Because I don’t write about it often enough.

Whisper it.

Don’t tell anyone (especially not my bosses!).

Keep it strictly on the QT.

How do I say this?

I love my job.

Now, I’m not crazy. There are elements of my job that, like any other job, are poo and dull and stressful. Just ask me any time I’m writing reports at 3 am, or doing a 40 minute breaktime supervision in the cold wet winter months, or pretty much anytime I’m in a situation involving urine, vomit, or crying children. I also find a lot of the bureaucracy tiring, and I don’t think I’ll ever claim to like the paperwork.


The actual ins and outs, the day to day stuff? I really enjoy. Even though it’s tiring and unglamourous and I’m sure to many seems silly or small beer, I really like what I do. I love feeling that I’m helping people every day, whether it’s with something big (helping children choose who they want to be. The first time a child reads a book and really, truly enjoys it. The look on a mummy’s (or daddy’s) face when their little gem scores a rounder or a try, or sings a line, or wins star of the week or something; and the look on the child’s face when they know they’ve made their parents’ proud), or something far smaller (when you catch the children working on something you’ve pointed out to them (general with me this will involve being kind, or having good manners, or being a good friend), a child finally letting loose and having a giggle, when a child learns that trick with the hoop in the playground they’ve been trying for days). It’s these moments, these things, these treasures that keep me in teaching.

I’ve always said that I feel I’m lucky enough to have three vocations, and I’m glad that I get to do one of them as my profession. I also love that I get to spend my days with people who are really, truly funny…I laugh so much in my average day. Even when life is hard and stressful and tiring and sad, they can always make me raise a smile. I love what my pupils brings to my life, and I’m grateful for what I can add to theirs.

Today was just another Thursday, another busy Year 3 day, another day of rushing and working and getting stuff done. But in amongst it were shiny, lovely moments that stick with you long after the end of the day. Long after the end of a week. Long after the end of the year… These are the moments that you recall, I’m sure, or maybe they just get woven in to one great warm blanket of warm fuzzy memories – laughing in the playground about the “baby” Daniel, who’s actually a rugby ball. Researching together in English and learning more about pigs than you ever thought possible. F, that kid who can struggle with organising himself, playing a situation just right and you just feeling so proud of him. Sitting down to lunch and just enjoying the chat with these great wee folk.

I’m still considering a career break in a year or two. I have other ambitions and other dreams that I feel I have to give time and credence to. But these things, this time, these wee folk, the silliness and the adrenalin and the helping, that’ll be what keeps me going till then.



  1. Riot Kitty
    26th June 2008 / 6:46 pm

    So tell me all about pigs! LOL! I’m so glad you like what you do.

  2. whatigotsofar
    26th June 2008 / 7:43 pm

    Or the dreaded combination of urine and vomit, urmit.But it is truly special when somebody finds a job that they enjoy enough to call a career. I had that once, but the industry the job existed in is near death. So I got out. Now I work at a steady job I don’t really like, but I now that the work will be steady for a very long time. Long enough to be a career.

  3. Mattbear
    26th June 2008 / 9:08 pm

    What you do is amazing. I couldn’t do it. I’m grateful there are good teachers out there.

  4. running42k
    26th June 2008 / 11:42 pm

    Lovely post. It is enjoying the little things that makes a life content. Relish the hugs, the kisses, the smell, the occasional chaos.

  5. Cheryl
    27th June 2008 / 2:29 am

    Hey, I wish I felt the same about mine on a regular basis. Embrace it, girl.

  6. kilax
    27th June 2008 / 3:33 am

    That is so refreshing to hear! I know quite a few people who work with children and they ALL love it. It makes me smile to know that the people teaching are so caring.

  7. cruisin-mom
    28th June 2008 / 12:26 pm

    Claire, what a beautiful post. It is a gift to love what you do. At the same time you are honest…it’s not perfect. But what is?

  8. Jon
    28th June 2008 / 1:36 pm

    There’s been many times I said “This job would be great if it weren’t for ____”.

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