the “wee” thing. I love when you say that! ha

  7. Cheryl
    22nd April 2008 / 8:50 pm

    what an awesome post! Love it.

  8. Mattbear
    22nd April 2008 / 11:45 pm

    >cartoons, kink and mermen.These three things simply should not be in a single sentence together.Two of them, ok. But all three is just wrong.

  9. 2 Dollar Productions
    23rd April 2008 / 1:29 pm

    My weekend was excellent, but I didn’t set it to music. Ha. I like this format as I often write when putting my Ipod on shuffle, which somehow helps focus my thoughts. Anyway, if you can talk about mermen with someone you just met, then you’re ahead of the game.

  10. Miss Ash
    23rd April 2008 / 2:50 pm

    You had quite a busy weekend! I cleaned out the basement, had dinner with friends and read a lot. Can you tell i’m getting old :)PS love that massive attack song

  11. RennyBA
    23rd April 2008 / 7:01 pm

    Great songs – good music taste!My weekend: I was visiting the new Opera House in Oslo, Norway and will post about it later 🙂

  12. mermaid musings
    25th April 2008 / 4:09 pm

    this is good and I am almost about to borrow your idea 😉

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