Time to slay some dragons?

Time for a change?

“When faced with my demons

I clothe them and feed them

And I smile, yes I smile

As they’re taking me over

And if I cannot sleep for the secrets I keep

It’s the price I’m willing to meet

The end of the night never comes too quickly for me”

Strange Glue – Catatonia

The weekend has been a relaxing one, one with plenty of chat with trusted folk, and silly gossip sessions, and catching up with old friends. It’s been a time for thinking and people watching and listening to my MP3 player on the train as the tower blocks and suburbs and rolling hills and lush fields whip by. And a lot of that time, I’ve been thinking about the last post I wrote about boys. And the fact that I have to change.

No, not change who I am. Rather, change how I deal with things in that arena. When it comes to boys I’m often so consumed with confusion and self-doubt and self-loathing that I am a car crash waiting to happen. I *have* to change how I do this. Otherwise I give way too much power to guys who don’t deserve it, and push guys who I actually like and who (shock, horror!) might actually like me as far away as possible.

“Try to find a light on somewhere

I’m finding I’m falling in love with the dark over here

What do I know I don’t care

Where I start

For my troubles are few

As I’m feeling my way through the dark

Through the dark”

Through The Dark – KT Tunstall

And I’m tired of this. I’m tired of being in knots. I’m tired of feeling like a loser. I’m tired of feeling like there’s a whole world I don’t get to see. I’m tired of being a good luck charm (seriously, I could market myself. If a boy goes on a date with me or kisses me or even likes me a little, within 3 months he’ll find himself a girlfriend. Who won’t be me….). I’m tired of just being eaten up with feelings of worthlessness and fear. So I’m going to change the way I do business. As it were.

I am sitting down, shutting up, and listening to my friends. Yes, they are biased, but so am I. The only difference is, they are biased in my favour…whereas I think I’m a bit crap, really. Most of the time, anyhow. So I’m going to listening to them, as much as possible (and I’m going to trust them not to purposely lead me astray in the name of banter…). As far as I’m concerned, it’s worth a try!

“I’ll force a laugh to break the silence

It’s gonna get harder still

Before it gets easy

You can’t keep safe what wants to break

I’m alone in this

I’m all as I’ve always been

Right behind what’s happening

He’s all lost in this

He’s all like he’ll always be

A little far for me to reach”

Always Be – Jimmy Eat World

The thing is, I know why this is hard, and that’s why there are dragons. I’ve had to deal with so much BS and horror and mess and chaos from men before (some of which I aided and abbetted, and I’ll hold my hands up to. Some of which hit me like a ten tonne truck, uninvited and undesired). I’ve got to get rid of them. Those demons I clothe and feed, I’ve got to let go of. Am I brave enough to do this?

For so long I’ve been used to feeling inadequate and less than and unworthy of love. It’s going to take a lot of willpower to put that behind me. But I really, really want to.

“Well honestly, your honesty, it has emerged unscathed,

And I hope you’re doing fine, because me, I’m doing fucking great.

And I wouldn’t want to waste another second of your time

I know my place, I know your face,

So you hide yours and I’ll keep to mine.”

Worse Things Happen At Sea – Frank Turner

It’s not all bad though, I’d opine. Without being too smug or self-satisfied, I do think there are things I have to offer a guy. Surely being kind and sort of funny and vaguely intelligent (trust me, it’s very vague. When I was younger I was as smart as a whip….now alas I feel I’ve lost some of that!) must count for something?

I’m embracing an inner optimist that isn’t there…I’m taking a risk….I’m ignoring the demons….because I have decided to trust my friends on this. It’s either going to be comedic, tragic, or brilliant. I’ll keep you posted!

“Someone tell me how I feel

It’s silly wrong but vivid right

Oh, kiss me like the final meal

Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight

Cause holy cow, I love your eyes

And only now I see the light

Yeah, lying with me half-awake

Oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day”

One Day Like This – Elbow

I hope you all have a fabulous week. And thanks for reading yet another thinky post – my brain’s on overdrive at the moment, I think. I must find a funny cat video or something to post about next!




  1. ellorneo
    14th September 2008 / 10:43 pm

    Okay, first of all, I found your blog through my wife’s blog (Nicole). You’ve written some pretty profound stuff here and I hope you can make it through such a tough time. Hang in there, everyone has their dark times. And remember, on every side of a valley is a mountain, so there’s hope yet 🙂

  2. JLee
    15th September 2008 / 2:36 am

    Sounds like you have some wonderful supportive friends. You have to believe in your value first and foremost and others will follow suit. Good luck to you Claire!

  3. Christielli
    15th September 2008 / 3:07 am

    Hmmmm, I wonder what this risk is that you are taking? I think I may have an idea, but maybe I’m wrong.I think we need to chat on MSN one of these days soon. I’ll keep an eye out for you. :)ps I think your conviction in this post is awesome and I love how you have appropriate song lyrics to back it all up! 😀

  4. Wiwille
    15th September 2008 / 7:22 am

    At the risk of sounding horribly cliche you must love yourself before someone can truly love you.

  5. Scarlet
    15th September 2008 / 12:05 pm

    You and I are on the same path these days. I believe in change. Change is good.Like you say it’s not about changing WHO you are but how you react to things. I’m with you.Cheers!

  6. Jon
    15th September 2008 / 1:02 pm

    I think you’ll make it through all this just fine. Honestly, it’s better to get your frustrations with it out, than to hold it in.

  7. robin bird
    19th September 2008 / 4:32 am

    what a great style/structure for this post claire. you certainly keep us all with you, following along as you grow your wings and perch on that sand hill ready to jump and wing it a little. i mean here i am posting these huge flashy photos and of course people come wearing sunglasses and they say WOWIE ZOWIE! and here you are using words of wit and wisdom and we all come back follow along and cheer you on. are you sure you aren’t missing something about the law of attraction here ? i know you read jamie’s post on cupcakes…. the law of attraction is working for you here girl why not let it work out in the physical world eh? it seems to me you are working too hard at cleaning up your ‘faults.’ it’s a little like cleaning the refrigerator over and over again when there isn’t anything sticky or smelly in it.good analogy huh?:)xox

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