Wordless Wednes…d’oh!

Do you know what’s classic?

Spending a whole break duty watching children whizz around and ask their usual eleventy million questions (“may I go to the loo?”, “what time is my music lesson?”, “Why are clouds there?”, “why are there no ducks in the pond?”), merrily trying to think of something to post for a “wordless Wednesday” post.

Coming up with a good idea. Thinking when to go and get the shot.

Feeling quite happy about the plan…

Then realising it’s Thursday.

I’m such a goof!



  1. Nicole
    5th March 2009 / 10:20 pm

    You’re too cute!

  2. Riot Kitty
    7th March 2009 / 6:15 am

    Hahaha! Good God, I am glad I’m past the age where I have to ask if I can go to the bathroom!

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