My new pyjamas

My new pyjamas are comfy and cosy.

Red flannel plaid trousers, cute red tee.

The kind of pyjamas which make you want to clear your schedule, and make some time for some R&R.

They cry out for hot chocolate, cuddles, chickflicks, sausage sandwiches and re-runs of Scrubs.

Which is why I’m writing this post about them, rather than something deep or funny or insightful.

The siren song of the pyjamas is calling me back to bed, or at the very least, to the couch.

In a world of busy-ness, and work, and Christmas preparation, and marking, and school events, and party planning, and whizz whizz whizz, they demand a lull, and some toast, and a good book.

Roll on 6pm and the end of the day, say I….because I’ve got a hot date with my new pyjamas when I get home.

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  1. Wiwille
    10th November 2009 / 6:08 pm

    I should start wearing PJs.

  2. Riot Kitty
    10th November 2009 / 7:47 pm

    No bunnies on them? 😉

  3. Christielli
    10th November 2009 / 9:48 pm

    I love PJs too. I see all the new ones out for Christmas and I get excited.

  4. Sparkling Red
    10th November 2009 / 10:42 pm

    Oh, you're making me miss my pj's! I have four pairs of flannel pyjamas, and then others for warmer weather. I love when it starts to get cold at night because flannel is THE BEST.

  5. angel, jr.
    11th November 2009 / 1:05 am

    I love Scrubs!! I've got the first four seasons on DVD. I can watch it over and over again. I've got to get the rest of the available seasons. When I wear my favorite PJ's, I want to eat cookies and drink milk.

  6. Nicole
    11th November 2009 / 2:26 am

    I love new PJ's!!!

  7. Miss Ash
    12th November 2009 / 1:19 am

    Ok I get how everything else goes along with the comfy jammies but sausage sandwiches????

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