An update on “The List”

Two and a half years ago (and half a world away, it seems), I wrote this post. A list of ambitions, desires, hopes – the things I wanted to do, needed to try, hoped to happen over the next five years of my little life. And it’s been a while since I updated, so I thought I’d fill you in on how it’s going. I just sorted the list into five columns – the things I’ve done….the things that are ongoing….the things I’m hoping to do in 2010….the things I’m leaving until 2011/2012….and lastly, the things I’ve decided against. Just as some new ambitions have entered the fray, so some others have become less of a priority. The last two categories I’ll post on another time. So without further ado, here’s how the land lies – these are the things I’ve done, the ongoing things, and the goals for 2010!

The things I’ve DONE!

I would like to register myself with a doctor; I would like to register myself with a dentist; I would like to sing a solo in front of a BIG crowd; I would like to see at least two dozen gigs; I would like to go on the London Eye at night, and look out over the city; I would like to fall in love, really and truly and without any bs; I would like to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner; I would like to try abseiling; I would like to learn how to drive; I would like to visit Toronto; and Montreal; and Madrid; I would like to be featured on a CD (singer / handclaps / lyricist / whatever!) (I’m cheating slightly and counting our ‘WHS Staff Band’ CD here! I’d love to do something more professional too); I would like to have really long hair (past elbows); and pretty short hair; I would like to sort out my finances (they may never be gorgeous, or particularly impressive, but sorted they are); I would like to join ebay; I would like to visit the Houses of Parliament; I would like to have at least one thousand pounds saved for rainy days (one of the best things I’ve done. I love that feeling of safety, even when a bill that’s surprising arrives); I would like to see an opera; I would like to be a bridesmaid (I swear, I want a teeshirt that says “I *heart* bridesmaiding. Too fun!); I would like to learn how to knit (and man, am I bad at it!); I would like to beat Peter in a game of badminton; I would like to get organised (just ask my class ;)).

Ongoing things

(I’m working on all of these, albeit at a snail’s pace!)

I would like to take this blog to over 1,000 posts (I’m in the 570s); I would like to read the favourite books of all my friends (35% done!); I would like to write letters to all my heroes (I’ve written some, but to be fair, will this one ever finish?); I would like to watch all of the AFIs top 100 films (rather neatly 40/100 done – am determined to get at least 30 done this year! I could say 50-ish if I counted all the ones I’ve seen most of, but I want the whole experience!); I would like to learn about art;

I would like to raise some money for charity each year for the next five years.

The goals for 2010

I would like to register with an optician (I’m going to try and do this during my April holiday).

I would like to be able to make good pancakes (I could…and then I forgot! I’m going to work on this through the first few months of the year).

I would like to get back up to swimming 50 lengths in one go (I’m going to work up to achieving this by August).

I would like to try golf (Lou, can we go golfing in March, please?).

I would like to start playing flute again (I have found my flute. That’s a major help! I’m going to try and have it fixed ready to get playing in May).

I would like to go ice skating (Londonites – who fancies some ice skating in January? I promise you I will be atrocious!).

I would like to drop another two dress sizes (when I typed this in 2007 I was a size 18-20, dreaming of size 16. Now I’m aiming for a size 14. This is a big goal for 2010!).

I would like to visit Amsterdam (Hannah and I are buying tickets to Amsterdam as belated birthday gifts to one another. I’m thinking July).

I would like to visit Rome (I would love to take Matthew to Rome!!).

I would like to read the whole Bible (I now have one of those ‘Bible in a Year’ books. I’m looking forward to diving in!).

I would like to attend a film premiere (I have no idea how to achieve this. But I’ll don my thinking cap!).

I would like to design and produce a teeshirt (even if it’s just for me and my girl Mlle Wilson!).

I would like to get into kite flying – loads of people have told me how fab it is! (I’m thinking autumn, up on Primrose Hill).

I would like to learn how to play a half-decent game of tennis (I’m going to treat myself to lessons in June).

I would like to act onstage again (like the film premiere, this one needs some planning!).

I would like to do work experience at a radio station (I’m going to mail some letters over Easter to try and secure a couple of days).

I would like to write a children’s book….even if it’s just for my class (Summer Holiday project – I’m going to make myself sit down and write for 2/3 hours a day, and see what I come up with!).

I would like to learn how to make crème brulee (thanks to Jenna’s kind gift, this should be a doodle….or maybe not! ;)).

I would like to have a review published (if all else fails, on amazon!).

I would like to climb Scafell Pike (I’m planning this for the May half-term, just after Loverpool. Anyone else fancy it?).

I would like to climb Ben Nevis (hey Sian, Peter – sibling excursion 2010? Would anyone else like to join us?).

So that’s how the list is going, and what I’m hoping to do in the next 12 months. What with that and RAoK365, it’s going to be a fun and busy year!

What are your ambitions for next year, friends?

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  1. PhilH
    30th December 2009 / 3:54 pm

    I haven't made a list yet, but it will involve RAoK365, acting onstage, being on the Internet less, and lawn management.

  2. Jenna
    30th December 2009 / 7:22 pm

    You're mental, and I love you! 😀 I love your ambitiousness…if nothing else your life will never be dull! My ambitions for now are to get a job, visit home, pay off credit cards, play as much music as possible and to be happy 🙂 That's quite enough for me right now! xxx

  3. Riot Kitty
    30th December 2009 / 8:15 pm

    Mr. RK has a lovely pancake recipe if you'd like it. Happy 2010!

  4. Christielli
    31st December 2009 / 2:34 am

    LOL I love your backup plan on how you can get your review published!I can help you with the film premiere – come back to Toronto during the film festival and there are tonnes of them!

  5. Miss Ash
    31st December 2009 / 3:10 am

    Oh wow that's quite the list Claire! I'm still hoping to go skydiving and read all of the unread books on my shelf amoung the other ohhh 35 or so goals I have yet to finish.

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