Mmmmmm, meme.

It’s late. It’s the start of half-term break.

School wrapped up at 1 o’clock this afternoon…after the usual hellos and goodbyes, I headed a couple of towns across to have a girly lunch with colleagues and a romp round the shops (nowt that tempting…which is quite convenient, given the credit crunch!). Then home by six and into PJs, telly and music, net stuff, a big long phone call with HRH (good luck with the uber-neds, sir!). And then I thought I should blog….and as I haven’t done a meme in ages, I thought I’d break one out…they always end up somewhere I wasn’t expecting.

Pour yourself a glass of wine (I know I have…) or a refreshing cup of tea, and enjoy the rambling…

1) Is the last person you kissed mad at you?
If he is he has a very strange way of showing it (he’s generally a poppet!).

2) Is your hair up?
Nope. The curls are as wild and free as ever! My hair = the mental.

3) Do you still talk to the person who hurt you the most?
Two people pretty much destroyed me. One of them I just never think of any more (seriously. He’s just gone). The other I forgave entirely, and they are still in my life in a big way. I chose to forgive, move on and live in that situation :-).

4) Are you an argumentative person?
Not hugely, but I can and do have my moments.
I have quite a hot temper when it comes down to it!

5) Is your phone right beside you?
Yep! I’m being highly entertained by random Friday night texts (Cardiff! Camden! New jobs! Visits!)

6) Will this weekend be a good one?
I hope so. It’s going to be very lowkey, but there are some lovely things sprinkled into it :-).

7) What jewelry do you wear all the time?
None. I even gave up wearing a watch this year, after smashing my watch in the floor in the change rooms in the gym.

8) Have you ever had a difficult relationship?
I would say no, actually, if we’re talking romantic relationships. This may, however, have something to do with my slight commitment phobia which took over my early to mid twenties….it’s really hard to have a difficult relationship when you’re choosing not to have a relationship at all.

9) Have you ever driven in the ghetto to buy drugs?
Hahahaha, NO. Seriously, have you met me?

10) Can you read other people’s expressions?
Most of the time, yes.

11) Have you ever hugged someone named Joe?
Probably. I hug an awful lot! (bring on Karmageddon, Joinee friends!)

12) When was the last time something bothered you?
Earlier today and earlier this week – someone is being a bit of an ass and just being lazy and a bit horrid. I’m not too impressed, but it’ll pass. I’m fairly chilled, most of the time!

13) What/whose bothering you?
See above :-).

14) Are your ears gauged?
Am I supposed to know what that means? I’m sure I did at one point, but my brain is tired (it’s twenty past eleven here!).

15) Have you ever stayed in a hotel?
A few times. Didn’t for many years. Love to now. Am *such* a geek about it!

16) Do you miss someone?

17) How did you feel when you woke up today?
Just plain tired!

18) Have you ever driven without a license?
I don’t know….don’t think so.

19) How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night?
Unless I’m really stressed, not too long at all. I love my sleep, I’m a good sleeper, and I nod off fast. I generally wake up smiling too – I genuinely love my bed.

20) Have you ever had a best friend who was the opposite sex?

21) Have you ever kissed just a friend?
If you kiss them, surely they’ve passed over the friend line?

22) When was the last time you shot a dirty look at someone?
Properly? Let me think….oh I know – early hours of Sunday morning, on the London nightbus. A woman was being tres rude. I really get annoyed by nightbuses!

23) Are you happy right now?
Yes. I am. Life is knackering right now…but there are several things that just make me :-).

25) When is your birthday?
December 10th.

Cards, flowers, diamonds to the usual address, please ;-).

26) Where did you buy the shirt you’re wearing now?
I’m waering some really repulsive pyjamas. They are three dress sizes too big and pink plaid. Other people never need to see these. But MAN are they comfy!

27, 28, 29?

30) Are you a forgiving person?
I would say yes. Sometimes I have to work on it, but yes.

31) Ever kissed someone who smokes?

32) When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?
Sometimes. Dangerous ground though!

35) Did anything weird happen in the past 3 days?
My life is a lovely train of weird. All the time.

36) Your number one tells you they’re pregnant, you say?
Congratulations! (Heheh, this question totally doesn’t make sense on a blog!).

37) Do you want someone you can’t have?
Not any more.

38) What is the biggest secret you know about your 2nd top friend?
Like I would tell!

39) If you could change your eye color, what would it be?
I’m good, thanks.

40) Last person you told a secret to?
Probably one of the usual suspects…

41) Do you listen to your friends when they tell you that a guy/girl is bad for you?
I trust my friends, so yes. Lately they’ve been telling me lots of good stuff though, which is fab to hear!

42) What do you usually do right when you wake up?
Smile and stretch.

44) Have you told anybody you loved them today?

45) Any plans for tomorrow?
Morning of sleeping in and chores. Early afternoon of schooliness. Evening of girl chat, dinner and wine with Siobhan.


46) What’s a fact about the last person who had their arms around you?
They are a bit lovely. But kind of terrible at packing, I am learning.

47) What do you hear right now?
Snow Patrol on ‘Later With Jools Holland’.

It’s late Friday night, and I have no Saturday school tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!



  1. bee
    17th October 2008 / 11:12 pm

    *i* miss YOU, claire!!!!so much. this was awesome. i love your memes

  2. whatigotsofar
    18th October 2008 / 1:43 am

    Perfect, I just sat down to read some blogs with a fresh cup of tea. This was the first one I read. Timing couldn’t have been better.And I’m taking this meme.

  3. rawbean
    18th October 2008 / 2:11 am

    Awhh so cute. I laughed out loud a few times.

  4. Cheryl
    18th October 2008 / 7:53 pm

    I love a good meme. Happy weekend Claire!

  5. Scarlet
    19th October 2008 / 12:14 pm

    This is a very personal one, and I love how honestly you answered the questions.Enjoy your weekend in your PJs…three sizes too big. Who cares?? 😉

  6. JLee
    19th October 2008 / 10:57 pm

    This is very interesting, and WIGSF is a thief! lol

  7. robin bird
    20th October 2008 / 8:42 am

    that’s a good meme claire… i didn’t know your hair was the slightly mental part of you….mental as in crazy hair is goo though!

  8. cdave
    20th October 2008 / 10:19 am

    That’s not the real reason you’re not wearing a watch anymore. 🙂

  9. Diane Mandy
    20th October 2008 / 11:32 am

    You SMILE when you wake up?

  10. Wiwille
    20th October 2008 / 5:53 pm

    I’ve never heard someone’s life described as ‘a lovely train of weird’ before in my entire life. Bravo to you dear lass.

  11. Riot Kitty
    21st October 2008 / 5:33 am

    Looooooooooong meme! I want a half-term break!

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