New Years Ambitions

I don’t really believe in conventional new years resolutions really. So often they are about the negative, the unattainable, the restrictive (I WILL NOT eat chocolate….I will halve in size…I will never ever gossip). So I prefer to use the season of Hogmanay as a time for reflection and celebration, and a time to focus on what I would like to achieve in 2009. I always think of a wee bundle of things also, because if you achieve six out of ten, at the end of the year you think “Woo! Go me!”, whereas one thing out of one not being attained can really sting.

So here are my New Years Ambitions for the year 2009:

1. I would like to learn if the phrase “New Years Ambitions” needs an apostrophe or not! Actually, I’d like to learn more about grammar, full stop (so to speak!). I’ve got some books on this I intend to read. English specialist that I allegedly am and lover of words, my grammar is all intuition, no theory. I’d like to remedy this.

2. I would like to sleep more. I get this awful guilt if I sleep too much, and often stay up late as a result. But the fact of the matter is, I function better on 6-8 hours a night. Yay for an ambition that should be fun to fulfill…

3. I want to write more and sing more and take more photos. I intend to keep my blog going, and I have a beautiful new notebook from Jamanda that I intend to fill with poems (it has been too long). I want to keep singing -it really it my joy. And I’m loving taking snaps, amateur that I am. I really want to make sure that I keep my creative stuff going – I also want to get back into collaging and start scrapbooking. And I want to write many, many letters.

4. I want to carry on getting healthier. 5 a day, exercise 3 times a week, cut the booze down, continue to avoid those foods that give me sore tummy, a little less caffiene. Nothing crazy, just the things I know help me to be my best. 2008 saw some big improvements…bring on 2009!

5. I am going to get organised. I have too much stuff, and I need to let go of a lot of it. Also, if some changes I hoping for take place, it would be a heck of a lot easier to do if I spend the winter and spring getting organised. I’ll never be super organised…but I’d like to be more organised!

6. I want to continue the trend that wound straight through 2008 – spending lots of time with awesome people, doing lots of catching up in person, on the phone, by letter, by email, by text, via blogs, facebook, whatever…. I am lucky enough to be blessed by the brilliant people I have around me, and I intend to spend as much time with them as I can.

7. I want to learn more – to question more – to think more. What’s Obama’s stance on Israel? How do you do long division? What is a sub-prime mortgage? Where’s Angola? What do the different churches think about homosexuality? I’m aware that sometimes life whips by…I’d like to learn more this year.

8. I am going to the dentist.

9. I want to read some of the books I’ve been recommended. I would like to finish watching my seven season West Wing DVD boxset. I want to watch more movies… I love to watch films, but I don’t watch anything like as many as I used to.

10. I would like to continue to learn / to make up more recipes. Nom nom nom.

11. I want to keep doing my RAoKs, and helping people, and making people smile, and being as good a Joinee as I can be.

12. I want to continue being positive and happy as much as possible. I am truly grateful for my ability to count my blessings – I have a life full of fun and smiles and cuddles, a life full of adventures and potential and chances, and I’m just trying to enjoy it all. I hope that when challenges arise, as they will, I can continue to stay true to myself and my beliefs and my sunniness. As I said to friends yesterday – faith, or indeed optimism or happiness, is nothing if it cannot stand being tested. I’ve lived that this year, and I hope I can again next year, to the best of my ability :-).

So there we go. Some I’ll achieve….some I might not. But aiming high is never a bad thing, right?

So friends – what are your New Years Ambitions?


PS In case I don’t post again this year – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I truly hope 2009 is a year full of love, laughter, wonder & joy for you all!


  1. Siobhan
    29th December 2008 / 12:16 pm

    A wonderful set of ambitions there Claire. I also liked your look back on 2008. I think it has been a rollercoaster year for so many of us but amazing for that :)I want to sleep more too and continue counting my blessings, the rest of mine need some serious thought (I think they may involve sausage sandwiches)

  2. Sacred Suzie
    29th December 2008 / 12:23 pm

    These are all so fabulous Claire! I love that learning and doing are big priorities on your list, that rocks. Enjoy the process of decluttering, cooking and scrapbooking. I found your list and comment super inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Romany Angel
    29th December 2008 / 12:23 pm

    What a wonderful list of ambitions and you sound positive enough to achieve them too. I also wanted to say thankyou for stopping by my blog and for the well wishes. It was very thoughtful of you. Have an AMAZING New Year.

  4. Akelamalu
    29th December 2008 / 12:39 pm

    Hi there, thanks for visiting me and leaving a link, it’s always a pleasure to visit a new blog. :)Those are some great New Year Ambitions! I only ever have one – to lose weight and I never do. This year (or should I say next year) will be different, I’ve decided! 🙂

  5. Jeannie
    29th December 2008 / 1:19 pm

    Lots of great ambitions – hope you have time for all of them. Might be easier to tackle a new one each month.

  6. Jon
    29th December 2008 / 1:48 pm

    I like using the word “ambitions” rather than “resolutions”;seems much more accurate.I was planning on posting a set of my own, but at least I know what to call them now. Happy New Year!!

  7. Scarlet
    29th December 2008 / 3:37 pm

    3, 6 and 12 are my favorites. I plan to do those as well…and I know you will pursue your happiness, Claire. You deserve to!Happy New Year, my friend!! 🙂

  8. get zapped
    29th December 2008 / 6:35 pm

    Wow, you are ambitious! I loved how you shared these with us and put them out here, to start growing. You touched a few things I will focus on, like getting rid of stuff, and being appreciative. Also, not feeling guilty for getting more sleep, it’s so important. I appreciate your reminder and good luck with embracing your resolutions….wonderful you!!

  9. Sparkling Red
    29th December 2008 / 7:21 pm

    Well, you have your work cut out for you! But it’ll be a labour of love, keeping to those ambitions.My ambition for 2009 is to come to terms with all the changes, both wonderful and difficult, that 2008 brought. To integrate the newness into my life, and mature in the process.

  10. Miss Ash
    29th December 2008 / 7:29 pm

    I am a resolution gal but I keep them simple and attainable. I do believe my 2009 will have something to do with getting out there, meeting more men and dating a hell of a lot more.

  11. Riot Kitty
    29th December 2008 / 8:22 pm

    I’d like to stress less. Plain and simple…and say “fuck” more.

  12. JeanMac
    29th December 2008 / 9:11 pm

    My NY resolution is always the same – and it’s a work in progress: Never handle anything twice. If I put it in effect, my home and life are very tidy – still working on it! Thanks for checking in!!

  13. Wendy
    30th December 2008 / 1:23 am

    Wow! That’s a pretty impressive list!! I hope you get some of those ambitions done. Sound a lot like mine.Happy New Year

  14. Christielli
    30th December 2008 / 8:54 pm

    Hope that you have an awesome new year!By the way, new year’s ambition needs an apostrophe like that. I’m not the best grammarian (if that’s a word), but I’m really good at apostrophes.My new year’s ambition is to be a better, happier me.

  15. vivavavoom
    31st December 2008 / 6:44 pm

    By saying you may not post again this year I hope you meant 2008. That was a full list you have there. I have not made a list yet…better hurry up, huh. I think the biggest thing I need to do is stop trying to control what is uncontrollable and let be. Live in the moment. I waste too much energy on the what ifs!Happy new year!many blessings in 2009! keep writing.

  16. Cynthia
    3rd January 2009 / 2:41 pm

    Great goals, quite a few which aremine also: get organized headsthe top of the list, followed closely by learn more. More goals of mine are -1. Save money for specific purposes.2. Try really try to be moreoutgoing.3. Collect my poems into achapbook and get published.4. Edit an on line literary zine.6. Healthy lifestyle.7. Become more spiritual.Happy New Year!

  17. Tinsie
    4th January 2009 / 5:57 pm

    Yes, you definitely need an apostrophy for New Year’s Ambitions :-)Happy new 2009!

  18. Tinsie
    4th January 2009 / 5:58 pm

    And apostrophe is of course spelled with an e 😮

  19. Boy
    5th January 2009 / 3:46 pm

    Always so inspiring and bursting with self-affirmation and discovery. Wonderful, wonderful words.P.S. I’m also completely loving the new look of the blog!

  20. robin bird
    11th January 2009 / 5:17 pm

    i really wanted to know you 2009 ambitions claire 🙂 i knew they would be good inspiration. the getting organized… i want that. i used to have that. i lost it somewhere around age 40…maybe it was graduate school then but i don’t know what the heck is stopping me now. i want to write more, take more photographs (of course) and become more skilled at these things. i will really look forward to your taking photos claire as it is as much fun to see your perspective on life as it is hear it!muwah!

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